BatteryBot: The Fun Mobile Device Charger with Personality!

by Evan Blaustein

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    1. Chris Smith on

      We like the Despicable Me, Doctor Who, Android, and Futorama Battery Bot Deigns.

      Your neighbors,
      Hendren Associates

    2. Missing avatar

      Deirdre Baker on

      Futurama would be incredible!

    3. Eric on

      CatBug with Sugar peas so awesome!

    4. Sam Mied on

      I like the cat bug, minion and bender ones the most.

    5. Dinelle Sinclair on

      Doctor Who - Tardis, absolutely YES!
      for Peanuts I'd only get it if it was Snoopy.

    6. Missing avatar

      brainwash on

      Awww totorobot wants!

    7. Chris Russell on

      You have the MLP License, I'd love to see Celestia and Luna as a BatteryBot.

      That said, Catbug looks adorable!

    8. Deena Blackorby Cates

      Doctor Who's Tardis...I love it! Would absolutely buy it at once. Futurama is cool and I like the idea of Peanuts (but only as Snoopy), but LOVE Tardis!

    9. Gabriel "X" Solis on

      TOTORO-BOT !!! I want !! n_n

    10. Raymond Ng on

      despicable me and pokemon for sure!

    11. Missing avatar

      Erik Vanderhagen on

      Oh man, the TARDIS and minion designs are pure win. How awesome would a Stimpy or Rocko one be?

    12. Lauren Nopenz on

      Oh my gods, I can not TELL you have excited I am to see the TARDIS up there in the concept designs!

      I am praying (literally, on my knees, arms raised) that this design goes through. I would just die of excitement!

      You guys do great work, proud to support you!!

    13. Missing avatar


      I would buy the TARDIS and the Minion in a heartbeat!

    14. Missing avatar

      Brea Taylor-Munro on

      I LOVE Totoro! I would get that in a second!

    15. Caleb Hopkins on

      OH MY GOD!! I would absolutely LOVE Minion Dave!!! :D

    16. kate patterson on

      i would get the minion, ninja turtle, and maybe peanuts if it had snoopy.

    17. Missing avatar

      GD on

      I LOVE Minion Dave, Totoro, and Pikachu! I am so happy to see Totoro there because I thought that he wasn't well known. Lol I would definitely want Totoro and Minion Dave! :) seeing this made my day. Thank you.

    18. Missing avatar

      Sabrina Alexandra on

      If these licenses work out, I'm contemplating leaving a second pledge... I mean, two batterybots are better than one, right?

    19. Missing avatar

      Thomas Boutilier on

      Would love to see a licensed TARDIS batterybot but I would think that for generic characters there would be a plethora of choices such as Frankenstein's monster or Zeus would be obvious choices. How about Nikola Tesla for a licensed character?

    20. Karin Martinez on

      Love the minion and the TARDIS! How about a Dalek?

    21. Missing avatar

      Matthew Hoffman on

      OMG! need Tardis, Minion and pokemon for the kids- but the minion is all mine!! Bwah hahaha

    22. frank yee on

      like everyone else the tardis is a must have. the others i would like too like bender, leo, and spongebob. one thing i really want is marvin martian or other looney tunes.

    23. F. Chan on

      Oh, yea Tototro!

    24. Pretam Banger on

      sweet. Designs look awesome especially the android one. My android battery bot would be charging my android phone : ) But can you please make the BMO /Beemo into a battery bot though

    25. Missing avatar

      .zannah. on

      Totoro + Pikachu!

      I'd also add in a vote for BMO in the future, please!

    26. Missing avatar

      smccorriston on

      TARDIS and Snoopy!

    27. Margaret Sayle

      Tarsus and Totoro, so awesome!!

    28. Missing avatar


      I'd have to go with the minion and TARDIS, although I'd like those as flash drives as well. I second the vote for Firefly, but would love a Weeping Angel too.

    29. Jordi on

      Bender! what about some Dragon Ball characters? I would be awesome!!

    30. Pat Wendt on

      I would be blissfully happy with either Totoro or Minion Dave!

    31. Adrian on

      I want a han solo battery! That being said, I would happily settle for Bender's shiny metal a$$.

    32. Shawn McNaughton on

      Minion Dave all the way! There is just something awesome about a Minion powering up my device!

    33. Paul Peria on


    34. Heather Thompson on

      I would be uber excited for a Minion and/or Tardis bot :)

      I'm in full support of Leonardo as well.

      Thanks for sharing the process with us, it's really fun to be apart of.

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      JenniferJennifer Marten on

      Hi guys,
      Just looking at your kickstarter I notice that the donations have slowed down a bit. I really want to see this project become a reality so maybe you should increase the number of the 40$ backers allowed. I dont know if you can even do this but I just thought I would say something! Also Pikachu is amazing and I would love one!

    36. Nguyen Nhat Linh on

      Minion and Tardis! Love them

    37. Tina Good

      Definitely the Tardis! And I'll add another Firefly request... As for other Doctor Who ideas, how about an Adipose? They'd definitely fit in with the 'cute, but creepy' attitude of a lot of the Mimoco standards....

    38. Missing avatar

      Adrian G Tuazon on

      I'd probably go for the Pikachu or Bender one. However, might I suggest something from My Little Pony? Any pony will do, but an electric shocked Derpy (known as "Fan Favorite" pony) or a Princess Celestia (power from the sun theme). I'm fairly certain if you throw on a mock-up of a pony BatteryBoy it'll get plenty of attention from the fans!

    39. Missing avatar

      justine on

      seriously torn between tardis, pikachu, and totoro!

    40. Tobias Fiebiger on

      Tardis or Bender HELL YEAH! :)