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Death is only the beginning... The infamous contemporary horror roleplaying game KULT is back, 25 years after its inception!
Death is only the beginning... The infamous contemporary horror roleplaying game KULT is back, 25 years after its inception!
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      Andreas Ruu on

      @Benjamin Jx
      If there is no pressure there should be no roll either. One of the core pillars of AW rules is that if an action has no repercussions there should be no roll. Just describe what happens with the door. The GM decides.
      1. Can they break it down, so they do it.
      2. They hurt themself trying to break it down and you ask "do you continue even when your arms start to hurt" (roll Endure injury)

      IF however the players want to achieve something like
      "Making no marks on the door"
      "Not making any sounds"
      "Pretending to use a key when they infact are picking the locks"
      "Trying to break the door down before the inhabitant returns"
      and so forth..

      You roll "Act under pressure"

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      Hernán Cortés on

      @Benjamin Jx Thank you, this clarifies me enough things for many situations, however, if there is no pressure at all, for example a character wants to force a door to get into a room, but the house is empty and there is no pressure. Should they throw coolness anyway? Or as GM do I have to create some kind of preassure in the scene?

    3. Benjamin Jx on

      @Hernán Cortés
      My attempt to answer : if there is any form of pressure pushing the character to perform this physical activity, you can have the player make an Act Under Pressure roll. Yes, it makes the Coolness stat a bit overimportant - that's a classic issue in AW hacks.

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      Hernán Cortés on

      Hi, I'm reviewing the QSR and I have a question, what attribute does the character roll when he is going to perform a movement that involves the use of force or some physical activity? Fortitude is a passive attribute and would only be used when there is some external stimulus. Violence seems to focus on combat. What is the correct attribute for the character to make the move? It should be an active attribute for the performance of physical actions that do not involve combat. Thaks

    5. João Mariano on

      Just finished running my first Kult: Divinity Lost session using the QuickStart rules and I’m glad to report that it went really well. What follows are some of my impressions and I must apologize in advance for the big "wall of text".

      Although I've had run a lot of PtbA games before our group included only one other player that had played some Dungeon World. We were also joined by two others with some experience in playing games like D&D 5E and Call of Cthulhu and an infrequent player of RPGs.

      I've followed the K-DL team suggestion for a shorter story-arc and decided on a common Dark Secret for all the PCs. After some wondering I prescribed that they were all Guilty of a Crime that happened some years ago. Being that that their crime had been in response to an insane act (with unexpected catastrophic consequences to the people that surrounded them) for a time I wondered if Victim of a Crime would be more appropriate but I came to settle on the former. In that sense I tried to establish that their crime was more of an unconscious act but also one that let the characters feeling remorse for years while remembering it in a faulty manner.

      After detailing a part of their common experience regarding their Dark Secret we dived headlong into the character creation process. I noticed that the player that would be playing the Artist picked a second Dark Secret (Pact with Dark Forces) and that the group selected their Advantages/Disadvantages quite quickly with the help of printouts of the Archetypes. Most of the players used the available lists for their Looks although the player that would be playing the Detective used its illustration as a reference for his character. After some cursory explanation of the Attributes (and how they relate to the player moves) the players distributed the stats easily while we talked about their characters concepts.

      We also established that the story would take place in modern-day Lisbon and that the characters not only remembered their collective participation in the gruesome crime but also were connected through some of the relationships listed on their archetypes. The players also easily created the other three additional Relations and wrote down their gear (just their names really as we didn’t write down any stats for weapons or armor).

      At the very beginning of the session something curious happened: as we were establishing the first scene of the Seeker he rolled for his Stalker disadvantage, got a -9 and then I gained 3 hold that I could spend to make a move for his pursuers. The Detective player then mentioned that his character also had the same Disadvantage and proceeded to roll for it because the move mentioned that it is triggered “At the start of the first session”. He got a -9 and I gained 3 hold over him. Then the Artist player looked up his Curse Disadvantage, noticed the timing of its trigger, rolled for it and got another -9.

      As I used glass counters to remind me of how much hold I had over the characters in little time there was a pile of glass counters in front of me! Now that I think of it I guess I should had only let them roll at the beginning of their own scenes to not distract us from the fiction at hand but it is true that it created some thrilling expectations on all the players.

      We proceeded on playing, cutting from scene to scene while focusing on each character and their daily lives. I resorted to Disadvantages like the Seeker and the Detective’s Stalker, the Avenger’s Schizophrenia and the Artist’s Curse to inject some of the surreality and graphic horror of the setting into their lives and I have to say that the players were well into it. In a sense it all progressed like an informal conversation in which we’ve added details to what was happening in quite a laid-back manner. In fact the players were more eager to add details to the story that extended to other characters, NPCs or even the setting that in other campaigns we’ve played before.

      That dynamic slowed down a bit when the Seeker tried to use the internet to look up details concerning a tourist couple he suspected were sent by his pursuers to spy on him and thus I considered it was an appropriate trigger for the Investigate move. While trying to answer the move’s questions I had some difficulty adjudicating them given the specific way the move was triggered. It left me wondering if triggering the Investigate move was the indeed the best option.

      Following a schizophrenic episode by the Avenger there was also a violent altercation between him and a taxi driver that resulted in triggering the Engage In Combat move. The Avenger rolled a 15+ and knocked the man out senseless with a kick that pushed the car’s door against the him. In an kind of intuitive way I described what amounted to the Subdued harm move even without checking out the specific rules. The Avenger’s player was surprised by the violent outcome but was also really pleased by it as he was trying to roleplay the barely contained rage of his character.

      In retrospect I guess there were some moments in the fiction that could have triggered the Keep It Together move, as we tried to hit some thrilling story beats, but at the time it didn’t seem appropriate. As a consequence we didn’t really interacted with the Stability mechanics of which I was really curious.

      As any good starting introductory Kult story, I guess, there was a violent crime to be investigated and our Detective proceeded to check out the crime scene using the CSI move. I then realized that I had described a lot of clues (strange trail blood prints on the floor that lead to a solid wall, no sign of the victim’s body…) even before the move was rolled for and he got a 10-14. As the Detective only got to ask one question he opted to ask “Who might know more about the crime?” as he thought it would be the “smarter” choice given all the information already given. Besides pointing him in the direction of a certain specialist I also declared that she was a member of the police force was that was currently enjoying a bad reputation. I don’t know if it was a bit too much for a success with complications, both answering only one question and giving it a cost, but it seemed like a good lead to have further interactions with the character.

      As one player had to leave we didn’t end it in any kind of cliffhanger or something equally ominous. We started checking for any increase/decrease of relationships and experience gain and there weren’t any. It was at that moment that I realized that we hadn’t choose any dramatic hooks for the characters. Maybe it was because of that or the fact that it was a really introductory session but it isn’t the first time that it happened while playing a game using this kind of an evolution mechanism.

      Either way it was a great session and the players are eager to play the game again and really thrilled to discover more of the setting. Although I only managed to do some light-prep for this session now I have a lot of hooks that I can use to better develop threats or even establish some milestones.

      For this session I’ve created a crude Reference Sheet (…) with the Agenda, Principles and GM Moves. I hope you find it helpful.

      For the next session I think I’ll create a another reference sheet with the Player Moves, Stability and Harm rules. Maybe it will help our group triggering more of the player moves and the rest of the mechanics.

    6. David Pascall on

      Looking really good so far. Couple of feedback things:

      Firstly relations. It seems odd that all the relation moves seem to assume that the relationships they connect to are positive, when it seems like "the person who killed my parents, who I'm hunting" would make a perfectly good vital relation as an obsession. None of the moves as listed really make sense for that case (unless you have some sort of messed up "I don't know what I'd do without this person to hate" relationship), perhaps equivalent rules accounting for negative relations should be added?

      Secondly the move "Influence other", as written it seems a bit too powerful. There's no disclaimer that the NPC should, in principle, be influenceable. As written, an argument or negotiation can make anyone do anything. If the word influence itself is meant to be carrying that meaning, that doesn't really work, because you find out if you've successfully influenced them AFTER the roll. Before the roll they aren't influenced, because a roll of under 9 means that the influencing failed. I'm not entirely sure what the right way to reword it would be, but I thought I'd point it out.

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      Dawid Malinowski on

      Some one deleted my comment :/
      Let me try ask once again.
      In QSR i have not found Togarini will he be described in Core Rules?
      There are no powers described will they be descrived in Core Rules?
      Nachtkinder Playing? Does your Kult version will provide this in Core Rules?
      Its hard for me to understand new system of playing Kult, will there be some kind of example how to fight bit by bit?
      Is there any chance that character sheet will have some more graphics in it? cause QSR looks great and character sheet its little simple.


    8. Daniel Björkman on

      Thanks for the answers!
      And BTW, having never played AW, I have to say the rules look excellent for Kult, focused on storytelling as they are. The whole project looks very promising, the one slight concern I have is that the cosmology that made the original game so unique be kept as intact as possible.
      God Fortsättning!

    9. Helmgast AB Creator on

      @Staffan - Thank you. Right now our focus is on the Core Rules and the add-ons. So the QSR will be "as-is" for quite some time.
      @Erasmo - Thanks, the best way to start playing KDL is often to "forget" what you know about how other RPG's are handling rules and flow (unless it is other AW/PbtA type games), and then you will quickly get up the speed.
      @Daniel - forums will be up early 2017.

    10. Erasmo on

      Important: maybe a print-friendly version?
      As a 1st ed Kult player, I´m a bit confused with the new rules, but I think it´s just a matter of time and re-adaptation.

    11. Staffan Lindsgård on

      Skimmed through it and I have to say I love the black sections in the layout. It really keeps the layout from being static and boring. Getting real pumped about the final release here... :-) BTW, is there any possibility of you putting out a version of the QSR with bleed and cutmarks? Which, I just realized, sounds pretty appropriate for Kult anyway...

    12. Daniel Björkman on

      Oh, an early Christmas gift! Looking forward to reading it.
      BTW, when are the forums going up?

    13. Daniel Björkman on

      Oh, an early Christmas gift! Looking forward to reading it.
      BTW, when are the forums going up?

    14. Erasmo on

      Reading now! The layout and the character´s sheet are amazing.

    15. Helmgast AB Creator on

      @Rory - Maybe it is an illusion? Maybe there are things hidden?
      @Jason - Thank you. In the Core Rules the way some stuff is presented will be different. The idea with the QSR is to be able to print the archetype pages and hand out to players, and have the rules associated presented in one place. So each player have access to the rules they need.

    16. Jason B. Thompson on

      It's beautiful!

      I don't know if this will be changed for the final, but my one criticism is: why are the disadvantages & advantages repeated for each Archetype? This seems to create a lot of redundant text; it'd be simpler, I think, if the disadvantages & advantages were just listed in a big list somewhere.

    17. Rory on


      Is the title on the cover slightly off kilter?