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Death is only the beginning... The infamous contemporary horror roleplaying game KULT is back, 25 years after its inception!
Death is only the beginning... The infamous contemporary horror roleplaying game KULT is back, 25 years after its inception!
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That what Drives You to Your Doom

Posted by Helmgast AB (Creator)


We are back after being submerged at GothCon, with previews of KULT: Divinity Lost, as well as organizing the official KDL scenario Oakwood Heights. Many were called, few survived! Oakwood Heights will now go into translation and will after that be released as a free Quick Play Scenario online, for everyone to use and abuse.

We wish to thank you all for the over 100 feedback comments received on the Advantages document. We really appreciate it, and our master text documents have been updated based on the feedback given, and are now going to our editor. Your suggestions have made the descriptions better, more clear, and given us a fresh view on some rules that we hadn't seen before (mostly due to tunnel vision). Again, thanks for that. 

We intend to have all of the core rulebook shown, with a new feedback round, once the texts reach beta stage (which will be when they are edited and put into layout).

The next text ready for feedback, comments, and scrutiny is the Disadvantages. Same caveats as before - the material is in the first pass of translation, but hasn’t been through editing by our editor, so expect some strangeness. Any kind of feedback is appreciated - from wording, or poorly explained rules, to names, and mechanics.

Link is here:

Until the next time!




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    1. Benjamin Jx on

      Those disavantages giving the GM 0/1/3 holds are pretty weak. Basically you have the player roll to give a random number of holds to the GM : the roll itself doesn't tell anything about the fiction right now, it doesn't even use the player stats, the PC isn't doing anything, so I'm sorry to tell it isn't an interesting roll. It just feels that you roll because that's what you are used to do (that's cargo cult game design) but forgetting that the initial point of this system is that rolls are always immediately telling something about the fiction and how the PC takes or not the advantage in what is happening. In this case, giving the GM a fixed 1 or 2 holds each time the PC meets the trigger would give pretty much the same in-game result, with the advantage of being lighter. Actually I would even go further : as the rules say that the the GM has to make a move when a player character actions grant him the opportunity to do so or when he wants to increase the tension, you don't even need a hold to make a move when a drug addict PC takes drugs or has the opportunity to do so, the rules already granted you the right to given what is happening.

    2. Redwing on

      Thanks, I've had a quick read through the disadvantages. I noted down some things I noticed. Hope this helps.

      "...Some disadvantages only activates..." => activate
      "...until a calm moment in the story..." => appropriate moment (seems beter to me, given the rest of that sentence)

      "...and return it..." => returns

      " do not take it you take..." => comma
      "...hands on everything you're able to acquire..." => anything

      "...or is distracted..." => are

      "...and you get the opportunity to..." => ? strange sentence, what do you mean by it?

      Drug abuser
      "...or had the opportunity to roll +0..." => same as above. had the opportunity to what?