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Death is only the beginning... The infamous contemporary horror roleplaying game KULT is back, 25 years after its inception!
Death is only the beginning... The infamous contemporary horror roleplaying game KULT is back, 25 years after its inception!
2,733 backers pledged SEK 2,746,655 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Jack Demon on September 19

      @Frank Lorentzon
      Taroticum will be included in the PDF version, as they said in update 68.

    2. Missing avatar

      Frank Lorentzon on September 18

      A long time ago I asked for Taroticum as PDF, and in a reply you said you were considering it. Then – nothing. So, what did you decide?

    3. Francesco Nuzzi on September 5

      @Sebastian thank you for your answer. I understand, but i have a lot of doubts. Probably when i will receive the final products most of doubts will be solved. For now i m a little bit confused but is not a problem. I wait for the final book

    4. Sebastian on September 3

      @Petter Nallo:
      Gosh! Those scenarios are sounding great. I'm eager to read them.
      @Francesco Nuzzi: Reading the Player Moves (Last Update) and from my own AW experience I can understand your concerns. But it might work, because the MC makes the decisions what consequences will follow from a move. So when playing Oakwood Heights the players make a move the MC knows the possible outcomes. You have to be more narrow minded than in a classical pbtA game.

    5. Francesco Nuzzi on September 1

      thanks for your feedback. I am an old scholl player and i began my experience in 1997 with Kult beyond the veil. I am very glad about this reboot because the old game was, in my opinion, too much difficult and often quiet unplayable. The old school games has a written scenario and the master known the begin and the end of the adventure. In a pbta this is not possible because when a trigger of a move is activeted, the move can completely change the game and his conclusion. Im very glad that KDL is not a survival horror but an athmosphere horror game. I will wait for the final version to have a complete and correct idea. Good Work to you and your staff

    6. Helmgast AB Creator on August 29

      @Francesco Nuzzi
      I am glad you like the scenario Oakwood Heights. In KULT: Divinity Lost the main idea is for the GM to create a campaign and build it around the player characters. Just the way you seem to have done with the Quick Start Rules.

      When it comes to the Quick Play Scenarios we sometimes chose a different approach which is more “traditional” and this is for a number of reasons. First of all, they are supposed to be picked up and be played with not too much time or preparation and with a clear story and goal. Also, when it comes to new game masters or those that are more used to non-PbtA systems we want something that is easy to follow and with a very clear direction.

      Oakwood Heights is a straight forward scenario but I tried to shape it so the structure feels like a logical element in the story where the characters move from (crime)scene to (crime)scene. In this case the characters are also strongly connected to the theme of the scenario.

      You will find that our Quick Play Scenarios are all very different in nature from each other. (Minor spoilers ahead, so if you are a would-be player of the QPS, skip the rest.) One for example almost entirely revolves around one single dinner scene where the roleplaying and the things you say and the ways you react leads to the conclusion, another is survival horror, a third is focused on action, a fourth is a “haunted house” story where you are trapped in an erotic nightmare with an insane angel.

      It has been the idea to create a wide palette of different types of Quick Play Scenarios and that none of them should feel too similar to each other.

      The reason Oakwood Heights was the first scenario to be published is because in many ways it is a “classic” Kult scenario and it is also quite beginner friendly.

      /Petter Nallo (Writer of Oakwood Heights)

    7. Francesco Nuzzi on August 29

      I read the scenario. Ok is very good but i dont understand why is so full of details. In a pbta usually moves changes what happens in game. I understand that Kdl is not a Classic pbta but in my opinion is not necessary a scenario so full of details. The risk is that the character become actor of a written Story and for me the most important thing is character cotribution in the Story development. I played kult three times with quickstart rules but i wrote a very "open" scenario full of blank spaces and the game worked really well

    8. Daniel Björkman on August 26

      Just a tip for my fellow backers: Check out the KS for Xas Irkalla, it's finishing in a few days. Seems like a really promising dark (very dark) fantasy RPG that'll fit nicely next to my Kult books on the shelf.

    9. Missing avatar

      Stephen Mulligan on August 25

      Started reading through Oakwood Heights. This is really good, guys.

    10. Kacper Nosarzewski on August 23

      glad to see these updates. REALLY stark contrast to what we saw before. Keep up the good work!

    11. Missing avatar

      B. Smith on August 19

      For the record, I'm not worried - at least not yet. I've been on dysfunctional kickstarter projects before . . . but Kult doesn't seem to be one of them. They had a problem (being understaffed), and they're implementing a plan to solve it.

      Helmgast is new, and they're undertaking a big project. A change to the corebook could easily necessitate changes to Black Madonna, Taroticum, and the other adventures. Glitches and delays are to be expected.

      Now, if they had pulled an Onyx Path, I'd be upset. But as long as they're upfront with us, and try to fix the problems, I'm more than willing to be patient.

      Best wishes on the project, and here's hoping it turns out great

    12. Helmgast AB Creator on August 19

      @James Patterson We are using PledgeManager to manage your order, shipping details and other. The system is still open - we will announce when it is closed (which will be closer to delivery, expected in December 2017). You can read more on how to log on to PledgeManager in this update:

      Let us know if any further questions.

      /KDL Team

    13. Missing avatar

      James Patterson on August 18

      I haven't been here in a while. Can I get any information on the pledge manager?

    14. Helmgast AB Creator on August 15

      @Søren Berthelsen Holm You'll reach the forum through You just register a new user there.

      In an earlier update made here on Kickstarter you can also read more on the forum and the launch.

      Best regards
      the KDL team

    15. Missing avatar

      Søren Berthelsen Holm on August 15

      Sory for asking, but where do i find the KDL Forum ?

    16. Helmgast AB Creator on August 12

      New update just posted!

    17. Missing avatar

      Stephen Mulligan on August 12

      @helmgast fair enough thanks for response

    18. Helmgast AB Creator on August 12

      @Stephen Mulligan We are preparing an update for all backers, which you will get today or tmr - so it will be weekly as we've said. We are though not committing to a specific weekday for updates. For instance, this weekend the core team is meeting up physically so wanted to catch up with them this afternoon prior to sending out the update, so we can include the latest and greatest! I know we've broken estimates in the past but keeping you updated is something we are highly committed to now - as well as completing a high quality superb game asap of course!

      All the best
      The KDL team through Paul

    19. Missing avatar

      Stephen Mulligan on August 12

      I see weekly updates lasted a real long time...

    20. Helmgast AB Creator on August 9

      @Kacper and Christopher; Christopher is right, a lot of the material needs to be more or less done before it's worth sending anything to layout. Now with almost all artwork done and a lot of the text translated and edited for Core Rule Book and the Black Madonna, the Art Director can start his work with these products. That's why it was put in pending mode in the Tracker. However, as you've seen with the QuickStart Rules, templates for layout were made before summer, so it's not a blank sheet the AD is starting with now.

      We are preparing an update for you, which will e.g. include more details on the layout piece and when more beta material is to be expected. We're also looking into presenting you with more artwork the coming two weeks or so. Main focus for the KDL core team is wrapping up what's outstanding in terms of texts though, that's priority now.

      Best wishes,
      The KDL team

    21. Missing avatar

      Christopher Allen on August 8

      Pending means they haven't actually gotten significantly (or even slightly) started on that aspect. Usually for layout, this takes a while to get out of Pending due to needing all of the editing, translation, and artwork to be *completed* before it can really progress (it is quite literally putting it together like a puzzle as a Layout on each of the individual pages, including scaling art, font, and margins).

    22. Kacper Nosarzewski on August 8

      The tracker is good. Looks like some grown-up person finally took over in this project... "Pending" status for layout is a big question mark and some more information on this would be welcome. Layout design, editing and implementation can be a huge undertaking in its own right.

    23. Paulo R. Alves de Oliveira on August 5

      The last update was a step on the right direction, nonetheless I am one in the "take your time and give a better product" camp. Continue to pump out everything that is happening in the project, good and bad, that the majority of backers willl be reasonable.

    24. Faie on August 5

      @Helmgast AB - Tack för ett fantastiskt jobb! så kul att se kommunikationen rullar, trackern som ni har lagt upp.

    25. Helmgast AB Creator on August 4

      Check out the additional chapters for the Black Madonna which were posted in the KULT: Divinity Lost Forum earlier today. Help us improve by commenting and discussing in the forum!

      KDL team

    26. Missing avatar

      The Tormented on August 4

      Great to have a timeline. However, I am definitiely in the take your time to get everything right camp. Really looking forward to reading and running KULT: Divinity Lost!

    27. Helmgast AB Creator on August 3

      @Sebastian - The texts are done, but we are still polishing phrasing on mainly the moves.

    28. Sebastian on August 3

      Thank you for the update!
      Something confuses me: How can the text for the core rules be done while the rules are still in progress? Isn't that paradox?
      Thanks in advance for clarification.

    29. Helmgast AB Creator on August 3

      @Gauthier LION Since the artwork is more or less done for the entire project, our intention is to share more of that in a structured way asap.

    30. Gauthier LION on August 3

      In the tracker, the artwork for the narrator's screen is marked as done. Is it possible to have a quick peek at the artwork ? :D

    31. Helmgast AB Creator on August 3

      New update today.

    32. Daniel Björkman on August 2

      Very happy to see an approximation of shipping in the latest update. Delays are part and parcel of kickstarters, and as long as Helmghast is upfront and communicative about what's happening, it's all good. Unfortunately, entitlement and whining seems to be a way of life for a few commenters here. Here's a hint: If you can't handle the inherent uncertainty in crowdfunding ventures, buy your games from a store instead.

    33. Dorian Lake on August 1

      Don't fret about it. Quality is the most important, and we have waited for years for Kult's comeback. 1 year delay is nothing, if you give us the content for a lifetime of experience.

    34. Helmgast AB Creator on August 1

      @Brian Bjerregaard Bergh see this post: for information on how to log on to Pledge Manager. It's launched.

      Let us know if any questions.

      KDL team

    35. Helmgast AB Creator on August 1

      @Franco Martinengo: Again, we are truly sorry for the delay. We understaffed this project, which is not an excuse, it's an explanation. We are now doing what we can to have this game published asap. December is the time at which the physical material will be sent out, so you will see progress before that in receiving PDFs. Further, you will get previews of material as it progresses. We will also provide you and all other backers with a tracker of the project, which we are currently pulling together and will publish before the weekend.

      As regards the quality of the products, we have high standards. You can register to the forum (, if you haven't already, and thereby be able to comment on beta versions as we publish them.

      Best regards,

    36. Francesco Nuzzi on August 1

      @franco martinengo. I am backer in a lot of project on kickstarter i don't know if this is or not your first game backed, A delay in shipping is quite normal also for 2000 pages games, and this project is more more bigger than others. I understand your words and i agree that december us really too late expecially for a project of more or less 300000 euros. I hope everything will be ok....we will see

    37. Brian Bjerregaard Bergh on August 1

      Have the pledge manager been sent out?

    38. Missing avatar

      Romconstruct on August 1

      Thx for finally contacting me on regards of the refund.

      Good luck with the project.

    39. Franco Martinengo on August 1

      Mark my words: this game will nevere see the light of day, at least not as promised; we have all been fooled, and that's all.
      End of December, that would be a lot of delay (and lies...) anyway, but sure as hell Santa will bring a new delay along with promises and fooling around.
      I am into roleplaying since early '80s and never saw a worst company than this one.
      They are only into recicling old material and are bad as shit at it too.

    40. Phil Thurlow on July 31

      The couple weeks heads up on the closing of the Pledge Manager is all I'm hoping for and that's been stated so I'm a happy pledger.

    41. Faie on July 31

      @hemlgast: I Can just 2nd what rogue and Sylvester has posted.

    42. Sylvester Thorn on July 31

      @helmgast; +1 for confidence.
      The QSR shows great promise, and delays are understandable. Lack of communication is the one thing you could have done better - which is happening now.
      Overall i need you to keep it up and Petter to go on another Night rant, maybe in east Berlin for the Black Madonna?

      Anyways great Work so far - I'll take quality over fast delivery anyday!

    43. Missing avatar

      rogue fithp on July 31

      What ever you produce, whenever you produce it I know you are putting your best effort in. I like everything you have shown me so far. You aren't even close to the longest over-running, least communicative Kickstarter campaign I have supported and you still have my enthusiastic support.

    44. Helmgast AB Creator on July 31

      @Laguna the Pledge Manager will not close without at least a couple of weeks heads-up. More artwork, sample of the products and other stuff will be posted here in updates as we progress,. Thanks for supporting this project and having patience with the delay. I'm confident you'll find the books, tarot deck and other add-ons worth all this wait in the end!


    45. Helmgast AB Creator on July 31

      @Laguna the Pledge Manager will not close without at least a couple of weeks heads-up. More artwork, sample of the products and other stuff will be posted here in updates as we progress,. Thanks for supporting this project and having patience with the delay. I'm confident you'll find the books, tarot deck and other add-ons worth all this wait in the end!


    46. Helmgast AB Creator on July 31

      @Romconstruct your request for refund is now being processed through PM here at Kickstarter. If you prefer, you can e-mail us directly at

      @Fabrice Canepa we are sorry that you feel that way, but appreciate why. The delay is not something we wished for and the team have been working hard to do what they can. Obviously, further broken deadlines has not helped in restoring confidence of course. With the strengthening of the team, we are now bringing this project back on track. We will process your request for refund through PM or, if you prefer, you can e-mail us directly at

      @Achille Mazzola; please PM us here on Kickstarter or send us an e-mail at for processing of a refund.

    47. Pawel Daruk on July 31

      December it is, then. Here's hoping.

    48. Geir Pettersen Grønningsæter on July 31

      @Helmgast: The tone here is quite frustrated of late. Please hurry with a substantial and concrete update.

    49. Achille Mazzola on July 31

      How I can be refound ?

    50. Missing avatar

      Romconstruct on July 31

      I wrote you a Kickstarter PM again and still now reaction after a week. Is there any other way to caontact you in that matter except from facebook?

      @Fabrice Canepa :
      Totally with you on the same page. I was also thinking about keeping my pledge. Just for the possibility to get some great artworks and stories. But in the end I lost more and more faith and 150+ € is a whole lot of money.

      So sadly I decided to ask for the refund.

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