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Become a Syn Agent, replace your heart with a Crystal and gain superpowers! (Also lose your mind, but just a little)
Become a Syn Agent, replace your heart with a Crystal and gain superpowers! (Also lose your mind, but just a little)
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Where Are We Now? February Edition

Posted by Up to Four Players (Creator)

Backers of the world, greetings!

We continue to be on track, so as we did last month, here's a sneak peek based on things that were created and/or refurbished this month. Today's art is from the line-art stage of the Syn castle illustration (before colour and details), and the text is from the system Crystal Heart uses to replace money: asking Syn for stuff. 

Not pictured: sinister intentions
Not pictured: sinister intentions


When an Agent needs something from the organization, they Requisition it. Requisition is an abstract measure of how much Syn believes you can be trusted with costly equipment and valuable information. It’s also used instead of money when paying for goods and services outside of Syn; it’s seen as your promise on behalf of Syn to provide money, goods or service in return. Syn always honors promises made by its Agents, who know that should they promise too much, they might not get to see another point of Requisition for a long, long time.

Requisition is a modifier which is added or subtracted from a skill roll. Novice Agents begin with a -1, and gain a point whenever they advance a Rank. The highest it can go is 10 and the lowest is -5, at which point Syn doesn’t allow you to even ask for new equipment until you prove yourself a little and get back up to -4 at least. 

Syn supplies most of the basic things an Agent needs: lodging, clothes, food, weapons, and more. When you want to have something unusual, or from the Gear and Equipment chapter (see page XXX), roll one of the following skill checks and add your Requisition modifier. 

  • Battle: Justifying the need for an item or service by showing how it’s going to be used in the field.
  • Persuasion: Talking through the bureaucracy, finding the right people and saying the right things to them.
  • Research: Finding, filling and filing the right forms, in the right order. 

This is a regular skill check: It can Ace, you get your Wild Die, you can spend Bennies on it, and others can Support it (they add their own Requisition modifier on the roll). Each attempt represents several hours, and occasionally several days, during which the Agent and all of the Supporting characters are busy with this request. 

Agents are expected to ask for a single item or a bunch of items that are meant to be used in a similar way or for a common goal. Requesting more than that or more than once every few weeks is considered unusual, and the GM should apply a -1 to -2 modifier on the roll. Note that rare or expensive items incur additional modifiers.

Consult the following for the result:

  •  Success: The Agent gets issued the piece of gear they requested or the service they asked for. Reduce their Requisition by 2. 
  •  Raise: The Agent gets everything they wanted, reduce their Requisition by 1.
  •  Failure: The Agent gets what they wanted, but there are complications; consult the table below. They also reduce their Requisition by 1. 
  •  Critical Failure: The Agent doesn’t get anything, but doesn’t lose any Requisition. They might have gained an enemy, though, and they’re told to never again ask for whatever they’ve asked for.

On a failure, draw a card. You got it, but…

Spades: The item is fine but the maintenance is a killer. As long as you have the item, someone from the team must make an Engineering roll every morning or you'll have a -1 penalty on every Trait roll made with it. This goes on until there's a raise on the roll, but might return later, when the GM decides so. If it’s a service, it was harrowing; make a Vigor roll at -2 or take a level of Fatigue until you have a full day’s rest. 

Hearts: For whatever reason, your current Crystal doesn’t resonate well with the new piece of gear (or gets irritated during or after the service). As long as you have the item, or for the adventure following the service, you must make a Spirit roll every morning or have a -1 penalty on Crystal Channeling rolls that day. This goes on until there's a raise on the roll, but might return later, when the GM decides so.

Diamonds: Your request forced Syn to pull the item or service from someone else who was asking for it or already using it. They’re not happy - take them as a Minor Enemy. The GM can decide their displeasure is satisfied by having them reduce your Requisition by 1d4.

Clubs: The piece of equipment is flawed, or the service left you annoyed or tired. Until you get to repair the item, or have a good rest (both take several days at a Syn facility or a similar place) you become Vulnerable whenever you draw a Clubs in combat.

Joker: A serious misfiling accident leads to you having received the latest prototype! It’s better by one point, or twice as quick or effective.

Today We're Locking the Orders

Posted by Up to Four Players (Creator)

Lovely backers,

Today (about 8 hours from now) we're locking the orders and charging credit cards (the charge might take a day or two). If there's anything about your order that needs to be changed, please do so now! Note you'll still be able to change your shipping address, until the shipping itself, in a few months.

The 30 or so people who haven't yet finished the survey - just head over here, for a surprise! The surprise is your survey. We're only nagging because we want you to get what you want. By not answering, you might not be getting everything you paid for!

Playtest Started

I'm happy to say that we're currently on schedule, which means we're starting the playtest for the Crystal Heart rules and the Plot Point campaign. Unlike with the draft rules, from before the Kickstarter, this time we're not posting a call for playtesters. However, if you're passionate and serious, you're welcome to offer your group - and to prove your passion and seriousness, I'm not leaving our contact details here. They're easy enough to find. Go for it!

See you next week for the mid-February update! Cheers. 

One Week to Complete the Survey

Posted by Up to Four Players (Creator)

Hiya backers!

Most of you have finished your surveys, and many have also picked some add-ons, which we are excited to start working on in the next few months. Thank you for doing that on time, it makes our work backstage so much easier. 

About 44 of you still haven't completed the surveys - please do so, as in a week, we're locking the orders! If you experience any issues, please contact BackerKit's support, or let us know through comments or email.

(You'll still be able to change shipping addresses, if needed.)

Know anyone who wants to pre-order the book? Now's the time to point them here.


Where Are We Now? January Edition

Posted by Up to Four Players (Creator)

Backers of the world, greetings!

I'm happy to say that the book's schedule is currently on track. We'd like to give you a sample of the stuff we've been doing for the past few weeks and will continue on doing for the foreseeable future, so here's the new Crystal format, featuring a Seasoned Crystal (It's displayed as an image because Kickstarter doesn't allow for some of the formatting). 

So slick!
So slick!

And here's a sketch of the cover page for the Crystals and Hearts chapter, featuring our iconic Toho trying to capture a Crystal before subduing its manifestation, not a great idea.

Not so slick.
Not so slick.

18 Days to Finish Your Surveys

The 11% of backers who haven't done so yet, please check your emails or go here to finish your surveys. In a little more than two weeks we're going to lock the orders, and also charge anyone who added additional add-ons (which is a lot of you, that Action & Adventure Deck is super popular).

Non-backers, if you'd like to pre-order the book, you can do so through the shop

Talk to y'all in our next update! Which will probably have something to do with playtesting. 

Surveys Sent, Late-backer Store Open

Posted by Up to Four Players (Creator)

Happy New Year everyone, it's time to fill out the surveys!

Backers, you should soon receive an email from BackerKit. You have a month to confirm your order, including any of the add-ons you've already paid for with your pledge. You can also purchase additional add-ons, for the same price we offered during the Kickstarter. 

PDF-only backers who want anything physical will need to also add the "Base shipment" option; it costs zero, and adds a shipping cost appropriate to your address at the confirmation screen. 

However... if you're a PDF-only backer, note that should you decide you'd like to get the physical book, it's cheaper to upgrade your pledge level to Seasoned than to add add-ons! The same can be said for the Fan Kit level, it's cheaper to upgrade than to get all the separate add-ons. You can change your pledge from the first page of the survey. 

Late-backer store is now open

The store is open, giving anyone who wasn't a part of the Kickstarter a chance to buy anything from the campaign, and at the same prices. For backers, it's better to use the surveys - but if you weren't a backer, or know of anyone who wanted to participate in the Kickstarter and missed their window, well, a new window is now open!

The surveys will remain open for the next month, on February 11th we'll lock the orders and charge credit cards. The store will remain open for some time after that. In any case, your shipping address can be updated, if need be, up until when we start the actual shipping, expected this Summer.