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In my first book as a political activist and photographer, I am covering the last 100 days of elections, nation-wide.
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10 Days To Release!

Posted by Jon Reznick (Creator)

With the invaluable help of Kim Moscaritolo, we booked the release party for The Last Hundred Days at the Stag's Head in NYC on Tuesday, December 11 at 7PM. You are all invited!  Below is the flyer but first here's a link to the event details: 

Last night, around 5PM, I uploaded a manuscript to our print vendor,, and ordered 100 copies. Ultimately, the editorial and design process was more difficult and took longer than expected, despite the fact that we had far fewer days than expected. As with any project, time became compressed and it was all I could do to ensure the books would even arrive on time for the release. To wit, they arrive only the 10th. But we made it. 

I brought on an Art Director, James Meade (, who I met in Ohio during his first stint organizing. After seeing his indefatigable and doughty nature at work on the campaign turf of Cleveland, I knew he had the fortitude to fully lay out a 60 page book with me in, well, what turned out to be just a couple of days. 

Or, in James' words: "You mean to tell me we are going to lay out a 60 page book by Friday? That's preposterous. But we'll see that it's done." 

The book is not perfect. I'd love to have taken another 2 weeks with it. It is hard to be satisfied with hard printed text, as opposed to text which you can always tweak and change. But that's why it's a 0th edition. I hope to see you around the release party, and that we will keep in touch!

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