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In my first book as a political activist and photographer, I am covering the last 100 days of elections, nation-wide.
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The Last Day

Posted by Jon Reznick (Creator)

We descended on Cuyahoga County, Ohio, to canvass for the reelection of the President in a handful of charter buses, and it turns out that though we were over two hundred strong, filling four buses, we were a few among many.  Cuyahoga contains Cleveland and its suburbs, and is arguably the most influential county in the entire United States.  Jay Z and Bruce Springstein joined the President in another part of Ohio today, but that's not what this story is about.

In the picture above, a few friends, new and old, gathered in Cleveland's Little Italy to toast our efforts and recharge for tomorrow's final effort.  I have chosen to end my story with friends in Ohio.  We have taken part in an effort of breathtaking scale and complexity.  We were part of an effort that spoke to nearly half a million Ohioans.  Twice.  Tomorrow, targeted voters who have not early-voted will receive as many as three contacts.

The President said to everyone who watched his final rally on TV just now

"Never underestimate the difference one voice can make.  It makes a difference."

Tomorrow is not just about the President or his bid for re-election.  Though the window of time presented in this book and the President's final campaign draw to a close tomorrow, the story I have been tracking is not so much that of the candidates but of all the people who have realized the importance of seizing every opportunity to give their values voice.  The truth is that most of the subjects and settings in this book are not presidential politics.  

And regardless of how national or local you wish to get in your politics, those opportunities do not end tomorrow: the story of how we use our victories and learn from our defeats, and where we go next, that actually begins tomorrow.  Most of you who are involved with this project (and all of you who will ultimately grace its pages) are already joining me in this effort, and this book is my way of being but one of many to thank you for it.

For those of you who might not have seen first-hand what this book will show you, I hope it will serve as a convincing argument that you are missing out, and that your entrance to this kind of story could begin after you vote tomorrow.

There is just one more day.  I hope you are all fired up and ready to go.  

 - Jon


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