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$134,959 pledged of $350,000 goal
By PixelFoundry
$134,959 pledged of $350,000 goal

Now offering add-ons!


As we draw closer to the end of our campaign, we would like to extend our rewards with the following add-ons:

For all reward tiers:

  • Extra digital copy of Blackspace - Add $15 for each copy
  • Game loaded USB Key showing custom Blackspace artwork - Add $40
  • Game loaded USB Key signed by the Blackspace Dev Team - Add $60


If your getting a USB Key, please add $10 for shipping outside of the US if you haven't already.


Add the total amount of your add-ons to your pledge, but do not change your reward tier. In the backer survey after the game is successfully funded, we will ask you which add-ons you have pledged extra money towards.


We also added two new USB Key Reward Tiers.


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    1. ROBERT Florian on October 12, 2012

      added +40$ on my Pledge, but i don't have much more to give. ;(

    2. Andreas Aronsson on October 12, 2012

      I'm really rooting for this project, but if it would not succeed this time and you remake the Kickstarter, avoid that long pause in the project video before you heart the box! It was totally too long for the attention span of Internetizens, up to the point a stream failure was suspected! ;) Also, if you have a an actually playable prototype, try to hook up with known Youtubers, hint hint (again).

    3. Christian Fisker on October 12, 2012

      Yes, nothing is withdrawn from our accounts unless the kickstarter succeeds.

    4. Missing avatar

      Caleb Rose on October 12, 2012

      6 days to go! Do you guys think you can make it in time? I hope you can! But if not, what will happen to all the funding? Will it be returned to us so we can re-pledge if you make a new kickstarter?

    5. Ross Robertson on October 11, 2012

      "If you're getting a USB Key, please add $10 for shipping outside of the US if you haven't already."
      It's important when you are making a game

    6. Caffeineforge LLC on October 11, 2012

      Could we see a picture or approximation of this Key you are trying to tempt me with? I want to be tempted!

    7. Joe Maron on October 11, 2012

      NVM, just switched and pledged for an extra copy ;-)

    8. Siege on October 11, 2012

      I REALLY hope there is an explosion of donations over the next 6 days... I want to play this game almost as much as you guys want to make it (being an indie dev myself, I totally empathize). Come on people, lets get the word out!

      Problem, I think, is timing, coming on the heels of so many other incredible and highly-funded projects, most people have blown their kickstarter budget on bigger or more heavily marketed titles (like PA and Project Eternity).

      Good luck guys! To the rest of my fellow backers, let's get the word out and make this happen!

    9. Joe Maron on October 11, 2012

      What about those at the $15 level, do we have to switch to the $20 level before adding an additional copy of the game?