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Done is looking to deploy a network of radiation detection devices to the affected regions in Japan. is looking to deploy a network of radiation detection devices to the affected regions in Japan.
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    1. Maarten Smekens

      Hi, I've got the same question as Curt Harpold.
      What happened to the iGeigie and my sensor in action?

    2. Missing avatar

      Curt Harpold on

      What ever happened to my picture of my sensor in action, and my iGeigie?

    3. Tsukuyo Asahara on

      As you know, MEXT had started to post radiation level in Japan (all prefecture) from 4/27@ + SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son seems to be building geiger counter network utilizing his branch office, but because the more monitoring post the better since radiation level seems to be very different even in the same city, your project is much needed to be realized all the more, and thank you for taking action to assess the situation there, many people starting to have fear (in twitter field) and having accurate information is the best defense against the fear. Thank you.

    4. Alastair Leith on

      This is a wonderfully thoughtful project, and the need for it is distressing on a few levels. Hope I can get the Amazon Turk to work as I'm in Australia.

      I would mention that post-immediate-disaster the monitoring of food is perhaps more important than background radiation to public health for several reasons. Firstly since radiation level is inversely proportional to distance from source, the proximity of contaminated food inside the body to vital organs is order of mm or less – much closer than airborne or static sources.

      Secondly food is transported long distances these days so is a dangerous vector for propagating radiation illness. Thirdly testing foods is a complicated and expensive business, I know, my father tested lots of north-European cheeses (amongst other things) in the years after Chernobyl disaster with purpose designed lab-quality detectors. Hope you can give this food issue consideration, Japan is/was major exporter of seaweed products and eater of animal seafood's which will bio-concentrate radioactive elements. I don't trust their govt to be testing all the miriad of foodstuffs in Japan given cover-ups so far.

    5. Scott Bryson on

      Kickstarter turned down our project, which had a similar purpose of providing information to the Japanese and the rest of the world. However people interested in this subject should avail themselves to the links in our "Info" section to the left:

      We will be publicizing this project to our 1,325 followers.

    6. Gerard van Schip on

      Noticed that no one had done the 50 bucks option so claim that first spot ;)

    7. Missing avatar

      ompiled on

      You should contact Technical Associates, a manufacturer of geiger counters. I believe that they are interested in giving you either a device or a discount, or some form of partnership. ian @ 818 883 7043

    8. Timmeh on

      Well considering it would be funded on May 7 you might be a bit early to see the effects of the funding showing up there 3 days later...

      Great idea though. Backed :)

    9. Brandy Suppi on

      Hope this funds...we are doing a trip to Japan May 10th to help out and this would be very nice to have for "Lay" people. Thanks...keep it up!