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A complete, 3D printable, fortified medieval monastery for tabletop gaming. Includes Church, Scriptorium, Abbot's House, and more.
A complete, 3D printable, fortified medieval monastery set for tabletop gaming. Includes Church, Scriptorium, Abbot's House, PLUS 20 Unlocked Stretch Goals bringing the set to over 70 Individual Models.Late Pledges will be available soon.
A complete, 3D printable, fortified medieval monastery set for tabletop gaming. Includes Church, Scriptorium, Abbot's House, PLUS 20 Unlocked Stretch Goals bringing the set to over 70 Individual Models.Late Pledges will be available soon.
540 backers pledged CA$ 44,737 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Benjamin Walter on

      Awsome. Printing the Lady Shannon Monument atm at my resin printer. I am so excited for the results

    2. Ron Weaver on

      Any chance on seeing any of the missed Stretch Goals as an "add on" through a pledge manager... or maybe even the "Pilgrim Werks" as a separate add-on. I'm sure the Brewery would be incredible!

    3. occam

      @Infinite: Congratulations on such strong finish, bonkers 3D with interiors, and generous campaign. TY also for describing the cobblestone complexities (paths, etc.) yesterday. Cobblestones should be useful in any abbey, town, city worth visiting!-)

    4. Dave Garaffa on

      Andre the Giant Here _we_ come!!!!! :D

    5. Infinite Dimensions Games Creator on

      Huzzah! Hurray! Howdie-doodie! The monks will no longer be tracking in tons of mud into the church and scriptorium! Oh how the abbot is pleased!

      Well done folks. Well done indeed. You are amazing!!!

    6. Axel Großmann on

      Hey great Cobblestones met !!!!

    7. occam

      Well met, dear cobblestones!-)

    8. occam

      @Infinite: Ahh, TY for the generous option. Gatehouse is rad (great choice to add-on; you read my subconscious)!

    9. Infinite Dimensions Games Creator on

      @ occam, you are correct sir! $265 it would be! My bad.

    10. occam

      May not need to... such a strong finish: $43,650/528 and climbing right now! Super strong finish. I think a lot of backers and prospects would really like to those cobblestones (as would I)!

    11. occam

      @Infinite: Wouldn’t add-on be more like $350 - $85 (core set already pledged through abbey), so around $265? Would that work for an add-on?

    12. Infinite Dimensions Games Creator on

      @Thunder Chrome - Yay! I knew you'd make it! ;)

      @ Occam - I can't open up more slots for the Abbot's House, but if you want to get the gatehouse as well you can readjust your pledge manager and add an additional $350. It won't show up as an option when you get your backer survey so we will have to communicate privately to ensure you get your reward, but it's totally doable!

    13. occam

      @Infinite: Perhaps you could open some slots for the painted abbey’s house too? And what would the add-on be for the gatehouse for someone already committed to the painted abbey ($350 - $85)? TYIA

    14. Thunder Chrome on

      Aaaaand we go All In! Congratulations guys! We are in love with your stuff!

    15. Missing avatar

      Richard on

      Ok. I did it easily with the "Manage your pledge" button. I thought it was going to difficult.

    16. Infinite Dimensions Games Creator on

      @ Richard - of course! you've got 110 minutes to do so! ;)

    17. Missing avatar

      Richard on

      Great campaign! Congrats! I pledged pay what you want for only one building. Can I upgrade that pledge to the full set?

    18. Shakandara on

      110 minutes, and just CA $575 to go for cobbler, err clobberer, I mean... stones. On the ground. And stuff.

    19. Infinite Dimensions Games Creator on

      @ Dave, you're forgetting about The Thing.... "It's clobberin' time!" ;)

    20. Dave Garaffa on

      @Shakandara cobbler hmmm I thought it was clobberer cause I was hoping for an stl of _my_ favorite clobberer of my youth Andre the Giant nobody clobbered better than he!

    21. Infinite Dimensions Games Creator on

      Wow. OMG. Cobblestones are a more hop, skip and jump away!

      In a moment of pure excitement I've added 5 'Devoted Gatekeeper' rewards to the pledge levels for anyone who wants me to paint up a beautiful gatehouse completely with working doors and external staircase... I'll even put the symbols you want on the shields!

    22. Shakandara on

      Do we get to pick what kind of cobbler we get? I'm personally fond of blueberry.

    23. Dave Garaffa on

      Here's hoping all of our squares are more cobblely than all the rest!

    24. Baphomet

      Soooo... close... C’mon, Cobblestones!

    25. Dawa Fruitman Collaborator on

      Wow what a night. My blurry eyes can hardly believe themselves. Is that the cobble stoned square I see over yonder? Or perhaps I'm still not quite awake...

      C'mon paving stones!

    26. Missing avatar

      Russell Wilson on

      Cobblestones would be awesome, even if we don't get it it's been an amazing campaign with LOTS of bang for your buck.

    27. Weresheep of Sin AKA Stefan

      I'm very happy about this strong finish ... looks like it was the right decision to bundle all the Charitable Werks. 4 hours to go ... cobblestones seems doable.

    28. Axel Großmann on

      The cobble is quite an impressive stretchgoal which enhances the look of all models substantial. I keep all fingers crossed that we can cross the line. Very happy with how this kickstarter turned out....

    29. torrential_terrain on

      Happy to be backer #500!!!
      Go cobblestones!

    30. Infinite Dimensions Games Creator on

      @csc - the cobble, good sir, is covering the entire grounds of the whole abbey complex with stonework and paths. A multi piece extravaganza to sit under the entire project. Underwhelmed? ;)

    31. Missing avatar

      CSC on

      @IDG ... what do you have planned for the "Cobble The Square" SG? It sounds, sorry, a little underwhelming for a $5,000 SG ... if it is a breather I'd understand BUT, given your other sculpts, it is very possible that I'm just not using my imagination. Can you describe it?

    32. Sir Geekjeff, Valorian Spelunkers Guild on

      What this church needs is a good mosh pit.

    33. Infinite Dimensions Games Creator on

      @ A. Macdonald - Yeah, we made a conscious choice to include pews even though they are anachronistic, and exactly for the reason you mention, that gamers like them. Feel free to NEVER PRINT THEM if you want a nice 'standing room only' church. ;)

      @ Sander - No art today sorry! So many other things we're up to we had to make some sacrifices...

    34. Missing avatar

      A. MacDonald on

      @Dawa, nice pew on your livestream. Remember, though, pews were largely an invention of the Protestant Reformation -- when sermons got long and people's knees got weak. The monks in the choir, may have sat down before then, and likely the elderly on stone benches around the edges. But church of this kind was often for private prayer or for the monks that poured in throughout the day. For larger masses, people would come and stand for the service. Still do in some Orthodox venues. Gamers sometimes like pews, but they're anachronistic.

    35. Klangark on

      So I need a second printer for this (and one more for resin printing)

    36. Missing avatar

      Phil C

      Thanks Danny herrero!

    37. sander van Beek on

      I would love to see the art on the recently unlocked goals.
      The creators are quiet today, or just in awe ;)

    38. Baphomet

      C’mon, Cobble!

    39. ForestZ - Archdruid of Valoria on

      I swear I have no idea when I'm going to find time to print this, or where I'd store it, but this thing is just so darn beautiful, and such a good deal, I couldn't resist backing it. With all the building KS's I've backed lately, I'm going to have quite the city going at some point.

    40. Shakandara on

      These clothes are clean! Now if we can just Cobble the Square, maybe they wouldn't get so dirty in the first place?

    41. Sir Geekjeff, Valorian Spelunkers Guild on

      Woohoo, the mysterious topper-upper strikes again!

    42. sander van Beek on

      The monks have clean clothes ;)

    43. Danny Herrero on

      For further clarification: I'd say all of those animal minis would be best printed on a resin printer at 28mm scale. You can probably make it work, but things like the legs will be veerrry fragile.

    44. Danny Herrero on

      Ask and ye shall receive Phil:

      Chickens/Hens (very small, and will probably need to use a resin printer): - Fat Hen - Cartoony (IMO) chicken - Skyrim Chicken (most realistic)

      Pigs: - Fat Pig - Sleeping Pig (this one's pretty cute) - Realistic Pig - Peppa Pig ;)

    45. Dawa Fruitman Collaborator on

      @christoffer the main set is close to completion, we have been finishing the interiors. Once that is done and doors are fitted we will finish the exterior wall and pack it all up for delivery. We gave ourselves till August but obviously we hope to deliver them sooner. But we want them done just right before hand.

      @phil as of yet we haven't been doing any miniatures just terrain. But we would love to down the line. We can see what we can do about finding some links.

      Now let's get that laundry up and running!

    46. Missing avatar

      Russell Wilson on

      We've got bacon boys!

    47. Missing avatar

      Phil C

      So now that we have the amazingness of hen coops and(practically) the decadence of pig styes. Will these come with their associated animals? Or links on where to find them?

    48. Christoffer Stilling on

      Fantastic set. This is the second Kickstarter I've ever backed, and the first one consisting of .stl files. Really looking forward to printing these! How much of the main set is already done? Would it be possible to get those files sooner, so we can get started. A lot of printers will have their work cut out for them the coming months!

      Also, go Brewery! (A man can dream)

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