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Death is only the beginning... The infamous contemporary horror roleplaying game KULT is back, 25 years after its inception!
Death is only the beginning... The infamous contemporary horror roleplaying game KULT is back, 25 years after its inception!
2,733 backers pledged SEK 2,746,655 to help bring this project to life.

KULT Divinity Lost: The Truth will prevail

Posted by Helmgast AB (Creator)


We are happy to see that all forms of restrictions in freedom of art steers up emotions and that so many backers have expressed strong feelings about our previous update where we announced that we will have to amend some items in the Black Madonna and the scenario collection Taroticum & Other Tales.

Whilst we always prefer to stand true to our vision, unfortunately not everything is within our control. There are many parties involved in getting the books from us to you. It’s not only a question about what we can and want to produce, it’s also a question of what our partners are willing to release. We have prioritized standing through to our vision in the Core Rule Book, but tweaking the Black Madonna and Taroticum & Other Tales. Whilst obviously an intrusion in the freedom of art, it’s the only commercially viable way forward whilst not compromising to much with what we wanted in the outset. In practice it’s not too many items that will change in Black Madonna and Taroticum & Other Tales.

We have received a lot of questions on this over the past weeks, so here's a summary.

Core Rule Book

All backers will receive the “uncensored” Kickstarter Edition of the Core Rule Book (in the version you have ordered; Elysium, Enlightened, Illusion, Inferno, Metropolis etc). The Kickstarter Edition of the Core Rule Book will not be available in retail. This applies for both physical copies as well as digital copies.

Following fulfillment to our Kickstarter backers (which is our only priority), the Core Rule Book in a censored version called “the 4th Edition of KULT” will be released for retail sale. A pdf of the “4th Edition of KULT” Core Rule Book will also be released for retail sale.

Customers who have pre-order KULT: Divinity Lost through Modiphius will get information from Modiphius shortly.

Black Madonna & Taroticum and Other Tales

The Black Madonna as well as Taroticum & Other Tales will be released in physical copies only in a “censored version”. Same applies for PDFs.

However, we hear what our backers are saying and will in some way release the uncensored final version of these items to Kickstarter backers only. Exactly how this uncensored PDF is to be distributed needs to be explored further, and so these will come at the back of fulfillment.

Print plan

Speaking about fulfillment, final touch here and there have been made during the previous weeks and we are getting very close to print. We estimate we need 4 weeks to finalize all items for print, then we are ready to go. It's been a long and bumpy road to get here, and we are of course truly thankful to all backers and others who are supporting us to get this over the finish line.

Below are some further pictures of the dice (currently in our storage), as requested. We are expecting more items to start piling up at our storage shortly and will keep you updated on progress.

As always, keep on posting any questions or comments to us. We know it's been a long wait and we genuinely appreciate the feedback.

All the best,
the KDL team 


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    1. Helmgast AB Creator on

      Thanks for all comments everyone! We really appreciate it and your support and feed-back. Some comments to your individual posts below. In general, what maybe was not so clear from the update was that there has been discussions on whether censoring of the Core Rule Book was also necessary and what we could do in terms of uncensored PDFs for backers. That is now solved as per the information in this update.

      @JaFO: We agree, thanks for your understanding.

      @Rory: It's the combination of some pictures and to some extent text as well which have been questioned. It's mainly been concern from a US perspective. It's not only law, it's also what the market wants to do and not - which we are not in control of to 100%, and finding that common ground has been a struggle. The final outcome of those discussions we think is fair, i.e. that we only need to edit a few items for the Black Madonna and Taroticum & Other Tales to adept to the wider market. We were at risk of having to edit the Core Rule Book to, but have luckily found ways around this.

      @Aranduin: We are too disappointed that we need to make those amendments, but we have fought hard to keep them to a minimum and are convencied that the final outcome will not be too disappointing for backers. You will get PDFs, we just need to find out exactly how (there are a number of options, we'll solve that in the back of the kickstarter fulfillment). There are a number of ways to distribute the uncensored PDFs, so we will solve that in the end (now focus on getting everything printed).

      @Craig Bickford: Yes we can reverese your add-on, please send us a message here on KS. We don't think you will be that disappointed with the amendments we need to make though, and you will receive the uncensored in PDF as backer. It's a mix of business partners who have had input, and ultimately it's of course a judgement on the risk of items being stuck in customs and not reaching you.

      @Joshua John O'Connor: It's been a mix of various business partners that have had input. It's taken time to discuss these items with all parties, and reach the conclusion to keep edits to a minimum for the backers (and more edits/censoring for the wider market).

      @shawn hanson: It's taken time to reach the conclusion to not censor the editions for backers (except for Black Madonna and Taroticum & Other tales which will have some edits made to them). That's why the timeline have been affected. Apart from that we are now finalising so we can start the printing process.

      @John W Luther, Lisa Pardol and Faie: Thanks for your kind words. We agree that it's unfortunate that one has to compromise, but in the end we think we reached a fair compromise which doesn't affect backers that much.

      @Azriel: We agree that an adult audience should be able to take this as it was, and basically that's the conclusion that has been reached for backers in the end. It's another story for retail, but that we will handle once we have shipped the KS editions. It's unfortunate that we had to spend time on solving this, but now we are soon there. Please send us a PM here on Kickstarter in case you want a refund.

      @Spellforger: It's a fair point. Let us discuss that internally and get back to you and the other backers. Thanks for supporting KDL!

      @Daniel Björkman: What has affected the timeline is the discussions on potential censoring. That luckily ended with us only having to revisit parts of BM and Taroticum & Other Tales for backers, whereas the Core Rule Book remains unaffected. So now we will do the finishing touches and send it for print.

    2. Daniel Björkman on

      Focusing on the positive here: Yeah, we will get the rare KS exclusive uncensored Kult edition! Ebay here we come!
      Jokes aside, I am a bit curious as to why Taroticum and BM seems to affect delivery of the core rulebook. The scenarios do not interest me much, but I really think the core aught to be prioritized over SGs.

    3. Spellforger on

      Since now the "Black Madonna" and the "Taroticum and Other Tales" PDFs are now sort of backer-exclusive (in the sense that regular bought PDFs will be different) will the Pledgemanager be reopened at some point to allow backers to get what has now become inaccessible otherwise?

    4. Missing avatar

      Aranduin on

      You can give us a uncensored version of Taroticum and Black Madonna with a private link for donwload. And I HOPE have a uncensored version. Nobody paid for a censored version. This game is for adults.
      If the problem is give us a uncensored verion with private link. Sorry but you dont have excuses after all this time.

    5. Missing avatar

      Azriel on

      It is nice some uncensored stuff is coming, but I am very disappointed in what will be censored. If I known this was going to be censored, I would not have backed this. I do not support censorship at all and really don't want to see a sanitized fade to black(but the "tone" is the same) material. At least the backers will get the uncensored material, even if its just PDF. It is ridiculous that adults cannot get uncensored material. I understand the situation, but everybody was expecting a true uncensored game to be made when they backed this, not a censored one.

    6. Faie on

      Thanks for the update guys!
      Lovely to hear that you are close to the goal :) Looking forward to having the books and stuff in my hand soon. Great work!

    7. Lisa Padol

      While I have every confidence that you'll find a way to make the changes without losing anything, I definitely do want to see the uncensored version as well if at all possible (etext is just fine) and I sympathize. It's not a pleasant dilemma.

    8. John W. Luther

      The realities of international publication suck. Thanks for working your way though it. I'm glad we get to see your original vision in electronic form, at least, but wish you could have published your vision, uncensored. Looking forward to finally receiving the rewards.

    9. Missing avatar

      Laguna on


      I'm verry sorry for be very disapointed with this but... I'm a DM of Kult Black madonna and find politically correct the beta versión, why? I find too correct, I think that some people should know something about child abuse in some soviet orphans (History, only dates) or what is the meaning of Black sun in the nazi context (ariosophy for example).

      I don't agree with censored with bakerd because now, I find that I need more images of NPCs and information to play this well, why do you choose to send us the censored version? I've paid a lot for duties taxes. That's too much, I think.

      And about dates and delays, When does the core book to print? May-June? (one months to print, so in May).

      Thanks for update... but sad news

    10. shawn hanson on

      And why does this censorship which has nothing to do with our ks backer copies of the book affect our timeline to receive said book? They should have shipped last week was it? Our copies arent affected by art change but haven't hit the printer yet?

      What's actually going on guys? This is onyx path/palladium level cloak and dagger, bs and bait and switch.

    11. Joshua John O'Connor on

      Mature, stupid autocorrect.

    12. Joshua John O'Connor on

      Hi, can you tell us which partie(s) object to what content? There are a lot of games with nature themes so I find it hard to believe that Kurt is being censored.

    13. Craig Bickford on

      Can people reverse their Kickstarter add-ons? I'm not sure I still want these items that are being edited for content and censored. Is it the distributors or is it Modiphius? This is bull shit.

    14. Missing avatar

      Aranduin on

      I'm really upset and disappointed with a censored version of my taroticum and Black Madonna. Nobody paid for a censored version.
      I REALLY hope see a uncensored version of both in PDF at least. All this stupid politically correct and offended people is patethic.
      I am not lawyer but I think the uncensored PDF version is posible with a direct acces to download. I know some lawyers I ask you for curiosity.

      Is really good news about relaase date, and I hope see more good news about the uncensored version

    15. Rory on

      I'm curious as to what, in particular, was the thing that was wanting to be edited and which country's laws it was in breach of?

      Anyway, I'm looking forward to getting my stuff in about a couple of months or thereabouts.

    16. Missing avatar


      It never ceases to amaze me that a product meant for a mature audience has to be censored in any shape or form.

      I'm glad that at least that we as backers of this kickstarter get to see the original vision, but I'm still sad that the rest of the world has to do without.

      Good art will offend someone, somewhere.
      That's how you know it's art and not a product meant to please everyone.

    17. Judgement Dave

      Good (though obvious) solution to somehow release uncensored PDFs to backers - keep your original vision and keep the retail sales viable.

    18. Judgement Dave

      @Joakim - whilst you may think that they overuse the word whilst, it is only used 3 times (albeit in a single paragraph) whilst many words other than 'whilst' appear multiple times more. Heck - your own comment used the word whilst only two times fewer than the update, whilst purporting to be about the overuse of whilst.
      Yeah - I didn't think they'd overused it, but was fairly certain that I could...

    19. Joakim Almgren

      I'm sorry, I know I'm focusing on the wrong thing here, but you're really overusing the word "whilst" to the point of distraction.