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A coming of age story set in a world where magic catalyzed both industrial revolution and nuclear holocaust.
A coming of age story set in a world where magic catalyzed both industrial revolution and nuclear holocaust.
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Final Shipping Update, Issue #2, Upcoming Cons

Posted by Ray Chou (Creator)

Hey Everyone,

So we're just about wrapping up this campaign. Here's the latest shipping update:

North America, Oceania, and Asia - All shipments out as of 02/14/17, including Language Guide and Pendant Orders.

If your shipment hasn't arrived, please give it one more week before letting us know. Again, we're happy to deal with any problems that may have arisen - so just give us a ring! 

Europe - All shipments out as of 02/14/17, EXCEPT for Language Guide and Pendant Orders.

Backers that ordered the Language Guide and/or Pendant, please give it another two to three weeks before messaging us! 

The Pendant

So this took a lot longer than we anticipated, and for that we apologize. Although they're very fun to make, they also are quite time intensive. In the future if we offer the pendants again we think we'll try and find a collaborator to work with instead of handling the creation ourselves.

In any case, here are some pictures of Ray making them: 

 A set of pendants imprinted, cut, and dried. After this they go under a butane torch to bake. The baking process removes all of the filler and leaves only 99% pure silver particles. 

 A  set of the runes with various patina strengths. After the bake, the runes are dipped in a sulfur patina, then polished to a metallic glean. I experimented with different patina strengths throughout the course of making the pendants; as a result no two are 100% alike. 

 Bonus pic with a watercolor Dia whipped up for Christmas / New Year's! 

Language Guide

The print version turned out quite fine! Take a look:

 Here it is with the runic pendant in its packaged state. After the pendant itself is complete it's attached to a small hook ring, then an adjustable double slip knot is tied around it to complete the necklace. 

For the language guide, we went with the same printer and specifications as the books themselves. They have a nice glossy sheen and heft to them!

 The interior of the Language Guide. This one is definitely a collector's item! 

Digital Deluxe

It's here! It's done! Backers - please check your surveys on Kickstarter to get the appropriate link or email us directly and we'll be happy to send it! 

We created some cool wallpapers as well! 

Alternate Variant Cover coloring that was never used... until now!
Alternate Variant Cover coloring that was never used... until now!


One of the most epic panels from the first issue.
One of the most epic panels from the first issue.


Dia's original colors for this nice splash.
Dia's original colors for this nice splash.

 All three wallpapers are available in both 1080p and 2000x3000 resolution on the Digital Deluxe Download Page! 

What's Next For Glow

We're currently in the middle of Glow #2 production, with just over half of the pages done. We're also getting Dia back on sequentials starting this month, which we're very excited about! Up until now Anny has been handling all sequential work because of Dia's school commitments. 

Here's a quick preview of a new character in the upcoming issue:


We'll be continuing production through most of Winter and Spring, and when we're finished we'll be releasing the digital version to you, our loyal backers, free of charge! We'll then launch the campaign for the next Kickstarter to start the publication / production cycle all over again!

What's Next For Mythopoeia

Vince and I are focusing our attention the next two months on completing Skies of Fire #4 and running the corresponding Kickstarter campaign. Convention season is right around the corner, and so far for North America we have booked:

  • Emerald City Comic Con, March 2nd - 5th 2017 (Seattle)
  • Wonder Con Anaheim, March 31st - April 2nd 2017 (LA)
  • C2E2, April 23d-25th 2017 (Chicago)
  • Phoenix Comic Con, May 25th-28th 2017 (Phoenix)

We may add more shows later in the year, but for now those four are confirmed. We're excited to get back on the convention circuit and let more people know about Glow and Skies of Fire! 


Ray has started a little side project with one of his friends - a webcomic shounen sports manga about Beer Pong called BP! 


The comic publishes every Tuesday and Thursday on the official website, Webtoons, and Tapastic. Check it out if it sounds like your cup of tea!


So that just about wraps it up for this campaign. Again, thank you all for the kind words of encouragement, constructive feedback, and enthusiasm. Let us know if you have any questions / comments / concerns - we're happy to address anything. 

And if you'd like to keep up to date about Glow, please make sure to follow us on social media:



Until next time,

Glow On!

- Ray and Vince

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