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Death is only the beginning... The infamous contemporary horror roleplaying game KULT is back, 25 years after its inception!
Death is only the beginning... The infamous contemporary horror roleplaying game KULT is back, 25 years after its inception!
2,733 backers pledged SEK 2,746,655 to help bring this project to life.

KULT: Divinity Lost - The Game that was Too Much

Posted by Helmgast AB (Creator)


It’s time for a new update! Some of you have been asking why we don’t post these as frequently as we’ve done in the past. The reason for that is that we are now in the phase of wrapping up your comments together with the final edit that was made simultaneously and at the back of it. That is quite time-consuming, to make sure we keep consistency through out the material as well as making sure that any follow up amendments needed are also captured.

It has also turned out that, just as in the 90’s, Kult is “too much” for certain audience and certain countries. For instance the US impose quite strict requirements on what can be released and not, and when an item is deemed to be “adult content” - restrictions as to how it may be marketed.

This means that we will need to tweak a few illustrations in the Black Madonna and Taroticum & Other Tales. These tweaks are to be made at once. We need to find the right balance with all involved parties around the world (distributors, retailers, shipping agents etc) to make sure that the products end up in your hands and not be caught by some “censoring” governmental authority along the way. It’s not a lot of work as such, but working with people in vastly different time zones makes the process slower than we would like.

The Core Rule Book that was available in the Kickstarter (all the editions) for backers will be printed as a limited “uncensored” version. We intend to develop a new Core Rule Book that is “retail friendly”, with adjustments to artwork and other content deemed “too much”. The Retail Friendly version will be finalized post-delivery of all backers’ orders, to not consume time from finalizing the backer rewards. Thus, retailers will only sell the Retail Friendly version, meaning that the Backer and Pre-order print run of the Core Rule Books will be more limited, or rare, than we expected.

We wish we could tell you the exact date for sending the books for print, but today we can’t give an exact date. We will get back to you once we get closer.

In the meantime, other material than the books are stacking up at our storage, waiting for printed books to arrive and shipping to start. Things like postcards, posters and dices have arrived (pic included here). Pins and bags are to arrive within short. Deck of Card, Tarot Cards and Narrator’s Screen are procured and so once we have final print files they will be printed in a rather short time period. For the books, test print have been made allowing us to fine tune color, contrast, paper quality and layout templates.

Furthermore, we are now ready to launch final PDFs when they are completed. PDFs will be released through All backers will need to register with (it’s free of charge) to gain access to the PDFs when released. More information on this will follow in a separate update as we get closer.

All the best,
the KDL team

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    1. John W. Luther

      I would like to have the uncensored versions, if only in PDF, but recognize the realities of production may not allow for that. I hope this added delay is a brief one.

    2. Missing avatar

      Alex Obernigg on

      @niels: when it's ready. Do you have any idea how much work it is to put something like this together and get it into print?
      Please quit whining.

    3. Missing avatar

      niels on

      Getting more regrets with every update, it's been two years now, when will we finally get the finished product we backed/payed for??

    4. João Talassa on

      I meant *censorship, obviously.

    5. João Talassa on

      Also, don’t go for the weak compromise.

      Give us the pdf, but also in print.
      We will all remember the action.

      Your loyal follower,

    6. João Talassa on


      F*ck censureship.

      Be true to your followers.
      Be true to your vision.

      Grow some nuts. You’ll see it will pay dividends at the end.

    7. Oliver Summers on

      Sorry but Im against censorship in regards to us backers...

      Please give us backers the intended vision of the Black Madonna and the Taroticum if not in print,then in PDF.

      I just hope The Taroticum Cards will not be censored.

      I mean heck the KULT CCG Major Arcana where released uncensored and staied faitfhull to the original description.

    8. Jennifer

      I would like to +1 the sentiment of uncensored PDFs, as I only backed at that level, but didn't know at that time that this might be an issue. I definitely want some form of the uncensored version, I don't want to miss out just because the issue came up suddenly much later on.

    9. João Mariano on

      I guess it may seem contradictory given what I've written early I must say that I'm with Lisa Padol regarding the importance of the explicit art for establishing the game's universe and the lack of uncensored art isn't that of a deal-breaker to me. Maybe it's a question of principle, I don't know.

      But yes, I would like to receive the original uncensored version of the material in some form even if its in PDF.

    10. João Mariano on

      @Sebastian 'achlys': I understand that there may be financial constraints in having your products misrepresented in some more "sensible" markets but I'm disappointed that the company had to sacrifice their artistic integrity and failed to give the backers the most fully-realized product they could give because of that.

      Specially given that, unlike some other crowdfunding RPG projects I've backed, the company wasn't upfront about its goal to make it such a "retail-friendly" project. It's understandable business-wise and I think the fans want K-DL to be a financially healthy game line in the future but, adding to past slips that most backers have been quite forgiving, it shakens my usual supportive and optimistic stance regarding this project management.

    11. Allan Grohe on

      FWIW, I never saw any restrictions on the Metropolis Ltd editions of Kult being sold in the USA, and I don't expect that you would have any problems with any of the material I've seen thus far in the beta PDFs. That said, if you do intend to produce a non-censored edition and a censored edition, I certainly prefer the non-censored edition for all of the books I've backed, in both physical and PDF formats.

      Free speech in the USA includes "adult" content as well, so I wouldn't expect you to have any difficulties with direct shipment to backers of printed, non-censored editions of the Kult books.

    12. Faie on

      Sorry to hear, but are we surprised? Anyways, I really hope you guys will find a way to bring the uncensored physical books to the backers at least.

      anyways, thanks for the update :)

    13. Krzysztof on

      @Sebastian: Of course economy of scale plays a huge factor when printing something, but we are not talking about two separate books. It might be entirely possible to print most of the books together, and swap out certain pages before binding them to create two versions.

      Also, I object to calling them "uncensored" and "retail-friendly". How about "censored" and "backer-friendly" - let's get the priorities straight!

    14. Chuck Dee

      The masses scream for uncensored- at least in PDF. Hopefully the Kultish gods hear our pleadings!

    15. Sebastian 'achlys'

      @Joao Mariano: I think it depends on the money: If you print two books (one for backers and one for retailers) you will also have to buy the printer twice. The more copies of one book you print, the less you have to pay. It's good, they print the core books in two versions at least, but I can imagine this will cost them a lot of money. This will not be cost-efficient for the supplements.
      If the make two digital versions of the supplements it will cost them 'only' labour time.

    16. João Mariano on

      ("I'm from Portugal" as a I'm not a country... I think.). ;)

    17. João Mariano on

      @Helmgast: I'm Portugal and would like to receive the uncensored physical versions and PDFs of Taroticum and Black Madonna as well as those weren't originally intended for retail.

    18. Sebastian D. on

      I would support Colin's suggestion. I could live with having only censored PDFs if we could get a side by side of the art with some commentary of the respective creators.

    19. Lisa Padol

      From the USA, also voting for uncensored, fwiw. Honestly, the horror's never been in the uncensored art, but in the seriously disturbing world described with words alone. I remember reading 1st edition and thinking, "Yes! This is the scary stuff White Wolf thinks it's doing, but isn't." (I enjoyed Old World of Darkness for what it was, but serious horror it was not.)

    20. Colin on

      Even if you can't release uncensored PDFs of the supplement I'd love to see an additional pdf file with both versions of the various bits of modified art and maybe even artists commentary. That would be a cool little bonus in the face of censorship.

    21. Missing avatar

      H. Alexander Velásquez on

      The situation described by the KDL team is certainly most frustrating. Given the circumstances, uncensored PDFs would probably be best way to settle this issue.

    22. Dani Jang

      @Robert Ojamo - I'm from South Korea I can assure you nK shut out everything from going into their forsaken land if it isn't literally money to sustain its government.
      @helmgast - I really would love to see pdf uncensored at least.

    23. Missing avatar

      Robert Ojamo

      Will this game be published in North Korea or what? There is no such thing as "too much". I want blood, gore and intestines dripping from my books! :-(

    24. Missing avatar

      Alastair Cornish on

      I'm not American. I want the uncensored version. I despise censorship. Why are you censoring Europeans?

    25. Krzysztof on

      I would love to get the uncensored copies of Black Madonna and Taroticum, just like they were intended. If print copies are unfeasible due to low number of backers going for these optional buys, then at least as PDFs.

    26. C. Amadis Kariont on

      I add myself to the opinion of the uncensored pdf, i love '90s Kult edition as much as other in this thread as i see. I hope you listen us and could achieve it, thank you!! Nos leemos!!

    27. Jason B. Thompson on

      Add my voice to those who want uncensored PDFs!! But I understand you gotta do what you gotta do for general distribution. As a fan of the '90s KULT, I have to say that I really appreciate the great job you're doing -- I have a few quibbles, but you've kept the dark, intense core of the game and the new artwork & layout looks beautiful. Do what you've got to do to be successful! ;) (But yes, uncensored PDFs too, please!!)

    28. Missing avatar


      I have to agree with the others, I would love to have the uncensored and I was very happy as I could read that at least the Core Rules will be uncensored

    29. Missing avatar


      Damn ... I wish some governments would remember that we are as adults are perfectly capable of making decisions ourselves.
      It's not like this game was ever going to target kids ... and the fact that it allows for mature content is exactly why I backed it to begin with.

    30. RDP

      I also would love to see the uncensored editions of the Black Madonna and Taroticum at least as pdfs!

    31. Patrick Sandoval

      I concur, I also would love for the backers to get access to uncensored editions of the Black Madonna and Taroticum, at least as pdf files. Your original vision of the different game supplements is important to us.

      I do appreciate, in the extreme, that we will be getting an explicit version of the Core Rules. Thank you!

    32. Sebastian 'achlys'

      Thanks for the update! I'm quite shocked that you have to censor the game...
      As a backer I would love to get the Taroticum and BM in an uncensored version too. At least in a pdf version.
      Could you also give some more detailed pictures of the dice, postcards, bags and the pins as soon as they arrive?
      Thanks for the great work!

    33. Joakim Almgren

      Thanks for the update! And please, "dice" is already plural, you don't need to add an S. (Sorry, it's one of my pet peeves.)