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An anthology of short superhero fiction from authors like Aaron Allston, Gail Z. Martin, Michael A. Stackpole, and Timothy Zahn
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Our MONSTERS Anthology is LIVE!

Posted by Silence in the Library Publishing (Creator)

We're excited to announce that the latest project from Silence in the Library, MONSTERS!, is live. MONSTERS! is an anthology featuring illustrations by David Montgomery and stories by Aaron Allston, Gail Z. Martin, Michael A. Stackpole, Timothy Zahn, Janine K. Spendlove, Bryan Young, Kelly Swails, Maxwell Alexander Drake, Bradley Beaulieu, Dylan Birtolo, Tracy Chowdhury, Aaron Rosenberg, Ron Garner, Jennifer Brozek ...and others.

While you’ll find plenty of traditional horror stories in this anthology, you’ll also find that many of our authors decided to approach the genre in a different manner.

A Greek hero faces the brute strength of a cyclops with only his wit - but is he really a hero, and is the cyclops really a brute?

A demon who can only curse people if doing so will make them happy. If his nature is to curse, how can he solve his dilemma?

You'll find stories like these and more in the pages of MONSTERS! We've used this anthology to ask some intriguing questions.

What would the traditional horror story look like told from the monster’s point of view? What is the relationship between monster and victim? Is the monster really the monster, and is the victim really the victim?

So please go take a look at MONSTERS! by clicking on this link or the image above. It'll haunt you if you don't.

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