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List (So Far) of Books for Backers of Michael Jan Friedman's Lost Days + Other Great Projects

Posted by Silence in the Library Publishing (Creator)

1. Free eBook List for Lost Days Backers

For those of you who took us up on our offer for a free eBook for backing Michael Jan Friedman's Lost Days Kickstarter, we have a preliminary list of books for you to choose from. We're in talks with a few more authors, and there will be more books coming, but we just wanted to give you something to help in your decision-making process. If you see the eBook you want below, just go ahead and send us a message letting us know which you would like. If you want to hold on and see what other books are going to be added to the list, that's great, as well.

For those of you who haven't backed Lost Days yet, there are a couple of days left so it's not too late to do so, and we'll be happy to add you to the list of those getting free eBooks. Just send us a message once you've backed. You can find that project at this link.

The List:

A. Anthologies:

Time Traveled Tales by Silence in the Library Publishing (SF&F)

Time Traveled Tales, Volume 2 by Silence in the Library Publishing (SF&F)

Athena's Daughters by Silence in the Library Publishing (SF&F)

Apollo's Daughters by Silence in the Library Publishing (SF&F)

Soothe the Savage Beast by Silence in the Library Publishing (Horror)

A Hero By Any Other Name by Silence in the Library Publishing (Superhero)


War of the Seasons, Book 1: The Human by Janine K. Spendlove

War of the Seasons, Book 2: The Halfblood by Janine K. Spendlove

War of the Seasons, Book 3: The Hunter by Janine K. Spendlove

Lost at the Con by Bryan Young

Operation Montauk by Bryan Young

The Serpent's Head by Bryan Young

Elected by Rori Shay

Vision of Shadows by Vincent Morrone

No Small Bills by Aaron Rosenberg

Too Small for Tall by Aaron Rosenberg

Finders Keepers by Russ Colchamiro

Crossline by Russ Colchamiro

2. Reward Level eBooks/Add-Ons

We've finished gathering together the additional eBooks from various reward levels for HEROES! (i.e. those books that you backed for in addition to HEROES!), and expect to start sending out download links to those who backed for them at specific reward levels within the next week or so. For those who got those eBooks as add-ons, it will take a bit longer, as we have to wait until we send out the backer survey in order to find out what add-ons you backed for. Our intent, though, is to send out those surveys in the very near future.

3. Other Great Projects

As you know, we like to bring to your attention other great Kickstarter projects that are going on right now. Some of these are projects by authors we've worked with and whose writing we love, and some are projects that just look amazing and seem to be under-performing because they just haven't gotten the visibility they should. All of them, we think, are going to be great projects.

You can get to any of the projects below by clicking on the highlighted title or on the image.

Frame Shop by Donald J. Bingle

Frame Shop is a new novella from author Donald J. Bingle, who many of you will know from our Time Traveled Tales, Apollo's Daughters, and HEROES! anthologies. The book is a mystery story set in a writers' group, and is packed full of violence, humor, and even some writing advice.

Donald Bingle is a very prolific writer, with numerous stories in multiple genres. His grasp of humor, suspense, drama, and all of the other devices used by great writers will keep you engaged and entertained. We highly recommend this one.

Derby Life: Stories, Advice, and Wisdom about Roller Derby

This is one of the projects we've backed that we're most looking forward to seeing come to life. The creator, Margot Atwell, has brought together stories and advice by derby greats and enthusiasts from all over the world. From history, to strategy, to gear, it has everything you need to get you rolling...okay, it won't teach you to skate, but it has everything else!

Nerd Posters

This is one of those projects that looks amazing, but that seems to be under-performing because it's not getting enough visibility. We hope to change that a bit, because we absolutely love the art work on these posters and because, selfishly, we want to see this happen so that we can get our posters! Please go check it out.

The First Annual Journal of Bicycle Feminism

This is a new project from creator Elly Blue, who has a long history (20 projects!) of creating and delivering great written works on Kickstarter. It's a compendium of smart, well-curated writing about topics in bicycling from a feminist perspective. The topic of this first issue is grief and healing. Writers explore the bicycle as a means of confronting and overcoming loss, assault, and fear. Please go take a look and lend your support to a very worthy project.


The creator of this one contacted us to see if we could help get some visibility for his project, and after reading his project page, we said not just 'yeah', but 'HECK YEAH!' The idea of this one is to combine the pulp heroes of the 1930s with the action heroes of the 1970s and 1980s. It's like John Carter meets Dirty Harry. Who could say no to that?

Alligator's Friends: A Paper Animal Children's Book

We're really excited to see this new project by Jenifer Rosenberg taking off. Jenifer is a writer, artist, and mother of two with a great deal of experience in early childhood education. Through the use of collage, her book Alligator's Friends tells the story of an alligator who wants to make new friends. This is a really positive book that brings children a message about friendship and being true to yourself. And, the art promises to be really cool! Please go check it out on Indiegogo.

That's it for now. Thanks so much for your continued support!

Ron Garner, Silence in the Library Publishing

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    1. Silence in the Library Publishing 13-time creator on

      Will do, thank you, Samantha!

    2. Samantha Bryant on

      I just backed Lost Days. Please add me to the list.

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      Sonia Koval

      Thanks for the list.
      I need to take inventory! :-)

    4. Sharlene Glennie

      I actually didn't notice the offer if we backed Lost Days. I'll have to take a look at what's on this list compared to what I already own (long weekend coming up here. Perfect opportunity to do some reading)