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We're building the best beginner farmer training program in New Jersey.
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Eve Minson

179 backers pledged $19,960 to help bring this project to life.

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Great news of incubator farm progress!

Thanks to Kickstarter and all of our backers, progress at our incubator farm has been on the steady rise. The summer has been full of helping hands and hard work, from our staff and the local community. Projects on the farm have ranged from cooler construction and planning, to rain garden workshops and community planting. In the midst of it all, we are happy to inform the Kickstarter community that NOFA-NJ's incubator farm is now a proud owner of a wash stand, a rain garden, and finally a walk-in cooler! It would be a lie if we said that this was easy to accomplish, but it would be an even bigger lie if we said we could have done it with out all your support! We just wanted to say thanks again to everyone and below is a link to our NOFA-NJ webpage, so feel free to check out our programs and events or leave a donation to help us along with future projects. Thanks again! 

Check out the  pictures below of our hard work!

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You can't stop us, Hurricane Sandy.

HURRICANE SANDY UPDATE: It took us a week after Hurricane Sandy hit the northeast to make our way from our cold, dark homes to the devastation at Duke Farms, the site of our NOFA-NJ Beginner Farmer Incubator.

The storm ripped the roof off our barn, and destroyed about $15,000 of brand-new electrical wiring. Trees are toppled everywhere.

But we're RESILIENT!

We found a working power outlet - finally! - and we're reaching friends in storm-damaged New Jersey and beyond to seek support for this amazing project, which you can now easily find at

This storm disrupted supply lines. Supermarkets closed and gas stations ran out of fuel. It's still pretty hard to fill our gas tanks.

But this storm also reinforced what we so fervently believe: That delicious, organic food should be grown locally, in every community. That we must be sustainable and energy-smart.

Our program will train young farmers in every aspect of organic farming, and then help them find land to farm in communities across our state. We envision a day when every community in the Garden State - even our suburbs and cities - has a small organic farm that can provide fresh vegetables and even eggs and milk.

Kickstarter won't extend our Nov. 17 deadline, so we're hunkering down here and doing our very best under challenging conditions. We've also raised our goal to $50,000, which is the full amount we'll need to rehabilitate the inside of our barn, which needs plenty of work once the storm damage has been repaired. We also need to add a greenhouse and extend irrigation to the fields.

If you've been looking for a way to help New Jersey, this is it. If you're already a donor, THANK YOU! You can help us reach a wider audience by posting on your facebook page and encouraging your friends to pledge and share!

Thank you for being a part of our recovery and our campaign.

(Below) A view of our damaged barn. Can you believe it?

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