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A beautifully illustrated history of Presidential assassinations and attempts sure to entertain and educate children and adults.
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It's been 50 years...

Posted by Silence in the Library Publishing (Creator)

...since President Kennedy was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald. 

I felt like today was a fitting day to give an update on the Kickstarter project. 

First, I'd like to offer you Scout and Erin's individual takes on our 35th President of the United States:

John F. Kennedy by Erin Kubinek
John F. Kennedy by Erin Kubinek
John F. Kennedy by Scout
John F. Kennedy by Scout

 Scout and Erin both are hard at work finishing up the rest of the art work. Scout has been working in Charcoal and Pastel as well as watercolors, as you can see in her Kennedy portrait. She's having a lot of fun on the project.

I happen to be in Washington, D.C. for a writing workshop and decided to spend much of the day at various museums, and decided to commemorate this morning by visiting Ford's Theatre.

 This is my third time to Ford's Theatre in as many years and it never fails to nourish my inner-history nerd.

The museum itself is a beautiful installation that contextualizes Lincoln's presidency and the moments leading up to his death. They also show you fascinating artifacts from the murder, things you'd never imagine that had been kept. 

In fact, here's George Atzerodt, he was in on the conspiracy with Booth and was tasked with killing Vice President Andrew Johnson.

He went to the hotel where the Vice President was to be and waited for him. Atzerodt got drunk, lost his nerve, and then wandered off into the night, discarding his weapons on the way. They have the knife he discarded in the night on display.

After you go through the museum, you're able to go upstairs and see the Presidential Box in the theatre where John WIlkes Booth actually shot the president.

 I know it's not Dealey Plaza in Dallas, but I'm not in Texas. 

Wherever I was, though, I'm fascinated by any subject of history, and few more so than American History and the presidents we've lost at the hands of assassins. 

Thank you again for your support and we'll have more updates as we get further into the process, but rest assured that we're on schedule to hitting our proposed release timeline.


eBooks are sent!

Posted by Silence in the Library Publishing (Creator)

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Posted by Silence in the Library Publishing (Creator)

The surveys have gone out, but because of the  counter-intuitive nature of Kickstarter's survey method, I messed a couple of things up.

I forgot to add a "none of the above" button to the add-on questions for many of you and it won't let you finish the survey unless you answer the question.

Kickstarter will not allow me to edit the surveys, so answer that question any way you want to and if you didn't order an add-on and have no interest in ordering an add-on, I'll see it in the notes.

I apologize for any confusion that may have caused.

Surveys and a review from the Huffington Post!

Posted by Silence in the Library Publishing (Creator)

You guys should be receiving surveys soon, and information about where to get your eBooks of Operation: Montauk and War of the Seasons: The Human!

Thanks again for all your support on this!

The Huffington Post had some nice things to say about the book. They've read the manuscript and printed this article.

Here's an excerpt:

Young writes about the attempts in a crisp, fun prose. Understanding that most assassins, successful or failed, were fascinating, tragic, flawed, and usually blackhearted people themselves is key. Young doesn't glorify their exploits. But he does provide key context for their individual psychoses. For instance, we hear a lot about John Hinckley's obsession with Taxi Driver and Jodie Foster in the chapter on Reagan.

And we get great, colorful details that history buffs of all ages will appreciate. From Andrew Jackson beating down his would-be assassin with his cane to Giuseppe Zangara's attempt on FDR's life standing on a folding chair since he was only five feet tall, you get the details that make history interesting and worth learning. The book also contains an appendix containing all of the Secret Service names for the presidents. Fun reading.

Illustrator Erin Kubinek's art is also fun, playing up many of these details in an engaging way. A favorite illustration demonstrates unemployed housepainter Richard Lawrence's three-step plan to become King of England by assassinating Andrew Jackson. With eyes swirling wildly with psychotic glee, he yells, "HAHAHAHAHA! Paint THAT!!!"

This-- this is why we love history. And it's why kids will enjoy it. And. . .learn from it?!?! How dare they make history fun? Next they'll find a way to make kids love eating their vegetables.

We made it!

Posted by Silence in the Library Publishing (Creator)

It's over!

Thank you so much for all the support you guys have given us. I was worried we weren't going to fund this project at all, and you guys brought us in at more than 275% of our goal.

We've got a lot of work cut out for us, getting you all your finished books and playing card decks and art prints, and we're going to make this the best book possible.

I think you'll all be very happy with the final product.

We'll be sending out some eBooks to backers tomorrow, so you'll have a couple of books to read while you're waiting for this book to arrive.

We were so close to that final stretch goal, it would have been nice to hit...

...but you guys have been so great...

...I talked to the publisher and Erin and we're going to do it anyway! Erin will be illustrated the short story I have to write AND we'll be including it in the final, printed book. It's really a thank you to everyone here.

And I'll leave you with a piece of art that Erin produced as a joke, but I'd love to include it in the book. Maybe you guys can convince her one way or the other.

This is Richard Lawrence, Andrew Jackson's would be assassin in "the nuthouse":

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