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Become a Syn Agent, replace your heart with a Crystal and gain superpowers! (Also lose your mind, but just a little)
Become a Syn Agent, replace your heart with a Crystal and gain superpowers! (Also lose your mind, but just a little)
700 backers pledged £25,802 to help bring this project to life.

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Crystal Heart is now available on DrivethruRPG!

Posted by Eran Aviram (Collaborator)

The Five Lands wait only for you, Agent!

Buy Crystal Heart here. If you are a backer, and already got it, you know have a link to give to anyone who has showed interest. 

Also check out the print-and-play Action and Adventure Decks!

It's Ready - Download Crystal Heart!

Posted by Eran Aviram (Collaborator)

Hey, we have the best update, backers:

Your download link is on its way

You should receive an email from DrivethruRPG. If you encounter any difficulty, feel free to contact us with a message, or at We're also always available in the Crystal Heart Discord.

We believe you'll like it, and we'd love to hear what you think and what you'll do with it! 


Non-backers, the PDF will become available for purchase in about two weeks' time. See you then.

Where Are We Now? June Edition

Posted by Aviv Or (Collaborator)

Backers and other interested parties, 

Behold the Book! 

Version 19; we're currently past 22
Version 19; we're currently past 22

It's basically done, and it's great. We're very happy with it. But it's not yet ready - we're still catching little mishaps and apply tiny corrections. We expect to send the Crystal Heart PDF to all backers early July, and we'll of course notify you when that happens. 

The Comic is Back

I mean, it's great that there's an actual roleplaying game and everything, but we still have a story to tell here, you know? (And the funny part is, what we've just revealed will not be in the game - not yet, anyway. It'll have to wait for the Original Syn supplement, in which we reveal all of the webcomic's secrets.) 

Where Are We Now? May Edition

Posted by Aviv Or (Collaborator)

As the layout work on the book continues, we turn our attention to the other stuff. Here's some of that stuff:

The Action and Adventure Decks are almost ready for printing! All of the face cards in the Action Deck are Heroic Agents created by backers (and us). The one we see here is Nui, a courageous Islander sea captain who hunts treasure, by Brian. She carries two Crystals, but that's allowed, she took the Edge for it. Stealing an autoplane is less allowed, but she did that too. 

Action and Adventure cards!
Action and Adventure cards!

The character sheet is now ready, featuring a landscape design with place for a Crystal sheet to the right, so that the Edges align with the benefit, and Hindrances align with disposition.  

By this time next month  we hope to have the PDF version of the book basically done, gain infinite wisdom and bring world peace, although we'll be cool with any two of these. Have fun!

Where Are We Now? April Edition

Posted by Eran Aviram (Collaborator)

Well what to do you know, apparently all of this writing does end eventually!

Currently standing at 114K words (we'll have to cut some out, and put in the extra PDFs), the Crystal Heart setting book is already at the last stages of editing and first stages of layout. 

In fact, we have something to show you: 

Not yet finalised, of course.
Not yet finalised, of course.

While this is happening, we're already mid-way on the Adventure Deck -  we showed some back and front options on our Discord - and work will soon begin on the extra PDFs, Living in Syn (new Syn stuff and optional rules) and Full of Heart (new Crystals and their manifestations). We'll also focus on the paper minis, they're the next big art-thing. 

But first we must overcome the manifestation of the Seder Crystal; let me tell you, that thing can ground you for days.

Have a lovely spring/autumn everyone!