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Death is only the beginning... The infamous contemporary horror roleplaying game KULT is back, 25 years after its inception!
Death is only the beginning... The infamous contemporary horror roleplaying game KULT is back, 25 years after its inception!
2,733 backers pledged SEK 2,746,655 to help bring this project to life.

Q&A – The first portal

Posted by Helmgast AB (Creator)

Below are answers to questions brought up from the "Comment" section of the site.

What's the page count going to be for the core book? 

We don’t know yet, the game is 9 months away from release. The Swedish manuscript is being translated right now, the final layout hasn’t been decided yet (but you will see an example during the coming week), and all art isn’t delivered yet. If we were to make an educated guess, we would estimate the final page count to land at somewhere between 250 - 325 pages. Again, this is just a guess. 

Could we see a sample character sheet please? And maybe some rule excerpts? 

Yes, it will arrive some time during the campaign. 

Is there any chance you'll release the text of the game, or a part of it, prior to the end of the campaign? 

Hopefully, yes. 

The brief mention sounds great basically like Powered by Apocalypse but with d10s. 

Yes, the rules are in the “Powered by the Apocalypse” family (rules that share certain elements from the RPG “Apocalypse World”. The general way “moves” work, for instance, will be recognizable. We have made extensive redesign on many of the things that didn’t work well with the KULT setting, and for horror in general. 

 For instance, in the original AW, the player characters are very much driving the scenario, having a lot of player induced influence on the story. This is changed in KULT: DIVINITY LOST, where the GM/Narrator has much firmer grip on the overall story structure and details, in order to enforce the sense of being “hunted”, “underpowered”, and “fearful” – key elements in creating tension and horror and dread. 

Other areas that are redone, and newly designed, are the ways the GM/Narrator interact with the story, how the campaign is set up, how monsters are handled, equipment, combat, mental fatigue, injuries, advantages and disadvantages, dark secrets/pasts – among other things. 

What is the Player's Guide, exactly?

Exactly, we don’t know yet. We have a general idea, and it will be easy-to-access info that the players need at character generation and during actual play. Also, equipment stats, condensed versions of basic rules, etc. 

Is there a way to figure out just how much I have to add to my pledge for the adds ons since the currency isn't in USD?

The main currency in this Kickstarter campaign is the Swedish “Kr”, as the campaign is started from Sweden. At each Add-On, the equivalent value in other currencies (EURO, USD, GBP) are shown as well, for an approximate reference. 

How do we add the 'add-ons' to our orders? There's a couple listed that I want!

During the campaign you add the Add-On funds to your main pledge value. Some time after the campaign, you will be invited to a Pledge Manager (often referred to as a “Backerkit”), where your account will be shown, with your total amount pledged. 

Here you will actively be able to select the Add-On items you already paid for, which will be added to you order. 

Is it possible to take the supporter pledge and only the bible edition for add-on?

You need to have pledged for a physical Core book to add physical add-ons to your order.

Will the postage cost for add-ons be covered by the original postage paid or will it be extra?

Shipping charges are based on bulk and weight of your final order. The shipping added when a pledge is made covers only the contents of that pledge. Add-Ons may increase the shipping charges. The final shipping charge will be calculated in the Pledge Manager, available after the campaign is finished. 

Sweden is outside the EU zone. Will there be a EU friendly solution to avoid extra customs, import and adminstrative charges?

Sweden is part of the EU, and this campaign is EU Friendly. 

Regarding the unlocked physical items. Which packages will have these included? I pledged for Death Angel and I'm wondering if I need to Add the unlocked physical items to my package at some point? Or are they included? And if included, which packages get them?

The items listed in a single pledge is part of the package of that pledge. For example, the Death Angel pledge includes the following items: 

  • 1x KULT: Divinity Lost Core Book with unique individual Death Angel name embossed. 
  • 1x KULT: Divinity Lost Core Book Elysium Edition. 
  • Printed Player’s Guide 
  • All free stretch goals 
  • A PDF version of the game. 
  • Player’s Guide in PDF 
  • (and some other stuff, not important for this example.)

So with that pledge, you will receive two Core books (one DA, one Elysium), a printed Player’s Guide, a Player’s Guide in PDF, a PDF version of the Core book, and you will get all Stretch goals listed as “Free”. 

So, as long as you don’t want to add any additional core book, or any additional Player’s Guide, you don’t need to. 

Will the KULT Bible,KULT Screen and similar add-ons be available once the Kickstarter concludes?

At this moment in time, the only confirmed items in this Kickstarter campaign that will be available after it is finished is the ILLUSION EDITION, the ENLIGHTENED EDITION, and the ELYSIUM EDITION. 

How do you plan to get people to actually play the new game? It can be a very intimidating cosmology and the original rule system was actually pretty bad. What are you doing to make this version more inviting to actually play? What is different that gets the book off the bookshelf and onto the gaming table more readily?

KULT: DIVINITY LOST has many focused approaches to the game and the game world. During playtests we have found complete newcomers grasping the concepts of the rules, as well as “enough” knowledge of the world, to feel comfortable. We try to avoid “front-loading” players with too much info. 

We instead introduce concepts through-out the actual game experience. The way the archetypes are designed gives each player a sense of control and insight to the game world. 

And if the GM/Narrator are playing with newcomers that have no idea what KULT: DIVINITY LOST, they can use the option of using “Sleeping” archetypes, that will discover the world of Kult step by step – together with the players themselves. 

Will the Archon and Death Angel editions have internal art showing the covers for the others in the sets? 

Yes, we intend to have Bastien’s marvelous cover art present in the core rules as well.  

Can we get an explanation for the change of rules? Was there something wrong with the second ed rules, is it a licensing issue or something else?

We felt the original rules did nothing to actually support the fantastic and mind-blowing game world Kult had. It was a decent generic ruleset, typical of an RPG of the time. 

The ruleset in KULT: DIVINITY LOST is designed to reinforce, steer, and enhance the Kult game world and the Kult experience. To create a synergy that makes the rules “just work”, and place the story in the center spotlight. 

Will there still be a mental balance score?

Not in the sense of a scale from -500 to +500. The way KULT: DIVNINTY LOST approaches the God-origins of mankind requires a more fluid, dynamic way of presenting the Illusion, and the power of see past it. 

I'm sure you have some good proofreaders on the project but, as you're promising "early playtest access" for those who have pledged for the higher levels, can you tell us how much time you have in your plan for us to properly read it, nitpick over it and play a few games before sending feedback. I'd prefer a few months of delays than a book with typos or other errors. 

At least 3 months. We will hire professional proof readers and editors as well. We envision KULT: DIVINITY LOST to be a premium, luxury item of highest quality, and that includes the text quality. 

How do you create your character? I know Kult from previous editions but what's different in this one? Is this a simple reprint?

More previews of the game will be up shortly. No reprint – 99% of the game is newly written.

I presume this has been asked a few times, but I presume add ons are managed in the backerkit as normal?


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    1. Godfather Punk

      'Sweden is part of the EU, and this campaign is EU Friendly.'

      Ah, my bad. I wasn't sure, as the KS is in SEK instead of €.

    2. Derek Guder

      I absolutely think a PDF release of all the old material would make for a perfect stretch goal.

    3. Gabriel Rahn

      @Derek Imwould also like to see an option of the old rule set put in. Perhaps in PDF?

    4. Derek Guder

      Yeah, I'd say wait & see - though this underscores the importance of samples & excerpts.

      I will say, however, that "properly impossible" doesn't usually translate into "fun at the game table," and I for one am glad that actual playability is a priority for this project.

      If folks enjoyed the old rules, more power to you, but it's not the thing that kept me coming back.

    5. Kjetil Kverndokken on

      Maybe wait to see the rules before naysaying them ;-)

    6. Missing avatar

      Eglab on

      "Will there still be a mental balance score?

      Not in the sense of a scale from -500 to +500. The way KULT: DIVNINTY LOST approaches the God-origins of mankind requires a more fluid, dynamic way of presenting the Illusion, and the power of see past it."

      Uhhhh. was fine mechanics. Getting 500/-500 was properly close to imposible with it. I do not feel that should be more "fluid".

    7. Derek Guder

      Thanks for pulling questions from comments to answer, much appreciated. Certainly gave all the right kind of answers, too.

      The sooner you can release at least playtest-ready rules or even just excerpts, the better.

      Also, one more suggestion: including PDFs of the older books in higher level reward tiers (perhaps as a stretch goal) would be great. The older content is classic, gives context, and can be mines for ideas. It'd be great to see it back out there again.