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Death is only the beginning... The infamous contemporary horror roleplaying game KULT is back, 25 years after its inception!
Death is only the beginning... The infamous contemporary horror roleplaying game KULT is back, 25 years after its inception!
2,733 backers pledged SEK 2,746,655 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Rory on

      To be frank, when I saw the original estimated time of delivery, looked at the number of backers and the amount of work required to deliver on the campaign, my initial though was 'you'll be lucky...'. As a point of note to all Kickstarter creators, however long you think it might take, add on at least an extra 6 months in the plan. Probably more. Nobody complains about early delivery.

    2. Zelest on

      Despite things being in such an early state, my group and I have managed to play halway into a campaign of our own design using the quick start rules. I can't wait to get my hands on the final (heck, even beta!). Keep up the good work :)

    3. Joseph Begay on

      We all are anxious to see the final product. But after having backed a few KS'ers, you quickly learn that estimated dates of delivery are just that, "Estimated". I'm fine with projects taking extra time. The most important thing is keeping the line of communication open. Nothing makes people more nervous and ready to spread rumors then not getting an update from the project group after a month or so. Thanks and good luck.

    4. Kyo Liska on

      I never want to hear you guys say sorry again you're delivering a quality product that takes time and more importantly you're translating into the English language which that and of itself is it Epic Quest. Yes we all want it now now now but I for one am willing to wait however long it takes to get the product that I hope for it said of something quickly rushed that'll just disappoint me

    5. Jens Rydholm on

      There are no fixed deadlines or exact dates in delivering a Kickstarter, only estimates. Backing a project here is something very different from preorder, and it is important to understand this difference.

      As long as delays are communicated and explained to the project backers and the project still moves towards the final goal, I see no reason to complain. I have seen far worse delays, and I believe only a single (out of 15-20 projects) that I have backed was delivered on time.

      So, keep up the good work and polish that product! I'll be waiting :-)

    6. Nerdôncio Correia on

      No one like delays. You should be honest with the players and make a real deadline DIRING THE KICKSTATTER. Because if you say you will deliver a product in December 2016 and deliver in 2018... Hard to trust again

    7. Alastair Christie on

      Cheers for the update. Good luck to the team!

    8. Missing avatar

      Alexander Brown on

      I have backed Kickstarters that took a MUCH longer time(in fact, I have two right now that I am waiting like 3+ years for!). You guys have been doing a wonderful job in that you have been keeping us updated. And, for the most part, I expect a minimum of 6 months delay, and see a year as average. In fact, if you got the release on time, I would have been completely surprised!

    9. Ben Meiklejohn on

      Not the longest I've waited for a KS, yet :) Good luck guys!

    10. Rory on

      All that matters, ultimately, is the final product comes out and is good. I've backed a lot of kick-starters now, and a year delay is not unusual (try waiting three and a half years for Call of Cthulhu 7E...). However, the critical point is that communications are regular and honest. So thank you for this latest update.

    11. Missing avatar

      Steven Warble

      In my experience, for a major project such as this one, running one year past the projected release date is about average. Concentrate on a good product, and not being two years late because THAT becomes a problem.

    12. MidnightBlue

      Glad to see the update and that alterations are being made to get things on track. This isn't baking a cake by following the instructions...this is traversing new ground through Kickstarter. "Estimated delivery" is just that.

      Still looking forward to everything when it can get here in the form you all are happy with.


    13. Michael G Kinsley Jr on

      Delays are understandable, and as others have mentioned, I would rather wait for an excellent product, than be rushed a mediocre one. That said, the only thing that I would ask is for your team to stand by their promises of better communication, and more regular updates. And a few more sneak-peeks along the way wouldn't hurt either. ;)

      I look forward to the final product!

    14. Faie on

      Härligt att höra Helmgast. Kvalitet före allt annat.. ser verkligen fram emot kontinuetet i uppdateringarna, det som Paul nämde 'tracker'. Hoppas även på att forumet utvecklas och får lite mer liv, kring regelfrågor och annat.

    15. Christopher LaHaise on

      You're doing what you can - thank you for letting us know how things are progressing. It's sad when there's delays - expected or unexpected - but you're keeping us informed, and that's appreciated. Thank you for that!

      Hopefully, things will move along at a quicker pace for you! Good luck!

    16. Helmgast AB Creator on

      @Christopher Allen Yes, you are correct, the December deadline is for the printed material. We are currently working on a detailed progress "tracker" to be release in the weekly updates we will do from now on. That will include more details on when we estimate various pdfs to be made available along the way. That "tracker" will be available in a couple of days in our next update.


    17. Missing avatar


      Reality doesn't always bend to our wishes.
      That's life.
      So take the time you need to ensure the final product is the best that it can be.
      In the grand scheme of the universe a few more months is nothing.

    18. Colin Fahrion

      Excellent! I just submitted to run a game of Kult for a con in early December so if you could get me the book before than I'd be ever so happy!

    19. Missing avatar

      Christopher Allen on

      Glad to hear about some of the adjustments made to help the project along. The updated estimate for the final release date (I'm assuming this is the printed books, and additional materials) is nice, if a tad disappointing, to see.

      It is mentioned that PDF's for both Beta and Final would be done before then, is there any estimated time frame for those PDF's at this juncture?