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BatteryBot is the world's 1st & only character-based rechargeable backup battery for smartphones, tablets & mobile devices, by Mimoco!
1,249 backers pledged $88,202 to help bring this project to life.

Happy Halloween!

Posted by Evan Blaustein (Creator)


Trick or treat, Kickstarters?! We are now 450+ strong, 40% funded, and a Kickstarter Staff Pick! Thank you all for your support as we work to make BatteryBot a reality.

Halloween is one of our favorite days of the year at Mimoco, and to show our appreciation this glorious Halloween 2013, we only have treats for our loyal BatteryBot backers ^_^

In the spirit of Halloween, we want to use this update to shine the spotlight on our Kickstarter exclusive design, Terry Le Bat, which is available at all BatteryBot reward levels above $40.

Terry Le Bat KS Exclusive BatteryBot!
Terry Le Bat KS Exclusive BatteryBot!

Terry Le Bat could not be a more perfect BatteryBot mascot. He’s a bat! ...and he’s a battery! Hence, ‘Terry for short. He’s a nocturnal creature, thriving in the wee hours of the night – waiting and ready for exactly that moment when your mobile needs a jolt after a long day of heavy use. And as you know Terry is a KS exclusive, which is why he sports the colors of KS with green highlights on his sleek black BatteryBot body.

For our first treat we’ve cooked up a fun Terry Le Bat wallpaper, because who doesn't like bats?! You can download the zip file here with wallpaper sizes for your desktop, mobile, and tablet.

Terry Le Bat wallpaper!
Terry Le Bat wallpaper!

Our second treat is a behind the scenes look at the character design evolution of Terry Le Bat. He wasn’t always looking so sly. In fact, as you can see from the art below, previous iterations had blood dripping from Terry’s fangs (too messy), or wide-eyed and rosy cheeked with a “K” crown on his head (too cute), or all face with gaping wide mouth (too scary and ugly)! What do you think? Did we choose the right incarnation of Terry Le Bat as our Kickstarter exclusive?

Terry Le Bat character design evolution
Terry Le Bat character design evolution

We also want to thank you for posting your licensed characters suggestions in the comments sections. So far responses include Star Wars, Minecraft, Bruce Lee, Einstein, Hello Kitty, Badtz Maru, Adventure Time, My Little Pony, Futurama, Walking Dead, Back To The Future, Judge Dredd, Indiana Jones, Big Bang Theory, Batman, and Magic the Gathering! Please keep the suggestions rolling along.

Lastly, we are happy to offer each of you a special coupon code that you can use to secure 13% off everything on, including already discounted MIMOBOT items from our Halloween promotion. Both the 13% and the Halloween deal expire at midnight PST tonight, so a solid ten hours to save 13% or much more! Use code TerryLeBat13 at checkout to receive your KS exclusive discount.

Thank you all, and have a very happy (and safe) Halloween!

~Evan and the Teamoco at Mimoco

PS - please feel free to share this update with your friends because who doesn't like bats (or a good deal)?!


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    1. Rachel (LoveMyFire) on

      Never mind, I was too hurried and just saw Evan's reply. Doh! Thanks for the clarification!

    2. Rachel (LoveMyFire) on

      As Steven asked, I also was one of the early 250 at $40 backers and definitely wanted Terry Le Bat. Just want to confirm that us early folks get to have Terry too! :)


    3. Arleen W. on

      I like the last design of its hands pointed together which is similar to final design, makes it looks like "why yes tell me about it muahahaha"
      Love the final design for Terry Le Bat.

    4. Evan Blaustein Creator on

      @nguyen & @clemons - awesome - thanks! ^_^

    5. Nguyen Nhat Linh on

      I love the second one from the left with bloody messy mouth. He looks at you as if you caught him doing things you had told him not to do many times before. Thank you for sharing :)

    6. Evan Blaustein Creator on

      @steven yes, of course! apologies if that wasn't clear. technically it should read: "...Terry Le Bat, which is available at all BatteryBot reward levels $40 and above." thanks for catching that oversight.

    7. Steven Howearth on

      I am one of the early 250 $40 adopter pledges and want to know if I will be able to get a Terry Le Bat because in the update you state that it's for pledges above $40. Will we be able to choose Terry as our choice?

    8. Clemons Kunkel AKA Super Professor on

      What a great Idea. Add thank you. I am going to do the same when I come up with a Idea to give to the people for just being a follower. I think your Ideas are Cool. Maybe one day I can have your make something for me. I hope so. I like your Creativity. Keep up the Awesome Job.