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Death is only the beginning... The infamous contemporary horror roleplaying game KULT is back, 25 years after its inception!
Death is only the beginning... The infamous contemporary horror roleplaying game KULT is back, 25 years after its inception!
2,733 backers pledged SEK 2,746,655 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Daniel Björkman 4 days ago

      I guess that’s a problem when crowdsourcing a game meant to hit retail down the line (I was there for the original, and completely ineffective) “Kult boycott” by toy stores in the nineties...
      Not too bothered on the whole, but then again I supported Kingdom “genitals everywhere” Death, so I’m a bit fed up with “edgy” atm.

    2. Missing avatar

      Stephen Mulligan 5 days ago

      @helmgast you've said in the update that you're ready to release the final PDFs. Can you give some indication of when this will be?

    3. Missing avatar

      Olof 6 days ago

      I'm going to have to agree with Mr. Sebastian and Mr. Grohe below. I have to say, it feels like a bit of a bummer that the books have to suffer last-minute censorship this late in the development stage. Even though I can understand the problems with customs, marketing and so on that you guys might suffer, the possibility for us backers to at least get the uncensored PDF:s of The Black Madonna and Taroticum would be very much appreciated. For one, The Black Madonna is a VERY dark, bleak, "adult"-themed and in every manner uncompromising story, and therefore I really think it deserves to be presented according to the vision you guys originally intended for it. Even if it only would be as a PDF version (as I can understand printing a separeate uncensored line would be expensive).

      And, just to make things clear, I have complete faith in this project; however you guys decide to do it I'm certain that the game will turn out amazing in the end.

    4. Allan Grohe 6 days ago

      FWIW, I never saw any restrictions on the Metropolis Ltd editions of Kult being sold in the USA, and I don't expect that you would have any problems with any of the material I've seen thus far in the beta PDFs. That said, if you do intend to produce a non-censored edition and a censored edition, I certainly prefer the non-censored edition for all of the books I've backed, in both physical and PDF formats.

      Free speech in the USA includes "adult" content as well, so I wouldn't expect you to have any difficulties with direct shipment to backers of printed, non-censored editions of the Kult books.

      PS - Any chance you've compiled a list of all of the preview links/downloads yet?

    5. Sebastian 'achlys' 7 days ago

      Thanks for the update! I'm quite shocked that you have to censor the game...
      As a backer I would love to get the Taroticum and BM in an uncensored version too. At least in a pdf version.
      Could you also give some more detailed pictures of the dice, postcards, bags and the pins as soon as they arrive?
      Thanks for the great work!

    6. Geir Pettersen Grønningsæter on March 16

      @Helmgast update during the week? We are now on Friday......

    7. Rory on March 15

      I'm not sure why anyone would complain about the rules - they're fine, and the old ones weren't really that special. The only developments I would have liked to see added was the various extra Occult Sciences that featured in the two Conjurer's Guides. However, this new edition is formatively based on the 1st edition, which didn't feature this development. Hopefully, we'll see an expanded magic supplement in the future.

      All that said though, despite the delay, I'm happy with the development. Some of the images used are a bit awkward though - it really is an adults only game.

    8. Helmgast AB Creator on March 15

      @john ralls and @Manfred Lill: Pledge Manager will not re-open going forward, so all changes to addresses needs to be sent to us. Please PM us here on Kickstarter or send an e-mail to

    9. Missing avatar

      Manfred Lill on March 15

      @John: Same here. If I remeber correctly, Helmgast stated they would open the Pledge Manager once more so everybody could check on their shipping information one last time.

    10. Missing avatar

      john ralls on March 14

      So I'm going to be moving in less than a months time, how do i go about changing my shipping information?

    11. Francesco Nuzzi on March 13

      Franco i understand your frustation about the delay. I am an old gamer of Kult bit the old game was quite unplayable , the only thing i really loved was the atmosphere and It is still fantastic (i tried the alpha rules of kdl). A pbta usually has not a combat system because usually a pbta is narrative. im disappointed ad you for the delay thats for sure

    12. Faie on March 13

      It has been a lovely reading of the beta books and seen all the help from backers with their proofreading, ideas and so forth and especially at the forum. Really looking forward when this books and stuff will come. Keep up the good work Helmgast!

      Hope you guys will show up at GothCon, also looking forward to Mikael n Gunillas new scenario + book in this setting.

    13. Daniel Björkman on March 13

      Franco: Sure, the delay sucks. But as for the rules, the campaign made clear from the start that they’d adapt the Apocalypse Worlds rules system for Kult, and those have been showcased extensively in the QSR, as well as being available from a number of sources. Since you’re obviously very displeased by this game, just ask for a refund.

    14. Missing avatar

      Stephen Mulligan on March 13

      Then ask for a refund Franco.

      Honestly, I'm more frustrated than most with the delay and at Helmgast but if the game / books frustrate and disappoint you that much why are you still backing them?

    15. Franco Martinengo on March 12

      When I wrote that we will get the printed books in 2020 (if ever...) you took me for fool! Now my extimate seems simply optimistic, Helmgast is constantly hiding its failures with lies, delivering poorly made pdfs which make me cry for how awful they are. Not only the game is incredibly late, but those ruined a game of wonderful mechanics. Kult was a rpg with a deep and fascinating lore combined with combat mechanics which made most other rpgs pale in comparison, now there is no mechanic for combat at all and the lore has been badly diluted.
      What can happen to wosen these facts?

    16. Helmgast AB Creator on March 12

      @Carl Soderberg There is a draft for a complete soundtrack which is currently with the core team (who are in charge of the mythos) to sign off on / comment. However, the core team are focusing on the three books and prioritizing those, so yes, in effect the delay of the books has an impact on the soundtrack too.

    17. Missing avatar

      Carl Soderberg on March 12

      So how is the soundtrack coming along? Has the delays of the core book impacted the soundtrack too?

    18. Missing avatar

      Stephen Mortimer on March 12

      I continue to lower my expectations and Helmgast continue to fail to deliver to them. I can't believe that the books haven't even been finalised yet. Once this KS is over I am never backing another one by this company.

    19. Helmgast AB Creator on March 12

      Hi, we are preparing an update which will follow during the week. At this stage it's a lot of small things being edited here and there, so it might seem as we are not progressing, it's just that every little detail takes quite some time. The three main books are in very good shape, and for the rest of material's pictures and texts are available, just needs to be laid out (our AD is busy with inserting edits to the three core books though, and those are obviously the priority). Production is not that far away, and obviously final PDFs will be released even sooner than that. /the KDL team

    20. Missing avatar

      Stephen Mulligan on March 12

      Now over two weeks.... update?

    21. Missing avatar

      on March 10

      I'll echo someone below in asking - what about the print materials? PDFs are great for some but will those be ready for production this year?

    22. Missing avatar

      Stephen Mulligan on March 9

      So...two weeks since backerkit closed this weekend...we should get final pdfs soon then?

    23. Ugly on March 9

      Yep just wondering if there's any print news? Cheers all.

    24. Missing avatar

      Laguna on March 7


      Could you update a "updated Tracker" or "planning of this new phase" (When do you think it's going to be released?). Don't worry if it's a "more or less" date, I'd like to play this game now and I don't know if I should print the beta version or wait to the books.

      Thank you.

    25. Daniel Björkman on February 25

      All the beta material was quite satisfactory, but I’d love to hear when we’ll see the printed material.

    26. Missing avatar

      Stephen Mulligan on February 24

      now two weeks since the last "weekly" update. seriously. is you actually sticking to what you said you'd do too much to ask for @helmgast

    27. shawn hanson on February 23

      So when's the last time the "we will update and post this weekly" tracker was updated or posted?

    28. Missing avatar

      Stephen Mulligan on February 22

      Update? Completion date?

    29. Missing avatar

      Stephen Mortimer on February 19

      Helmgast, when are you going to deliver the hardcopies and final PDFs for this project?

    30. João Mariano on February 18

      @Helmgast Any news on the project completion schedule? Do you have a ETA on the final corebook and archetype bundles PDFs? I'm eager to start a K-DL campaign with my local group and achieving those milestones would be really great.

    31. João Mariano on February 16

      There's a new crowdfunding for a "Death is only the Beggining", a Kult novel written by the original creators of the game Gunilla Jonsson and Michael Petersén.

    32. Missing avatar

      Laguna on February 14

      @helmgast . I'm trying to explain this in a private message. The pledge manager's payment has been made in 18th of January but... if I complete this now, Do the bank undertand that is the same payment but modified? (not to pay 142 before and now 154 euros, I added a print now and aprox only 8 euros more). It is important because I think is difficult to explain to the bank or to Kicstarter the payment and I'r like to know before.


    33. Missing avatar

      Erik Hall on February 14

      @helmgast Do we have an estimated, stressing estimated here, date when stuff will be sent to print?

    34. Helmgast AB Creator on February 14

      @Ryan - The shipping rates are the same as they have always been.
      @John - Thanks for the feedback. Yes, we are looking into that (and other minor adjustments) as well.

    35. Missing avatar

      Ryan Keyte
      on February 11

      As the PM is open again, are any of the shipping rates improved from before? I was tempted to add a few items originally but the postage put me off, anyone know if these have been reduced at all?

    36. John W. Luther
      on February 9

      I love the look of the book. That said, I would prefer a slightly brighter shade of red in the text placed in the black background to aid the contrast between the two. Older eyes, you know. I am really looking forward to holding these lovely things!

    37. shawn hanson on February 8

      Am I the only one who would prefer to get the book as 3 separate hard bound slim tomes instead of one book? Split like the beta versions. I find the concept much more appealing.

    38. Rory on February 6

      Also, because the PDFs aren't hyperlinked, I find it hard to skip around the rules in order to know the actual mechanics behind the magic systems. Currently, they seem more geared towards NPCs - which may be deliberate.

    39. Rory on February 6

      Book III is, true to form, not something to show to the sensitive. The illustrations are evocative, and the new material is welcome and well written. I am intrigued as to why there was no Beyond Time & Space or Beyond Death chapters, although I guess most of the previous material has been adapted to other chapters.

      I would like to see the return of things like Kabbalah, Alchemy Tarot, Astrology, Numerology, Voudun, and Symbolism from the Conjurer's Guides, although I am guessing that this will come in the oft mentioned future Magic supplement?

    40. Missing avatar

      Stephen Mulligan on February 4

      Agreed. Book III is excellent.

    41. Daniel Björkman on February 4

      Book III is excellent. Well-written, with a strong focus on mystery and dark beauty rather than cheap gore. I particularly like the “update” of the Archons, making them relevant to modern times without abandoning the ideas of the original Kult.
      My only complaint is that it seems a bit short, hopefully we’ll see a new “Legions of Darkness” or equivalent soon.

    42. Rodrigo Chávez on February 3

      Guys, this third part is just amazing!

    43. Missing avatar

      Stephen Mulligan on February 3

      Any update on Book III??????

    44. Neal Dalton
      on February 2

      Any word on Book III?

    45. Missing avatar

      Laguna on January 30

      Sorry, I refered that the shipment is already paid (In the bank accout is subtracted the shipment). If the difference (a print) is only the problem, I don't have eny problems to wait the print but the other is paid.

    46. Missing avatar

      Laguna on January 30


      I completed on time but i had the problem to open or no open the pledge manager because you can't see it once you finish. I paid for the shipment. I only want to modify a thing of this (adding the print, only this).

    47. Helmgast AB Creator on January 30

      Book III is soon ready for release! Before end of the week for sure, hopefully the net few days already. As usual you'll receive it through a KS update.

      For those of you who did not observe the Pledge Manager deadline, there will be a window to make last adjustments prior to shipment. We will announce this separately. Orders which are not completed and closed within that window will not be sent out in the first round, but will be completed in a second shipment round (to not cause further delays for those backers who have completed and locked their orders in time).

    48. Missing avatar

      Eduardo Viana Junqueira on January 29

      I need to confirm something.
      nothing has changed in the request or address

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