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Revised Card Designs, World Domination Milestone #1, & Weekly Trivia!

Posted by Ravensdale Publishing (Creator)

Good evening, Villains & Henchmen! fans!

We just crossed into the last two weeks of the campaign, and we're excited to show off some new stuff!

Revised Card Designs

One of the most pressing pieces of feedback that we got at the beginning of the campaign was about the legibility of the card text.  Some backers expressed concern that the font would be difficult to read against the background art, so we went ahead and make some tweaks that should resolve that problem.

Here are a few examples!

 The Sans Serif font and the increased text box opacity really make the card text a lot easier to read, and we're really happy with the result.  We're paying close attention to the various cards, as well, so that we only darken the text boxes enough to improve readability without obscuring the artwork.

We'll be giving the rest of the cards the same treatment over the next week, so stay tuned for more examples of that!

We'd love to hear what you think, so please let us know in the comments!  :)

World Domination - Milestone #1!

We're really excited to announce that we've also reached 5 of our social media "World Domination" goals.  That means it's time to reveal the newest Archetype card to join the Villains & Henchmen! rogues gallery!

 The Lycanthrope is a versatile villain, with the ability to alter their form and abilities almost on a whim!  Of course, all that power comes with a weakness, and the game's Guards all come equipped with "silver bullets" to ruin The Lycanthrope's schemes!

We're well on our way to the next free stretch goal from our World Domination campaign, so make sure you get out there and spread the word about Villains & Henchmen! (for details on the World Domination campaign, check out Update #6!).

Weekly Trivia Contest - Round 3!

The second round of our weekly trivia contest went to Chops, a local San Diegan who has played V&H! at a couple local conventions over the last year.  He managed to edge out our week 1 winner by a matter of a few minutes, making it a really close race!

As a winner, Chops will be receiving some cool cover art for Villains & Henchmen! as a digital wallpaper, as well as a free expansion pack of his choice once we unlock those stretch goals!

Now we're kicking off Round 3, and you can find this week's questions over on our website, so go do some digging and submit your answers for a chance to win!

You Like Art?

We're going to give you more art!  One of our artists - the very talented Aya - will be releasing a time lapse video of her completing art for one of the V&H! cards, and we'll be posting it later this week once it's ready.  She is also planning on doing a Live Stream of her working on art for one of the expansion packs, and that will probably happen next week - we'll be sure to update everyone with the details when everything is solidified!

We've got more cool stuff coming up, including a preview of the play mats that we have planned, and a sneak peak at the box art for the game, so be sure to keep an eye out for those updates, and don't forget to spread the word about the campaign - we've got some more cool stretch goals to show off, and we want to make sure you unlock them all!  :)

Your Friends at Ravensdale Publishing

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    1. Ravensdale Publishing 2-time creator on

      Chris - Most of the margins you see there are actually "bleed" so that when the cards get printed, there's a buffer around the important stuff. The cards themselves won't have margins that big. As a result, we can't really move the text boxes any lower without risking the bottom of the text boxes getting cut off.

    2. Chris Laudermilk on

      That's a significant improvement. I still have some concerns with the screening, but not as much. Perhaps reducing the margins? That will drop the text box down and possibly shorten it. Thus, getting the box off more of the art & allowing a stronger screen.

      Just gotta keep in mind for the game function > all

    3. Ravensdale Publishing 2-time creator on

      Thanks! :D

    4. Uanuiil on

      Looking GOOD!