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PINCH!  Our smallest Titanium multi tool to date!  Packing 11+ functions in under 1.5" x .5".  The go-to tool when you're in a Pinch!
PINCH! Our smallest Titanium multi tool to date! Packing 11+ functions in under 1.5" x .5". The go-to tool when you're in a Pinch!
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Shipping is Underway!

Posted by Jeff Morin (Creator)

Good news Backers! We're anticipating most of the Pinch fulfillment will be complete within the next few weeks. Your continued patience is much appreciated as we enter this final stretch in the project. We look forward to your Pinch being delivered soon ... and we're sure you're looking forward to it too ;)   

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    1. Marjorie Gore on

      Just got mine in Atlanta, I thought it was supposed to be metric on one side and the other side imperial.Both sides are the same and they don't line up with any ruler I have. The 1/4 hole is accurate. I did receive a coupon for 15% off my next order from Metal Dreamer, but with the issues with this one, I am not sure I want to give them any more business.

    2. matthijs heijmans

      haven't received mine yet (NL)

    3. Missing avatar

      Wincent Balin on

      Received mine today (DE). The metric scale is correct on both sides. Thank you very much, Jeff!

    4. Steven Yoders on

      I'm somewhat relieved to see that these are NOT being shipped out yet. Since they have taken so long to produce I've changed addresses in the meantime. Now I see that the markings aren't accurate either? Lesson learned I guess. If you ever do produce and ship my order ping me to get my new address. I might have moved again by the time it actually happens.

    5. Sam Jaggs

      Nothing yet..(AUS)

    6. Missing avatar

      David Davies on

      I haven't received mine (UK). :-(

    7. Amanda on

      Any shipping updates? I'm in the US and still don't have one/haven't seen a recent update -thanks!

    8. Missing avatar

      Anil Arora on

      Would also welcome an update on when we can expect these, am in the UK.

    9. Dave Pekala on

      Received mine today and it's 1 1/8" between the two widest marks.

    10. Harvey Haines on

      Just got mine a few minutes ago. It's neat and all, but the ruler is WAYYYYYY off. This was purchased for my super-duper picky girlfriend who is a mechanical engineer currently in the process of getting her doctorate. Without an accurate inch, this thing will mostly be an annoyance to her.

      So... What're we doing about the numerous complaints of a bad inch?

    11. Nick D. Clements

      Mine arrived today! Thank you! It looks great!

    12. Allan Kukral on

      Any chance on a shipping update?

    13. Missing avatar

      Nick O. on

      Just like all the other comments below... wondering when the orders are ACTUALLY being shipped? Can we please get an answer, update, estimate, smoke signal, anything?

    14. Missing avatar


      Regretting backing this. Nothing received and no tracking info or replys to backers questions. Not good at all.

    15. MentatYP

      "Underway" is a very loose term.

    16. ThomasNagle

      Haven't received anything as of yet ? Was wondering what, if anything is going on with the shipping? Are there some sort of delays we were supposed to hear about ? Let me know what's going on? Thanks Tom

    17. Ian 'Smurf' Murphy

      When are we to expect them in the UK?

    18. Missing avatar

      Sara Watts on

      I also would like to know how these are being shipped.(UPS, USPS, FedEx) I still don't have mine.

    19. Missing avatar

      Sam Bakshian on

      I haven't gotten mine yet.

    20. Missing avatar

      Steve Nadeau

      you notified us weeks ago that shipping was being done... when are you shipping haven't received mine yet

    21. Sherri Vogt on

      I have not received my ti pinches. Please contact me, thanks!

    22. Missing avatar

      Brant on

      What sort of shipping notification if any should we be looking for? Post office? UPS? FedEx? I'm hoping to get mine soon :-) thanks!

    23. MentatYP

      It's just the light. Don't worry.

    24. Missing avatar

      Ganesh Bhat on

      yeah, why does it look purple? nothing like campaigned pic.

    25. Simply Amanda on

      They look purple in this picture. I'm excited to get mine.

    26. Slaven Manning on

      Hey Jeff, my shipping address has changed since the beginning of the project. Where do I go to update my address? Thanks! Slaven Manning