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A beautifully illustrated history of Presidential assassinations and attempts sure to entertain and educate children and adults.
303 backers pledged $8,349 to help bring this project to life.

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Stretch Goal #2!

Posted by Silence in the Library Publishing (Creator)

We have met our second stretch goal, which unlocks the special $5 add-on:

Scout's digital version of the book!

You guys have made Scout very happy and she's excited to get to work drawing her take on the historical events. Today, when I told her how close we were coming to the goal, she got to work immediately. Pictured below a smiling Scout (in her favorite Totoro hood) is her rough sketch of the Lincoln Assassination.

She wants it all to be great, so she wanted to start practicing and give you a taste of what she's up to.

Below that is another peek at Erin's work from Chapter 1. There was a duel that Andrew Jackson took part in where he was shot first, not wounded mortally, took careful aim, and killed the man he was dueling. The whole story is in the book, and I wanted to give you guys a peek at what Erin did with it.

In addition to this good news, I've also switched the next few stretch goals. 

Originally, Scout's portraits would be included in the print book at the $8000 stretch goal, but I thought it would be more appropriate for $6000, and the rest will move up accordingly. The feedback I've received seems to jive with the idea that everyone would like Scout's portraits of the Presidents in the books and it will help us get to $6000 even faster.

As far as how add-ons work, just add the extra price of the items you want to your pledge, and then we'll send a survey afterwards to make sure you get what you want.

Thanks again for all the support and thanks for helping spread the word! 

I can't tell you how much we appreciate it.

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"Plums Delivered Nuts Safely"

Posted by Silence in the Library Publishing (Creator)

"Plums Delivered Nuts Safely"

...That was the message sent over the telegraph wires when President Elect Lincoln made it through to Washington in disguise and under the cover of darkness in Pinkerton's attempt to keep him safe during "The Baltimore Plot."

And it's what I've sent out to you, our backers, to let you know we've crossed the threshold for our first stretch goal!

(The Baltimore Plot is covered extensively in the book!)

Everyone who has contributed $20 or more will now be getting a free 8x10 print of Erin Kubinek's illustration of President Lincoln's portrait.

We couldn't have done this without you! Thank you so much!

But we're less than $500 away from our next stretch goal, and we could actually hit it if you all bought the $5 add-on for it. Our next stretch goal is a digital version of the book featuring Scout's interpretations of the presidents and their assassinations or attempted assassinations. 

That special version will be an extra $5 for anyone who wants it, and if you all grabbed it now, we'd be at the mark already.

In the meantime, be sure to continue telling your friends about the Kickstarter. We can only make this project better from here on out!

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New Stretch Goals!

Posted by Silence in the Library Publishing (Creator)

My fellow Americans, and friends from parts unknown,

It's been brought to my attention that many of you would like to see Scout's presidential portraits actually IN a version of the book. I was loathe to do it without first consulting Scout, but her and I have talked and she agreed to do portraits for a digital version of the book, but only if we paid her.


I had to do contract negotiations with my own daughter. And she was as keen and shrewd as anyone I've ever dealt with. I'm in definitely in trouble at some point.

But that's beside the point. Here are the new stretch goals:

If we hit $5,000, we will offer a $5 add-on, which will be a digital copy of Scout's version of the book. It will include drawings she made to illustrate some of the attempts as well as portraits of the presidents whose lives were threatened or lost in assassination attempts.

If we can hit $8,000, we will include her portraits in all digital and print copies of the book, though her special version of the digital book will still be available and contain drawings exclusive to that version.

And she'll be paid a professional rate for each drawing she does.

She's also told me that she wants to water color each of the presidential portraits. To give you an idea of what she'll do, we've included a picture of her President Lincoln below, as well as a watercolor she did of a "Zombie Girl."

So thank you so much for your support, be sure to let us know what else you'd be interested in seeing for stretch goals and add-ons, and be sure to keep passing the word along.


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Spread the word for stretch goals!

Posted by Silence in the Library Publishing (Creator)

Dear Backers,

Now that we've funded the book, we need to keep the momentum going for the stretch goals. And in order to do that, we'll need your help to spread the word.

Right now, we're just over $700 away from $4,000, and just over $1200 away from our first stretch goal. At $4,500, every backer at the $20 level will get a free print of a presidential portrait from artist Erin Kubinek with their order. 

Here's where you come in. If we can make it to $4,000 by midnight MST tonight, we'll implement the $4,500 stretch goal and add a new one in its place.

There's a few easy ways to do that.

1) Spread the word. Post the link to the project with some kind words about why you backed it on your favorite social media platform

(Here's the link:

2) Purchase Add-ons

We have available a number of add-ons for you to buy, including extra copies of the softcover for $20. All you have to do is increase your pledge and let us know afterwards what it was you wanted. Want a deck of cards? A print copy of my sci-fi book? It's all there.

Buy a second copy of the book as a gift...

3) Tell people about the project in person

Think about how many people you know that aren't online and love history, or have kids that would love this book. Don't hesitate to mention it to them.

But even if you don't have the opportunity or resources to do any of these things, we're still grateful that you've supported us this far.

Thank you so much for all you've done!

--Bryan, Erin, and Scout


Posted by Silence in the Library Publishing (Creator)


Here we are! I didn't quite expect to see us at this point this quickly, but that allows us to talk about add-ons and stretch goals a lot sooner.

I'm wondering what it is you guys might like to see. Make some suggestions for other add-ons you'd like and stretch goals you'd be interested in.

Above all, spread the word to your friends and family who might be interested in a project like this.

Thank you so much for your support this far, it's the only thing that got us here. And thank you so much for believing in this silly little project I started putting together for my daughter. I think Scout appreciates it, too.

As a thank you, here's a piece of art from the book:

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