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Death is only the beginning... The infamous contemporary horror roleplaying game KULT is back, 25 years after its inception!
Death is only the beginning... The infamous contemporary horror roleplaying game KULT is back, 25 years after its inception!
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Moving towards inferno!

Posted by Helmgast AB (Creator)



As announced in the previous update, we have during the week released a new chapter from the mythos section of the Core Rule Book. The chapter, called "Beyond Passion" is mainly written by KDL's Creative Director Petter, with some help from a social worker who has worked with victims of sex trafficking. As reality is often worse than you first imagine it, the social worker's input added another layer to this chapter. As with all chapters from the mythos section of the Core Rule Book, this has been released for those with access to the Collector's Forum section of the KDL forum ( An extract from the chapter's intro is found at the end of this update.

KDL's Head Writer Robin published the chapter "Setting up a story" from the GM chapters of the Core Rule Book. The chapter is available at the KDL forum and is the first of several GM chapters that give the GM the tools to play KDL with the approach of play to find out instead of prepared scenarios. This chapter gives tips on how the GM can utilize the players imagination in the character creation process to create fantastic KULT stories.

Furthermore, Marco who is part of the core KDL team, released another two chapters from the scenario the Black Madonna. As previously, both these chapters were released at the KDL forum. 

What's next?

Robin is currently wrapping up the final outstanding items in the rules section of the Core Rule Book - so you can anticipate to see these chapters being published through out the rest of September. First chapter up is called "Character Traits" - dealing with the characters' dark secrets, disadvantages and advantages. Simultaneously we will also present KDL's archetypes and the artwork that goes with them.

Until next time!
/the KDL team


Intro to the mythos chapter "Beyond Passion":

"We all hunger to conquer and be conquered, to yield to our desires, lose control, and be transported to a place which exclusively revolves around pleasure. Passion is not love, but rather the selfish craving for satisfaction, which is the origin of our very existence. It controls everything we do and everything we are. Our self-serving nature was no secret until we were jailed into reality. When we were gods, our desires knew no limits. We devoured everything we came across and tossed the leftovers aside. Pain and pleasure were one and the same. We were each other's rulers, and we were each other's slaves. We allowed ourselves to be skinned alive in ecstasy, only to be reborn into a new body to continue our pleasures anew. We were beautiful and complete–not burdened with feelings of guilt, hesitation, or sympathy. Now, our diminished and captive senses cause us to fear the drives once embodied within us, and find it hard to accept and understand them. In contrast to death, which is a lie, madness, which is an attempt to escape, and our dreams, which are an expression of our soul, sexuality is greater than us. Passion is the safest and also the most dangerous escape into true reality. It can return a shard of our lost divinity and remind us of what we once were, but requires major sacrifices."


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