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$134,959 pledged of $350,000 goal
By PixelFoundry
$134,959 pledged of $350,000 goal

Game Objectives and Overview

As the game is still in the midst of being designed this overview is subject to change. I wanted to give you guys an idea of how you would play through the game and what to expect from a level to level perspective. The story will be semi-linear with bonus/side missions provided along the way. There also may be a sandbox mode that allows you to choose to either follow the story missions or stray off the path and simply explore the asteroids. Additionally a skirmish mode will be available for honing skills and comparing stats.  Much is yet to be determined and a lot will be guided by future play tests.

Story driven main game

The main story and missions in Blackspace are driven by the conflict between Collier Industries and PREAA over the resources in this cluster of extremely high density asteroids. You are one of the miners Collier has hired to collect resources which PREAA fiercely wishes to protect. Travel from asteroid to asteroid with multiple missions and drop points on each. You will fill cargo holds with harvested elements fulfilling each contract. With each mission the resistance intensifies and the challenges change. It is your job to manage your resources, not only when deployed but between missions when selecting research paths and purchasing upgrades. 

Each mission on the main story path is a contract to recover specific element type/s for Collier Industries. During the level, not only will you be collecting and storing the resources, but you must also protect your harvest from being destroyed or looted before the Collier Industries Surface Recovery Transport (SRT) can come to extract it. 

In the initial stages of a mission you will have time to prospect and explore, begin layout, and prepare whatever defenses you think you may need. You will normally be undetected until you either provoke an enemy installation or engage your power grid and begin the mining operation. 

When you have collected the resources necessary to fulfill the contract, you can call for SRT extraction. In addition to the contract pay, any additional SRT cargo space can be filled with extra resources which translate to bonus rewards after a mission has ended. There is limited space, so you must choose your extra resources wisely to maximize your bonus. 

Side Missions

The side missions will compliment the main story line and provide the ability to earn extra money which funds upgrades and research.

Seek: Find item/s before being detected/destroyed and make it back to the drop ship.

Destroy: Destroy key enemy equipment.

Outlast: Similar to main game mission; No extraction; Exhaust enemies’ ability to fight on the asteroid.

Recovery: Defend resource/s or equipment from theft until extraction is possible.

Objectives may also change mid-mission, you may be going in expecting to make a quick recovery and end up setting up a mining installation and defending it.

Macro Game

The macro game takes place on the Cargo Transportation Vessel. Between mission you will be able to do the following.

  • Purchase research (research times span multiple missions) 
  • Purchase upgrades and new equipment (lander and buildings) 
  • Choose next asteroid and travel (side or main mission) 
  • Determine drop site (scan the asteroid surface) 

Skirmish Mode

Replay any unlocked asteroid to improve your stats on levels already played in story mode. You can use your current research unlocks to replay the mission. Find better drop sites, refine your skills, and discover all secrets the each asteroid holds.



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    1. PixelFoundry Creator on October 6, 2012

      Lol, oops typo. Fixed.

    2. Andreas
      on October 5, 2012

      @PixelFoundry: Shouldn't that be the PREAA then?

    3. Céline .S. Sauvé on October 5, 2012

      @PixelFoundry Ah, okay. I was thinking some sort group with the " fiercely wishes to protect" line regarding the resources.

    4. Archon on October 5, 2012

      The main game sounds very appealing. Will the map be somehow randomized ?
      Different branching on each playthrough would be interesting.

    5. LoneWingman on October 5, 2012

      Well I got one letter right...

    6. PixelFoundry Creator on October 5, 2012

      @ Céline .S. Sauvé
      A fictional future government, the Peoples Republic of the East Asian Alliance, a nation on the leading edge of space travel.

    7. LoneWingman on October 5, 2012

      Planetary Resource & Evil Enterprise Alliance =)

      Nice update!

    8. Céline .S. Sauvé on October 5, 2012

      What does PREEA stand for?

    9. Robert Kaufmann on October 5, 2012

      Make sure to let people have easy access to this information. I've for example heard things like; "If only there were a sandbox mode, I'd be sold".

    10. PixelFoundry Creator on October 5, 2012

      @ walkir
      None of it requires an internet connection. Just the stats if you care about that. The multiplayer that is in the stretch goals is another story obviously but this just covers the main game at the base funding level.

    11. walkir -Obsidian Order ot Goat Kn. Cmdr. on October 5, 2012

      How much of that can be played without being online? Only the Skirmish mode?

    12. Xenophon on October 5, 2012

      Wow! This needs to be funded.

    13. Missing avatar

      Downer36 on October 5, 2012

      I am so excited for this!

    14. BruceP - Chameleon Prime
      on October 4, 2012

      Sounds cool. :)

    15. Missing avatar

      Nathanael Ramsey on October 4, 2012

      Lookin' good! I REALLY hope this happens...

    16. Paul D. Zeke on October 4, 2012

      This sounds great! I really hope interest picks up! /crosses fingers