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My art experiment is a comic or graphic novel involving a number of colorful characters I have developed over the years.

     I have been developing characters for years and years, creating a strange and wonderous alterniverse for their fertile existence. The object of this project is to finally raise the funds to see the premier edition finally come together.  

    The chracters and stories take place on a plane parallel to our own, in a universe not unlike ours.  The characters range from the mad scientist, with his unique ideas for genetic engineering and his creations, to the unassuming retired super-hero, to the reluctant do-gooder with a propensity for bumbling. 

     At this point, most of my tools are paid for, my IMac, my wacom, pads and pads of bristol board.  But there are always expenses and one of the most dollar intensive expenses is, of course, the printing. So the biggest part of your donation will go towards printing.

     Your donation will allow me to pay the printers and your donation over $20 guarantees your signed copy of the finished project.  With your help, I can see this project to the finish and YOU will reap the rewards!


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