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Death is only the beginning... The infamous contemporary horror roleplaying game KULT is back, 25 years after its inception!
Death is only the beginning... The infamous contemporary horror roleplaying game KULT is back, 25 years after its inception!
2,733 backers pledged SEK 2,746,655 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Helmgast AB Creator 1 minute ago

      Hi all! We just got word that we (might) have some technical issues with PDFs distributed earlier this evening. If you have received emails where the links doesn't work and there are no files to download - please ignore.

      New links will follow when everything is up and running again. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience and the hassle caused by this.

    2. Helmgast AB Creator about 14 hours ago

      @all - New update online.

    3. Missing avatar

      about 14 hours ago

      Looking forward to the PDFs !

    4. shawn hanson 1 day ago

      So did printing for everything begin on Friday like you hoped? All on track?

    5. Ugly 1 day ago

      Any update due people?

    6. Sebastian 'achlys' 3 days ago

      @Francesco: Read the Reply from Helmgast down below.

    7. Francesco Nuzzi 3 days ago

      any news about printed books? thanks

    8. Missing avatar

      Carl Soderberg 6 days ago


      What about the soundtrack?

    9. Sebastian 'achlys' on

      I agree with Laguna! Thanks!

    10. Missing avatar

      Laguna on

      Thanks! I find these kind of answers very useful to get an idea of ​​how it goes


    11. Helmgast AB Creator on

      @Sebastian: You are right - and an update is certainly on it's way. We are just waiting for final sign off from the printer of the Core Rule Books and then all is complete and set for print. We expect printing of all items to have commenced by Friday (a majority of the items have already been signed off for print production). We are also preparing send out of PDFs through in parallell.

    12. Sebastian 'achlys' on

      I'm sure, you are all shoulder deep in work, but we really could need an update!

    13. Missing avatar

      Jessica on

      Hi there! I need to change my delivery address because I've moved since the initial pledgemanager signup.

      Is it safe at this point to unlock, edit the address and then confirm again?


    14. Missing avatar

      Laguna on

      Ok, ok, I undertand but what I commented before was when the beta was released and under revision but Ok, it is not a real problem

    15. Helmgast AB Creator on

      @Sebastien: Yes, we will arrange for a preview of the two decks.

      @Laguna: The files are not beta, they are now complete and with the printer already, i.e. production have already begun, files can not be altered anymore. We have a target date for delivery of these in six weeks - opening up these for comments would delay these products significantly from this point.

    16. Missing avatar

      Laguna on

      Hi Helmgast AB , thank you for these good news. About the deck of card or tarot (whatever), Could bakers look the cards before sending to print? We can check the beta to help you.

    17. Sébastien Kralik on

      @helmgast could we have an overview of these product? We have hardly seen how they look like. Especially the tarot.

    18. Helmgast AB Creator on

      @Stephen, Sebastien and Francesco: The Tarot Deck and the Reference Deck (or "deck of cards" as it was previously know), will be sent for print today or tomorrow. Expected delivery to our fulfillment center in 6 weeks. The Core Rule Book is final in terms of layout, and we are waiting for the printer to get back to us with exact delivery dates etc. The other items are also more or less done, it's just some fine tuning left. Note that not everything is printed at the same place (or pace...), so e.g. Narrator Screen and Archetype Bundle as two examples have relatively short delivery times compared to the heavier piece that the Core Rule Book and it's many KS editions are. More detailed update will follow.

    19. Sébastien Kralik on

      Hello. Are there any news about the Tarot, the screen and the player's guide?

    20. Francesco Nuzzi on

      Any news about printed book?

    21. Missing avatar

      Stephen Mulligan on

      Have the books gone to print yet or is there a timetable for that yet?

    22. Missing avatar

      Alex Obernigg on

      Laguna: I'm not sure "they should familiarize themselves with..." means the players should do that. I think it means the GM. (With "they" as the gender-neutral alternative to "he"/"she".)
      I for one wouldn't expect players to familiarize themselves with entire chapters (and all the archetypes in them, for example), before starting a game. But the GM should be familiar, so he/she can help players make good characters... ;)
      (Helmgast, please correct me if I'm wrong about this, it's just the way I'm reading it)

    23. Missing avatar

      Laguna on


      I have a question and a comment about the topic of "to spoiler or not spoiler", I don't know if this is the place to comment this. I've read this

      When I go to this chapter, the players are going to read about Deniurge and the archons, more or less. I think it is too much. Perhaps, player should read something about the game and read most of this chapater but the master should choose what he want the players know.

      Thanks. I think It is not a copyright Infraction, it is only a sentence...

    24. Helmgast AB Creator on

      @Laguna: Totally understand your suggestion and thanks for the input!

      @Francesco: As soon as we know when we will receive everything from the printers, we will let you know of a detailed time plan for delivery.

    25. Missing avatar

      Laguna on

      @Helmgast. Ok, thank you and I am sorry if you find my comment have been out of place. I also bought the Taroticum but I thought that, like so many books, the core usually have a short adventure (not very good). I like a lot Oakwood (good ideas for a one shoot)and for this, 20 pages more it should be a problem and well, good work done than I want to see soon. Sometimes core book had too enough pages.

    26. Francesco Nuzzi on

      @helmgast do you have any idea about a ship date? Probably end of summer?

    27. Helmgast AB Creator on

      @Laguna: Big is a relative term :) We think the rule book is big enough to not include more stuff in it. However, we totally agree with your point. Oakwood Heights will be included in Taroticum & Other Tales (Scenario Collection) and so easy available to new players.

    28. Helmgast AB Creator on

      @Laguna - Oakwood Heights (and other quickplay scenarios) will be available in physical form in the "Taroticum and Other Tales Book" as well as a downloadable pdf on the upcoming new KDL webpage.

    29. Missing avatar

      Laguna on


      I have a question. Oakwood Heights is not in the core book? The core book is not so big, I think It could be as an example of Kult's adventure.

      thanks for reading me

    30. Helmgast AB Creator on

      Hi! Anyone not having received the link from and have followed the instructions in the latest update, please PM us here at Kickstarter. We can generally not assist you here in the open comment field as we need to exchange personal information with you.

      @Douglas Gordy: We have PM:ed you here at Kickstarter

    31. Missing avatar

      Douglas gordy on

      I have not received the email for the PDF yet. I already have a account and nothing is showing up.

    32. Francesco Nuzzi on

      Everything ok. Thank you helmgast i received my PDF now

    33. Francesco Nuzzi on

      @helmgast how Can i have my PDF copy ti my new email? My order in pledgemanager is closed. I wrote three emails and written 4 times here

    34. Francesco Limarzi on

      @helmgast, My name is not in the credits either.

    35. Helmgast AB Creator on

      @Geir: You have not state any "Name in Credits" in Pledge Manager. That is why your name would not appear. Pledge Manager is now locked. PM us your choice of name asap and we may be able to include it.

      @Nightrogen: You have not closed your order - read PM for instructions.

    36. Nightrogen on

      I still have not received mine yet; how do I go about getting my PDF copy?

    37. Francesco Nuzzi on

      Sorry for mistakes i wrote a awful english

    38. Francesco Nuzzi on

      @helmgast i wrote you three different emails. Is possible ti have my PDF in my new email or is difficult? I have ti wait (again) until next send out round ? I said ho you about 5 months ago that i changed my mail and you said "no problem for is". I have ti wait of many days ti have (finally)the PDF ? Thank you forum your attention. I Hope to solve this problem

    39. Francesco Nuzzi on

      @helmgast is possibile have now the core PDF? Or i have ti wait next round ?

    40. Francesco Nuzzi on

      @helmgast thanks. But firma Now is possibile have the core rulebook PDF?

    41. Helmgast AB Creator on

      @Francesco - Noted, and added for the next send-out round.<
      @Geir - Please PM us here at KS, and we will investigate.

    42. Francesco Nuzzi on

      @geir youre name is missing. For now i didnt receive nothing at all XD . Hope he Will Read our messages

    43. Geir Pettersen Grønningsæter on

      @Helmgast did you see my comment about my name missing?

    44. Francesco Nuzzi on

      @helmgast Can you Read my message? Is possibile send PDF to my new email ? Can you answer me?

    45. Helmgast AB Creator on

      @Adam and Steve - there are a few days between now and when printing will start, minor things can be fixed during that limited window of time.

    46. Missing avatar

      Adam Kratz on

      @Steve Ellis
      Pretty sure the beta PDFs were meant for feedback and editing. :P This is ready to print.

    47. Francesco Nuzzi on

      @helmgast i cant wait ti see the PDF. I sent you an email ti write my new email. I cant change It on pledgemanager . Please send the PDF at Answer to email ad soon as you Can. Thanks

    48. Missing avatar

      Steve Ellis

      Great to see the PDF. Is there going to be a period of feedback and crowd-sourced editing before you go to Print?

    49. Francesco Nuzzi on

      @helmgast Can you update my email also forum the next PDF ? Thanks

    50. Francesco Nuzzi on

      My e mail is changed Can please send the PDF at

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