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$134,959 pledged of $350,000 goal
By PixelFoundry
$134,959 pledged of $350,000 goal

New Video and Steam Greenlight Launch

Hey guys, we're excited to announce that our Greenlight project is live on Steam!  Head over and check us out.  Give us a thumbs up and pass it around!

There is also a new trailer video on the main Kickstarter page as well as on Greenlight and Youtube.



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    1. Tristan Bellman-Greenwood on October 5, 2012

      @Aaron It probably won't be on Mac for a while, if at all, since they are using Microsoft's XNA game framework which is (as far as I know) DirectX exclusive. (XBox, Windows, etc.)

    2. Aaron King Smith Caprino on October 4, 2012

      is the game mac compatible?

    3. Missing avatar

      John Williams on October 3, 2012

      really happy to see you join Steam Greenlight.

    4. Missing avatar

      David Ward on September 29, 2012

      I have been very excited for this kickstart project since I came across it. I am posting to all my friends on steam to vote for it on greenlight. Game will be amazing!

    5. PixelFoundry Creator on September 29, 2012

      We haven't worked out the soundtrack for the game yet. If we work it out by the time the Kickstarter is done, we'll certainly offer it.


    6. Peter Jacob on September 28, 2012

      Unless I've gone blind, is there no tier for a digital soundtrack download? Curious oversight. A great many folks would cheerfully tack on an extra $5 or $10 for an ST. There's still time for you to cook one up.

    7. William Goff on September 28, 2012

      Aw snap, I just realized how much this reminds me of Battlezone!

    8. flankattack on September 28, 2012

      Wow, looks awesome. I hope it makes it!

    9. William Goff on September 28, 2012

      As a fellow Floridian, I will attest its too hot to sleep anyway.

    10. PixelFoundry Creator on September 28, 2012

      Yeah, we decided not to sleep.

    11. Ber on September 28, 2012

      Wow great work on the video guys, it's really good and I'm super impressed that you turned that around in what ... the last week or so?

    12. LoneWingman on September 28, 2012

      See now THAT is what you wanted to have at the start of the Kickstarter video. Awesome.

    13. Laserschwert on September 28, 2012

      Great video indeed! I like how you improved lighting on the dust effects... those were kinda bugging me in the pitch video.

    14. Missing avatar

      Jeff Hutchinson on September 28, 2012

      Maybe you guys should talk to GOG as well...

    15. Andreas Aronsson on September 28, 2012

      This project needs a push... is the game so far along that it can be played, or is it still in prototype phase? Just thought you could try to hook up mister Total Busquit, The Cynical Brit. He has pushed a few Kickstarter projects into the realm of funded projects with his "WTF is" videos :) Here is his channel: Sadly I have no idea how to actually contact him... erhm.

    16. Jalister on September 28, 2012

      Up voted on Greenlight.

    17. PixelFoundry Creator on September 28, 2012


      We have a lot of potential plans, but cannot make any promises. A game like this is very expensive and difficult to self fund.

    18. Alex K on September 28, 2012

      So I've been trying to figure this out. But do you guys plan on finishing the game if it doesn't get funded? Cause if not I would definitely buy it straight from you guys!

    19. fredgiblet on September 28, 2012


      Hopefully that will give more exposure and boost your numbers

    20. Missing avatar

      Nubcheese on September 28, 2012

      now that's a trailer!! damn!!

      also upvoted on greenlight

    21. iTerror on September 28, 2012

      Wow what a great trailer! But the unfinished models seems to be a bit awkward!

    22. Missing avatar

      Nubcheese on September 28, 2012

      Nice ^^

      I was hoping we'd get an update tonight