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A complete, 3D printable, fortified medieval monastery for tabletop gaming. Includes Church, Scriptorium, Abbot's House, and more.
A complete, 3D printable, fortified medieval monastery set for tabletop gaming. Includes Church, Scriptorium, Abbot's House, PLUS 20 Unlocked Stretch Goals bringing the set to over 70 Individual Models.Late Pledges will be available soon.
A complete, 3D printable, fortified medieval monastery set for tabletop gaming. Includes Church, Scriptorium, Abbot's House, PLUS 20 Unlocked Stretch Goals bringing the set to over 70 Individual Models.Late Pledges will be available soon.
540 backers pledged CA$ 44,737 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Infinite Dimensions Games Creator on

      Ianquest, Ryan Fitch - Really appreciate the input and advantages pointed out. There are some great things about DrivethruRPG, however there are also drawbacks that make the model one we are not likely to use at this point. We are always open to the options, though at this time having the files on our own site seems the better option, especially for the long run.

    2. Missing avatar

      Ryan Fitch

      @ianquest I have no evidence to contradict any of that, but I know I prefer Printable Scenery's website to drivethrurpg. They are a bit more established than infinite dimensions at this point so it wouldn't get as much traffic, but it would probably be harder to start your own website after becoming popular on a different one.

    3. ianquest

      @Infinite Making the files available on DrivethruRPG is a great idea - not only do they take care of all the fulfillment & bandwidth costs for downloads (you just have to supply coupon codes to backers), it gives you a high-profile platform for long-tail sales. In addition, all backers/purchasers get notified automatically when you update files, and it provides an easy central place for purchasers to recover/re-download lost files. If you keep them restricted to your website you get 100% of a lot fewer sales & a lot fewer people finding you for future purchases & finding out about future Kickstarters.

    4. Infinite Dimensions Games Creator on

      Cairn12 - Thank you so much! We definitely place a high emphasis on quality and it's certainly true that the value of this Kickstarter is exceptional. We look forward to getting you your files and to seeing you as a backer in future projects. :)

      Russell 'Redjack' Petree - The files will be released through our website, As a backer you will have access to all files made available through the Wightwood Abbey Kickstarter.

    5. Cairn12

      @Infinite Dimensions - Guys, just wanted to thank you for creating this Kickstarter. Although I have not yet printed any of the pieces, my impression is that the quality is of the highest caliber, and the value (bang-for-the-buck) is also very, very high. So, I'm eager to receive these files and also very excited at the possibilities of what may be coming next. Keep up the good work and count on me to support any Kickstarter that you create. A job very well done !

    6. Russell 'Redjack' Petree

      Will the STL files be released at Drivethrurpg, or elsewhere?

    7. Infinite Dimensions Games Creator on

      @ Anton - The core set .stl's will be sent out as soon as the interior modelling and any revisions are completed. We have set ourselves a deadline of August, but if we complete the files before then you'll get them as soon as they are ready. After the core set is released, we will begin working on the stretch goals and they will be sent out as each is completed.

    8. Missing avatar

      Anton Sombetzki on

      Hey, I was wondering, could you give us an estimate when the first stl's will be released? Thanks and keep up the great work! Can't wait to print and paint my own :)

    9. Infinite Dimensions Games Creator on

      @ Benjamin Walter - No problem. As for your next questions:

      a) The final footprint size for the abbey plus surrounding walls is still being tweaked, but it should fit within a 3'x3' table. Ideally for play the table would be bigger though to accommodate action outside the walls or room for papers, dice, etc.

      b)If you are referring to the very first picture on the campaign page, then yes, that is a render. However, I see no reason why LEDs could not be incorporated into the buildings once they are printed. At present this is not a design feature however, so it would have to be modded on an individual basis. If we eventually do a version with LEDs, we would certainly provide a tutorial.

      And you're welcome!

    10. Benjamin Walter on

      @Infinite Dimensions Games: Thank you for your answers. I have two other questions:

      a. How big is the whole abbey? Do you think a 3'x3' table will be big enough? Or should it be more like 4'x4' or even bigger?

      b.) Did you actually build the abbey with LED light insight or is it just a render? If you build it, can you provide a tutorial how it can be made?

      Thank you so much for your awesome work

    11. Infinite Dimensions Games Creator on

      Hi folks. :)
      @ James DeGazio - For clarification, once you receive the .stl files they are yours and you can have them printed wherever you want. The only stipulation is that none of the prints you have made will be sold, as they are for your own personal use only (personal use license).

      @Benjamin Walter - 30mm is 7% bigger than 28mm, so scaling the models up 7% in your slicer would be an appropriate increase. When you get the files, try printing one at the larger size and see if that works for the Freebooter scale as "30mm" is different from game to game (as you probably know).

    12. James DeGazio on

      Thank-you Benjamin you are a star!

    13. Benjamin Walter on

      @James: The main campain page says: "Unless specifically noted in your pledge level, the rewards for this kickstarter will be delivered as .stl files for use with a home 3D printer or other 3D printing service." So by wordings of the campain you are allowed to make use of a printing service to get your personal copies of the buildings. As far as i get it the Service you choose is comlpeatly up to you. You just have to make sure that the files are not used by the Service you use to sell the models to other People than you. You could try to find a siutable service near you.

    14. James DeGazio on

      Hi again, I'm not being intentionally obtuse here and perhaps I am not familiar with the technical jargon or legal terminology but when you say "...access to a 3D printer (either your own or THROUGH a PRINTING SERVICE)" it does not qualify what service or stipulate by whom which stands to reason I could employ a PRINTING SERVICE to print my files for me. Help with this would be deeply appreciated.

    15. Benjamin Walter on

      How big do i have to print the stuff if I want to have it at a scale of 30mm (Freebooters Fate)?
      And can you give me dimensions how big the abby is when you print out everything?

    16. James DeGazio on

      Ok but a printing service that the company chooses or one I can choose? I live in Malaysia which makes it a bit challenging to get either but I would like the option to choose a local professional company.

    17. Christoffer Stilling on

      James, this is from terms and conditions:

      "...access to a 3D printer (either your own or through a printing service) is needed to take advantage of the rewards. "


    18. James DeGazio on

      I apologise for all the queries but I want to qualify something important.
      If I do not have a 3d printer I cannot take my files to a professional 3d printer service and have them done on my behalf? That doesn't seem very fair or reasonable. If I liaise with you the company who I wish to print for me that should be a negotiable alternative.

    19. James DeGazio on

      There was a problem processing my pledge. I have checked with my bank and there is sufficient funds. Are you having similar problems reported to you?

    20. James DeGazio on

      Thank-you for the response! I really appreciate your feedback.

    21. Infinite Dimensions Games Creator on

      @ James DeGazio - As @Baphomet said, likely more than most printers. I think a fair estimate is around $1,000.

    22. Baphomet on

      Probably as much or more than buying a printer.

    23. James DeGazio on

      Anyone know how much it would actually cost (ballpark figure) to print out all the buildings professionally?

    24. James DeGazio on

      Anyone know how much it would actually cost (ballpark figure) to print out all the buildings professionally?

    25. Benjamin Walter on

      @sander van Beek: I own a original Prusa i3 MK2S and an Anycubic Photon

    26. Infinite Dimensions Games Creator on

      I encourage anyone who is interested to also join our facebook 'Infinite Dimensions Chat Group' to discuss Wightwood Abbey or share tips or photos of your prints. :)

    27. sander van Beek on

      What printer do you have Benjamin?
      I am also one of many who backed without one.

      To all:
      Is the next one any good?
      Creality CR-10-Mini 3D-printer 300*220*300mm

    28. David Nicolas on

      Congrats on the funding! Looking forward to print the models!

    29. Infinite Dimensions Games Creator on

      Everyone, thank you. This is a dream come true. You've all made this possible and we are so grateful. Now for a beer, a weekend of rest, and then back at it!

    30. Sir Geekjeff, Valorian Spelunkers Guild on

      Great finish, guys! Can’t wait to see this still on a table.

    31. Weresheep of Sin AKA Stefan

      Congrats! I really need to buy a printer ...

    32. sander van Beek on

      Happy to discover this KS in its last days.
      Congratulations to the creators.
      Have a good one.

    33. Shakandara on

      Great job, guys! Congrats to ID for the successful KS. That was over CA $12K in funding over the last 3 days. Nice finish! Looking forward to seeing the progress on the files in the coming months, and whatever else ID has up their sleeve for the next time around.

      Until then, I will dream of the stretches we missed (especially the brewery)... ;)

    34. Missing avatar

      A. MacDonald on

      Well done campaign, gentlemen. Good luck on your venture!

    35. occam


    36. Baphomet on

      Conga-rats, gentlemen!

    37. Dawa Fruitman Collaborator on


    38. Benjamin Walter on

      @Infinite Dimensions Games I will do so

    39. Missing avatar

      Russell Wilson on

      Congratulations on getting your first of hopefully many Kickstarter campaigns under your belt.

    40. Infinite Dimensions Games Creator on

      @ Benjamin - let us see it when it's done!

    41. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Mack on

      Holy cow. A week ago I didn't even think we'd hit the charitable werks. What a finish.

    42. Dave Garaffa on

      Nice to hear and sure if the demand is here there is nothing preventing you from either doing an Abbey II The Brewers Revenge(tm) kickstarter _or_ just selling ala cart items on a web site.

    43. Infinite Dimensions Games Creator on

      @ Ron - unfortunately we have no add-ons for this campaign, it's just not financially viable this time around. However, we know there is a big demand for the brewery (at the very least) and there's good chance you'll be seeing that building in a future Kickstarter or released independently on the website.

    44. Benjamin Walter on

      Awsome. Printing the Lady Shannon Monument atm at my resin printer. I am so excited for the results

    45. Ron Weaver on

      Any chance on seeing any of the missed Stretch Goals as an "add on" through a pledge manager... or maybe even the "Pilgrim Werks" as a separate add-on. I'm sure the Brewery would be incredible!

    46. occam

      @Infinite: Congratulations on such strong finish, bonkers 3D with interiors, and generous campaign. TY also for describing the cobblestone complexities (paths, etc.) yesterday. Cobblestones should be useful in any abbey, town, city worth visiting!-)

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