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A book of fifty-word entries from

A book of fifty-word entries from Read More
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Fifty Words started as a private writing project of exactly fifty-word entries every weekday, secretly written and meant for no one in particular. Within a year, it was nominated for a Tumblr Award, joined inspiring side projects, was featured in Tumblr's Art & Artists We Love, and found thousands of readers. As originally conceived, once a year was up, Fifty Words came to an end.

Now Fifty Words wants to be a book. A little book.

With your help, Fifty Words will be made available only through Kickstarter as a small book of a few hundred pages. It will be produced as a paperback digest with materials and packaging as fine as can be reasonably obtained. And for some of you, we'll include original artwork inspired by Fifty Words, like "The Moon Has Eyes," by Mark Sarmel.


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    One copy of "Fifty Words."

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    One signed copy of "Fifty Words" and a "50" sticker for your guitar, your moleskin, or your soul.

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    One signed copy of "Fifty Words," one "50" sticker, and original artwork depicting the fifty-word entry of your choice.

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