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Death is only the beginning... The infamous contemporary horror roleplaying game KULT is back, 25 years after its inception!
Death is only the beginning... The infamous contemporary horror roleplaying game KULT is back, 25 years after its inception!
2,733 backers pledged SEK 2,746,655 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Allan Grohe 1 day ago

      reposting my comment from the last update, for better visibility:
      Hello KDL team---It would be useful if you would please put together a master set of links for the various KDL downloadable documents as an update, so that we can be sure we've grabbed the most-current versions of the rules, the character sheets, the scenarios, etc.

      I noticed that the alpha character sheet was linked to in a comment in update #93, for example, which spurred my suggestion.

      For reference, I've downloaded chapters 1-8 of the BLack Madonna from the forums, as well as the PC sheet and the two core beta rulebooks from the KS links here. That's it, however, so I imagine that there are other documents similarly linked that I've missed somewhere along the way??

      Thank you!

    2. Faie 1 day ago

      Now that would be nice to hear a sample of some tunes of the music if there is any samples :)

    3. Blake Hamilton 4 days ago

      Is there a sample of the music that can be picked up via backerkit? On the fence of picking it up.

    4. Sebastian 4 days ago

      @Azirahael: There is a Player's Guide. I sure, that will be the Lie Book in a nutshell.

    5. Azirahael 4 days ago

      I hope that when the PDF's are released, we can get them as 3 separate files.

      So we can give the player PDF to the players to read.

    6. Helmgast AB Creator 4 days ago

      @Craig: We will send you a private message here on KS - let us know if you don't find that message and we will e-mail you instead (this is to protect your personal details etc). You'll find KS message function if you click on the icon at the top right corner of the screen (next to "Search") and then click "Messages" in the drop down menu.

    7. Geir Pettersen Grønningsæter 4 days ago

      @Helmgast Thanks. Payment has been completed. Looking forward to it!

    8. Craig Bickford 5 days ago

      I don't know how to private message you guys. I added the Kult Tarot deck last year, sometime after the the kickstarter begin, to my pledge. It does not appear on pledge manager there for it's not there. I'm asking did I get charged for that, because at the time I remember getting charged for it. I don't even remember when I added it so I'm not sure where it is on my bank records in the last year year-and-a-half or if it was a credit card payment , so I don't even know how to go look for it without a reasonable date on when I added it. Now maybe the pledge manager payment information isn't finalized I thought I entered payment information when I made the kickstarter pledge I mean that's how they all work, so I'm not sure if that's the case or not now I'm a little bit confused on how this process works I guess or the way the process is being explained through the interface is confusing.

    9. Helmgast AB Creator 5 days ago

      @Francesco: That is not a problem, your e-mail is fine. So all done with your order, thanks! :)

      @Geir: Your pledge has been updated to the level you had included as add-on. Please visit Pledge Manager to pay the difference. Please send us a private message here at KS in case of any further questions as we might need to exchange personal details with you. Thanks!

      @Craig: Not sure we fully understand your voice to text and what the issue is. Please send us private message here at KS if your query requires us to review your personal order as we don't want to share your details in the open comments field. Your KS app and web interface will only show your pledge. Add ons and the final order as well as address is all managed through Pledge Manager (everything have been exported at the end of the KS campaign, and so the information at KS is not going to be up-to-date, as KS unfortunately doesn't have a post-campaign support feature).

      @Franco: Our latest information on progress and estimated production timeline is found in the updates and the Tracker included in those updates.

    10. Craig Bickford 5 days ago

      This is in regard to the kult tarot deck, I forgot to edit my broken Samsung voice to text when i posted that.

    11. Craig Bickford 5 days ago

      So I went to the pledge manager to confirm my pledge and what not today, and outta bit showing the add on of the trout (physical and digital) that i added when i made the pledge. Are other purple seeing this issue? Do I d contact pledge manager directly? I also don't see the compete transaction or add ons in the KS app, which is weird. Maybe it all goes thru pledge manager and Im forgetting how this works. I've done exactly two in my life, this and the delta green one.

    12. Geir Pettersen Grønningsæter 5 days ago

      @Helmgast: how can I up my pledge from pdf to physical book? Full cost seems a bit excessive.

    13. Francesco Nuzzi 5 days ago

      Helmgast my e mail on kickstarter is not the same email used for the pledge manager. My pledge manager is ok . Is a problem that two emails are different?i cant change It on PM

    14. Missing avatar

      Hammer666 5 days ago

      @Francesco Nuzzi
      Sorry, didn't mean the (purely) impatient folks out there, but those who cry "scam" or are being insulting. Should have been more precise.

    15. Franco Martinengo 5 days ago

      Helmgast AB Creator 2 days ago
      @Franco: We feel the frustration and completely understand why. However, let's not exaggerate and keep it to facts at least. The release was set for end 2016 at the outset of this project. We are now just over end 2017, so slightly over a year of delay (which is of course not good in anyway!).

      Are you telling that the game is shipping today, by chance?
      So telling that the whole project is two years late is simply telling the real state of it.
      it would be nice if anyone from Helmgast would estimate the time of delivery, all the rest is only smoke to me.

    16. Francesco Nuzzi 5 days ago

      i think that everyone has the right to his opinion. The comments are not "hated" (a hater hate without a reason) but "frustrated" (is very very very different). But thanks for your reminder (your lesson????) about what kickstarter is. We all hope to see the other two beta parts of the core rulebook in a short amount of time. Thank you

    17. Missing avatar

      Hammer666 5 days ago

      The Link to the Beta of "The Black Madonna" isn't working anymore. Any chance to get it again since I "lost" my copy due to a hardware crash?

      P.S.: All those whiners should just stay away from Kickstarter altogether, there are risks involved, delays being the least of them....

    18. Faie 5 days ago

      @Helmgast: Thank for that sneak peak on the tarot cards, looks very nice!

    19. Sebastian 6 days ago

      @Derek: Thanks for your reminder.
      I'm also eager to hold those books in my hands. But what Petter and co. are doing is a fine example of a good rpg.
      Quality goes first. Along with communication and they improved the latter since August. IMO

    20. Derek Mayne
      6 days ago

      Seen a few heated comments recently, and I wish people would just think about what Kickstarter really is about - its not a pre-order shopping mall. When you back a project on Kickstarter you are doing just that you are "investing" in a project, in return for which will (hopefully) receive some rewards based upon the level you pledge to the project. If you want the products as soon as they are released but don't want the risk of investing in a crowdfunded project then just either wait until the project is complete and buy it in the shop or place a pre-order - but thats not what Kickstarter is about, you'l probably miss out on some cool exclusives, you won't get to see the project progress through its ups and downs. In the grand scheme of RPG Kickstarters this hasn't even hit the leaderboard of late deliveries - have a word with Chaosium about their 7th Ed rules or Horror on The Orient Express, or maybe track down James Wallis and ask him about Alas Vegas - Helmgast AB are doing a bloody good job of keeping us informed, sharing progress and demonstrating their ongoing management. If you're not happy its your fault for not understanding what you did with your money, not theirs for trying to bring a complicated creative project to market.

    21. Francesco Nuzzi 7 days ago

      How many days to the second and third book

    22. Faie on January 12

      Lovely to see that tracker getting a nice hue of green, wonderful to see all stuff progressing. There will be like a second xmas, birthday when the books and stuff coming. Keep up the great work.

      @all backers that has helped with comments on the alfa, beta pages:
      Great work guys, that has probly helped Helmgast to save lot of times of proof-reading and so on.

    23. Daniel Björkman on January 12

      @Helmgast: Thanks for the clarification!
      Also, everything published as beta material so far seems promising, looking forward to getting it in book form.

    24. Gorgoneion on January 12

      Seriously guys pay no heed to those that whine because deadlines have not been met. I'd rather wait another year, or even more, if I knew that the upcoming work was a good quality work. A labor of love. Since I have had some of the best gaming experiences in my life (and I have 20 years experience in rpgs) thanks to the released quickstart rules, I feel I can easily wait for the whole masterwork to come out of your feverish hands.

    25. Missing avatar

      Christopher Allen on January 12

      @Franco Marinengo It's not a delay of two years. The original projected date was in December of 2016. Which would be 13 months ago. Just over 1 year late. I'm not arguing that it isn't frustrating. But seriously, take a look at some of Onyx Path Publishing's projects that I and a couple of other backers have mentioned. They are *routinely* late by multiple years, and yet they still *eventually* produce what they set out to.

      I'm not saying this isn't frustrating, and even infuriating. But, this isn't like going to your local gaming store and buying a product that was already printed and just needed to be picked up from the distributor. Kickstarter is an investment platform, and as such the vast majority of projects are far from complete just because the funding has gone through.

    26. Helmgast AB Creator on January 12

      @Franco: We feel the frustration and completely understand why. However, let's not exaggerate and keep it to facts at least. The release was set for end 2016 at the outset of this project. We are now just over end 2017, so slightly over a year of delay (which is of course not good in anyway!).

      We have also released all text as ALPHA at the KDL forum. The Black Madonna is out as BETA pdf (currently final editing with all backer comments in mind is being made so it is ready for print), the first third of the Core Rule Book is released as BETA pdf with the two additional parts to follow shortly. Once released and final editing done, it will be sent straight to the printers.

      Again, appreciate the frustration, but name calling will not get us anywhere. Let us know if you want a refund and get your money back - send us a PM here on KS or e-mail us ( and we will arrange for it swiftly.

    27. Helmgast AB Creator on January 12

      @Derek; there is a layout template for the Bible edition - however, to not duplicate work, that will not be populated until the Core Rule Book text is finally edited. So unfortunately no graphics of that which we can share at this point. We've noted the request though, so once we are there we'll make sure to share a few pages of it.

    28. Helmgast AB Creator on January 12

      @Daniel: No further PM, it's just the one posted back last spring. For completeness, your order is locked and completed - thanks!

    29. Missing avatar

      Erik Hall on January 11

      I’m already playing the game dude...

    30. Franco Martinengo on January 11

      Seriously, Erik, do you like getting NOTHING after a delay of two years?
      I can bet my soul that the books will NOT be delivered in 2018.
      Maybe in 2020, if ever: do you like that?

    31. Missing avatar

      Erik Hall on January 11

      Seriously, what are you trying to achieve Franco?

    32. Franco Martinengo on January 11

      Mark my words: we have been fucked and fucked hard and painfully!
      Those scammers at Helmgast will NEVER release the books!
      They stole our money and are happy with that, only feeding lies to the sheeps willing to believe.

    33. Daniel Björkman on January 11

      @ Helmgast: About the pledge manager: I filled it out with address etc somewhere around when the KS ended. Has there been any further PM to answer since then?

    34. Derek Mayne
      on January 10

      Hi there - just curious in looking at the progress tracker; I presume the "Bible Edition" requires different layout to the standard edition, is this also as well advanced? If so any chance of a peek at a page or two? Great progress guys. Looking forward to a really special set of books.

    35. Missing avatar

      Laguna on January 8

      It's just my opinion but... Do you think is better to deliver the core book instead the other books? I think we should check the core books first. If there are delays in the others is not a big problem. If the other books have some mistakes is not a big problem (of course, it's not good) but if the core books have problems and you have to deliver theses because it's too late it could be catastrophic

    36. Helmgast AB Creator on January 8

      @Stephen Mulligan: Yes we definitely are! We are discussing with the AD what time frame the remaining two books can be delivered on. Again, these two books are not blank sheets - we progressed on layout before Christmas as we were aiming for a release already then as you know. We will update all backers as soon as we have more detailed information - which is within a couple of days latest.

      @Stephen Mortimer: No, it will not be another year of delay. As you might have seen on the KDL forum texts, are except for final editing post backer comments, done. Illustrations are likewise done (however, as we do the layout, sometimes we release we need minor tweaks as was the case for some of the Black Madonna Chapter illustrations - tweaks of illustrations does however not affect the overall timeline as that is progressed in parallel to other things). As per our comment below the only major outstanding item is layout - and we are well-progressed on that (Black Madonna is beta ready, the Core Rule Book will soon be completed as beta, Taroticum & Other Tales is being progressed in parallel as well as all ancillary items where some are already with printers and/or on its way to our storage).

    37. Missing avatar

      Stephen Mortimer on January 8

      So, are you going to deliver this book any time soon? Or are we going to have another year of excuses and failure to deliver anything?

    38. Missing avatar

      Stephen Mulligan on January 7


      are we any closer to a release of book ii?

    39. Helmgast AB Creator on January 4

      First, a happy new year to all of you!

      This is just a short message from us before we get back to you with another update on the beta release of the second part of the Core Rule Book - called "the Madness".

      Our Art Director is right now picking up where he left the Core Rule Book just before the holidays. It is well progressed as we were aiming for a pre-christmas release. Exact release date to follow in an update shortly.

      It's hard to please everyone - some want weekly updates, others don't. We are trying to find the right balance, obviously appreciating the need to be responsive and transparent considering the delay in this project. We are as we've said, truly sorry for the delay, and we are working hard to get this out to you - and we are not that far away now. Design is really the only major outstanding item in terms of pre-printing production, and so we are doing what we can to speed that up (mainly by the added AD resource for Taroticum & Other Tales). As some of you have pointed out below, almost all texts have been released as Alpha during the autumn, so those are done (apart from final editing). Those texts are obviously also (edited and taking into consideration your comments) what you should expect to find in the material we subsequently release with the complete layout.

      A big thank you to all that have provided input and feedback. We truly appreciate that. The beta material is currently undergoing another round of final editing, to make sure your comments on inconsistencies and other errors etc are captured throughout all the material.

      We understand the impatience - we are impatient ourselves to get this over the finish line. So continue positing questions and remarks here and elsewhere. We will be transparent, so where you feel there is a lack of information please give us a shout and we will provide as much answers as we can. To @Steve Ellis' point though, we will not let our impatience compromise quality.

      Having said that, we don't have that many miles left on our long ride to Metropolis!

      All the best,
      the KDL team

    40. Francesco Nuzzi on January 4

      Long time doesn't necessary means good work. If After two Years we have only a Little (beta) part of the core rulebook is normal asking questions and be very disappointed about the delay. (I apologize for my AWFUL english)

    41. Missing avatar

      Steve Ellis
      on January 3

      I find worrying about 'should haves' a bit counterproductive. They have worked on it for 2 years. It still needs some more work and another proper edit. Demanding it now is just going to result in disappointment. It's basically standard for any big RPG kickstarter to slip a couple of years (I survived Mage, and still waiting for Wraith 20A for example) and as long as they produce the best game possible rather than rushing it out for the vocal fans then its usually worth the wait.

    42. Missing avatar

      Stephen Mulligan on January 3

      @steve Ellis

      At this stage, shouldn't those problems have been sorted already? And if they haven't, questions of what Helmgast have been doing for two years are entirely justified

    43. Missing avatar

      Steve Ellis
      on January 3

      Sorry, should have said that my conclusion is that while the delays have been frustrating, the product is real. But it should be delayed some more so that they can have a proper edit and proofread and get everything onto the same design iteration.

    44. Missing avatar

      Steve Ellis
      on January 3

      The game definitely isn't vapourware, but it does require another proofreading pass and edit. Reading through the Book 1 Beta file, my main criticisms are: The Dark Secrets, Advantages and Disadvantages under the Archetypes come from a different version to those listed in the Ad/Disadv section and need to be reconciled by an editor. Quite a few of the Advantages do very similar things and could be trimmed down or condensed together. Finally one of the great advantages of the Powered by the Apocalypse system - its simplicity and ease of play has been thrown away by having 10 attributes instead of the traditional 5-6 of other PbtA games - Intuition and Perception are very similar, Cool and Keep it Together should be linked but are not, Soul and Charisma have very similar advantages in making people like you etc. The worst thing is that there isn't a simple two sided A4 page with the basic moves on to hand players- printing it out is a small sheaf. I can understand stylistic choices were made, but they have practical impacts that will impact ease of game play.

    45. Francesco Nuzzi on January 3

      @brian i understand your point and i totally agree with you. Probably the project is grow up too much. After TWO Years we only have a beta version of a third part of the core rulebook......... A sort of copy paste of material already released. Im not Happy and frustrated as Brian

    46. Skelion on January 2

      I think Brian have a point there, Helmgast should get thinks moving.

    47. Missing avatar

      Erik Hall on January 2

      @Brian It is not my intention to tell you how to feel, it’s ok being frustrated, it’s been a long wait. This game looks very promising and I truly believe Helmgast will pull it off. I think that the problem here is that the project grew a bit too big, and delivering eveything in one go is a huge undertaking. I hope the game will hit our tables soon!!

    48. Brian Bjerregaard Bergh on January 2

      @erik Hall: see your point, just being frustrated. Sorry.

    49. Missing avatar

      Erik Hall on January 2

      Pointless comment without any other purpose than being mean and obnoxious. Nice way to start off the new year Brian, guess it’s not going to be a happy one...

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