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A dark fantasy series of books about a city of flappers, cabaret and ancient festivals.
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Posted by Tansy Rayner Roberts (Creator)

Me again! Just to let you know that I launched the Cabaret of Monsters ebook this morning. If this was one of your rewards, you should already have received an email from Backerkit instructing you how to download it. I've offered Kindle, ePub and Pdf as download options. (the Kindle/mobi file link is in a second email because I stuffed up the upload the first time, sorry about that!!!)

Because someone already asked me: Cabaret of Monsters can absolutely be read before the trilogy. It's a self-contained prequel, and I specifically had in mind that many readers would be reading it first. There are a few character-related moments/reveals in the trilogy that would technically be "spoiled" by reading it, but likewise the experience of reading the trilogy first will alter how you read the novella. 

For those familiar with the original: the prequel is set after the early chapters of Power & Majesty, and five months before the events of That Floralia Parade. Velody & Ashiol do not appear in the story.

You do you, readers. There's no prescribed way to enjoy these stories! But if you are hungry to read Cabaret now and you don't want to wait until November-December for the full trilogy, don't hold back.

I'll wait and see how the downloads for the novella go before I start working on the rather epic Digital Bundle to be rolled out to several pledge tiers. Please let me (or Backerkit) know if you have any problems accessing the ebooks.

A prequel to the Creature Court trilogy.

Saturnalia in Aufleur is a time of topsy-turvy revels, of the world turned upside down and transformed before your eyes. The city’s theatres produce an annual display of reversals, surprises and transformations. 

In this city, flappers can transform into wolves. Even the rats are not what they seem. 

Evie Inglirra is on a mission to infiltrate the theatrical world of Aufleur and discover what lies beneath their glamorous cabaret costumes and backstage scandals. Has she bitten off more than she can chew?

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