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BatteryBot is the world's 1st & only character-based rechargeable backup battery for smartphones, tablets & mobile devices, by Mimoco!
BatteryBot is the world's 1st & only character-based rechargeable backup battery for smartphones, tablets & mobile devices, by Mimoco!
1,249 backers pledged $88,202 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Evan Blaustein Creator on

      @ Jenny - Sorry for the delay here! If you could forward all questions and concerns to our customer service email (, we'll be able to help you our there. :)

      Community Manager

    2. Jenny Bunyon on

      Haha my bot broke! I had it probably 8months? Not charging devices anymore

    3. Evan Blaustein Creator on

      @ Jack - If you could contact us through our customer service email (, we will be able to further assist you on this matter.

      Community Manager

    4. Missing avatar

      Jack Lee on

      I just realized I never received the Darth Vader charger. Could you look into this for me?

    5. Evan Blaustein Creator on

      @ Maxwell - No, the batteries are not epoxied in, however we strongly recommend that you do not try to exchange the batteries once they start wearing down. Even if you are well versed in batteries, it is still very dangerous to try and remove lithium ion batteries from a secure housing.

      Community Manager

    6. Missing avatar

      maxwell brown on

      @Evam Blaustein. Actually i did have a question. While i was fixing it i was diggin around and noticed it uses 2 18650s but i was unable to get them out of the housing. Are they epoxied in? Just curious because i do use the little guy a lot and was thinking of upgrading its batteries once the stock batteries start to wear down.

    7. Evan Blaustein Creator on

      @ Maxwell - We're so glad that your Terry had an easy fix! Make sure to let us know if you have any repair questions in the future.

      @ Peter - Thank you for informing us about your Tube. I sent a reply message to your email and will continue with the Tube support there. :)

      Community Manager

    8. Missing avatar

      Peter Lee on

      Is anyone else having power problems with their mimopower tubes? I've only used mine a couple of times, but I've noticed that it does not retain its charge for long. I'll charge it and then try using it to try my phone a few days later, only to see that its dead. Is it supposed to drain this quickly?

    9. Missing avatar

      maxwell brown on

      I forgot to mention I got mine many months back haha. I've been using my Terry Le Bat every day. Only thing I noticed was the rubberized coating on his feet and base got rubbed off pretty easily. I ended up just rubbing all the coating off so now he has shiny feet.

      Then I accidentally got the USB port squished and popped the solder joints . Luckily it seems like the USB port itself was very well soldered in (I had a cable plugged in and it was in a bag, bag got squished, pushed the port into the housing) so the USB port itself never popped off the PCB, but the power/data pins popped up. I just had to straighten the port back out as it was still attached to the PCB and solder the pins back in place. 5 min fix.

    10. Evan Blaustein Creator on

      @ SHL We're sorry to hear that your Powly Owly's USB connection isn't fitting properly. If you would like to send a message to our customer service team ( we'll get Powly fixed up for you. :)

      Community Manager

    11. Missing avatar


      Is anyone else who got one of the "regular" BatteryBots having USB issues? My cute little owl was working just fine but now the regular USB connection in the BatteryBot seems to be loose and I have to firmly hold the plug against the BatteryBot in order to get it to charge my phone. This is the only one that I'm having a problem with, all of my other BatteryBots are fine...

    12. Rithrade

      So the R2-D2 is fantastic, or so says the receiver of this very very very very late gift.

      I would buy one my self except I think I deserve a discount... :P

    13. kate patterson on

      yes can i get another coupon i would like to use that 50% coupon to buy another mimobot. what happened to the lobster mimobot i see other that are for sale still but not that one

    14. Evan Blaustein Creator on

      @ Jeremy - I'm sorry about that! Looking at the code you have it's set to give 50% off of everything except for MimoPowerBots. That default should have been changed for your backer coupon. I'll send you a new right now!

      Laura the Community Manager

    15. Jeremy Parker on

      So i tried to use that coupon you sent us for half off our whole order and it doesn't work on everything just select items?

    16. Evan Blaustein Creator on

      @ Carmela - Mimoco did not charge you a VAT tax, that is a fee required of your government and not something that we have any control over. As expressed previously, we are unable to cover those fees enforced by local agencies in the case of international backer shipments. However, if there's a discrepancy on the paperwork that resulted in you being taxed incorrectly that is concerning and we’re more than happy to investigate the matter further for you. Please send over a copy of the receipt or any additional paperwork you may have for the fees you paid to I’m putting our service team on notice and your email will be addressed the moment we receive it. I’m sorry that this has been such a trouble for you.

      @Sean – Yes, your reward is already in the UK! I just sent you a message with the tracking number.

      Laura the Community Manager

    17. Missing avatar

      Sean Jones on


      Are you able to confirm that my reward has been despatched?

      Many thanks


    18. Carmela Preciado on

      I paid $120 for 3 batterybots. The customs form you filled out and that I was taxed for claims the value at $180. You overcharged me on VAT tax. As far as I'm concerned, your company lied to the USPS.
      I was overcharged because your company doesn't understand how the postal system works?
      Why did your company do that? Who did that? In your two year delay of this product finally being made, why didnt you have anyone question what international shipping is like, or figure out an efficient way to do so? Why did you lie on the value of these?

      I also backed this project 2 years ago when I lived in America, when shipping wouldn't have been a problem. At the point that I asked for my bots to be shipped to my new UK location, it could have been pointed out that I'd incur additional fees. Why didn't anyone bother? Tell me again: how is this not your fault?

      You need to do something about this. Explain this to me again.

    19. Evan Blaustein Creator on

      @ Carmela - We're sorry that we let you down due to the delays surrounding our campaign. We did our best to deliver the most accurate shipping estimates as they were provided to us by the factory. Regrettably there were many factors that caused key dates to change between our backer updates.

      Regarding the additional expense you were faced with we unfortunately are unable to assist you in covering that cost. We cannot cover the cost of taxes, fees, or other expenses that may be enforced by local government agencies in the case of international backer shipments.

      Laura the Community Manager

    20. Carmela Preciado on

      I'm really, really disappointed that I had to pay £36.20 ($52) for VAT and clearance in order to receive my bots' box today. As excited as I would have liked to be to finally receive these, I'm mad that it took so long, was lied to during the process, and then had to pay a huge additional charge on top of everything.
      Mimoco, can you please do something about this? I am incredibly frustrated.

    21. Dane Winton on

      My Terry LeBat arrived yesterday! Impressed with both the look and quality, very nice :D

    22. Missing avatar

      Nur Farahin Salleh on

      Just received my Terry LeBat KS edition all the way from singapore!! It's so pretty and totally worth the wait!! Good job guys! :)

    23. Cam Collins on

      I just want to drop a quick comment to say that my Terry LeBat arrived just in time for holiday travel. Looks so cool, and works great! Thanks, guys. :)

    24. Evan Blaustein Creator on

      @ Andrew - We're glad to hear you're enjoying your MimoPowerBots! For an explanation regarding the box please read our latest update here:

      Laura the Community Manager

    25. Missing avatar

      Andrew R Diaz on

      Just received my collector set of ten original batterybots (they are so awesome) but the special collector’s case was not included. Any idea when that might ship?

    26. Evan Blaustein Creator on

      @ Tiffany - Please email us at! Our team is happy to see what solutions we can offer you.

      @ Kelvin - Our most recent update goes into some explanation regrading the Collector Sets. We'll be responding to your private message on here shortly and hope we can shed some light on the situation for you.

      Laura the Community Manager

    27. Kelvin Tong

      I just received my pledged today but was disappointed that my I did not get the Mimobots that was pledged as follows:

      Shocky Shark
      Turbo Turtle
      Powah Kowah

      I also did not get the limited edition collector case as pledged. They were also not hand-numbered limited edition.

      Can you explain to me what is going on here?

    28. Tiffany Walsh on

      Also, there was no case as was mentioned in the reward text. Thank you! :)

    29. Tiffany Walsh on

      Ah...just arrived today.

      I noticed that I got 2 adventure time and 2 Star Wars packs instead of the Turtle, Shark, Cow, and Galaxor. I don't mind getting the Star Wars ones, but I really wanted, at least, the Shark and Galaxor. Is it possible to get those somehow?

    30. Tiffany Walsh on

      Any updates on when the collector's sets are going to be shipped? Thank you!

    31. Evan Blaustein Creator on

      @ Eva - We're sorry about that. Yes, you should have a second set of adapter cables for your second bot. Send us an email, we'll be able to get another set right out to you!

      Laura the Community Manager

    32. Missing avatar

      Eva Lo on

      Hi! I ordered 2 battery boys and only received one set of adapter cables....I know it was not one per backer because my sister got 2 sets of adapter cables. Any way for me to get another set?

    33. Evan Blaustein Creator on

      @ Kirsten - If you haven't already done so please reach out to us at Having joined late in the project I don't have an explanation for where the mix up may have happened, however, I can say that we are absolutely willing to assist you in resolving this matter.

      @ Jennifer - Your reward has not yet gone out. We believe that all rewards will be sent out by next week. I'll post an update as soon as the final batches leave our office. We apologize for the delay, but you will be getting your Battery Bot soon!

      @ Nerissa - Excellent! I'm glad you got it straightened out. :)

      Laura the Community Manager

    34. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Zambernard on

      Can you let me know when I might receive my batterybot?

    35. Missing avatar

      Kirsten Schluter on

      Okay, I'm SUPER upset. I just got a facebook message from the person who lives in my old apartment. Apparently even though I requested twice to have my address updated since I've moved, you still sent my Batterybot to the new address. They've apparently assumed it's a gift and have been using it, when I've been waiting for it for what? Three years now? This is so frustrating--- I've been waiting forever and now I have to hope these strangers are willing to mail me the bot, or I'm out my money.

    36. Nerissa on

      Thank you, I change the cord to the iOS one, seems to be charging and working. Thanks for the help.

    37. Evan Blaustein Creator on

      @ Nerissa - Have you done a system update on your iOS device recently? Occasionally when Apple releases new updates it can cause brief lapses in support for third party accessories. I would suggest first trying the original cable that your iOS device came with. Is it that your MimoPowerBot doesn't work at all with your iPad or just that you get that message stating it may not work? If you're still having trouble with it please reach out to us at, we're happy to troubleshoot further with you and get to the bottom of this!

      Laura the Community Manager

    38. Nerissa on

      I'm trying to use this for my iPad but it doesn't work says "THIS CABLE OR ACCESSORY IS NOT CERTIFIED and may not work reliably with this phone"

      How do I get this to work?

    39. Evan Blaustein Creator on

      Hey Backers! I just wanted to give you all a heads up that we'll be on the road working a trade show from January 5th to January 10th. Our shipping department will still be sending out rewards during that time, but I won't be available to follow-up with your individual comments and emails until the 11th. Please forgive any delayed replies from our team until then.

      Laura the Community Manager

    40. Evan Blaustein Creator on

      @ Flossie - Our shipping department is still sending rewards out at this time though a good majority of them have already been delivered to our backers. I just checked the status on yours and it looks like its leaving our office within the next couple of days. We're sorry for the delay to yourself and other backers who have not yet gotten their rewards.

      Laura the Community Manager

    41. flossie on

      Still waiting on my order. I'm in a state of disbelief hearing Best Buy is selling SW mimobots when I'm still waiting on mine--and that the price is so much lower than what I paid. You should do more for your backers than just a coupon to spend more money with you. It's a bit ridiculous.

    42. Evan Blaustein Creator on

      @ Alonzo - Thanks for reaching out to us. We sent you an email on December 16th advising that we didn't have a reward choice from you and would not be able to fulfill your pledge until you got back to us. We'll send you another email right now to clear this up and get your PowerBot choice out to you!

      Laura the Community Manager

    43. Alonzo Turner on

      December 30th and I still haven't received my BatteryBot. Will I ever receive it? Did anyone else actually receive theirs yet?

    44. Evan Blaustein Creator on

      @ Richard - I took a look into our records and it looks your PowerTube was shipped and delivered to you in November of 2014. Please reach out to our customer service rep at, we're happy to look into this further for you. :)

      Laura the Community Manager

    45. Ron Mirasol on

      got my R2-D2 the day before X-Mas. didn't receive a tracking email, so for those of you still waiting, it may just show up for you in the mail.

      on top of the packaging is a sticker saying "limited edition 8/100" or something of that nature. not sure if that's the definition of irony. :) normally at this point, I'd write about my impressions of the product, but I'm on the road for the holidays, but in the time since I pledged for this project I've acquired two dependable (and much less expensive) portable batteries that are essentials in my travel kit.

      I asked my wife if she wanted it - despite her being a Star Wars fans, she said she thought it wouldn't be practical. she's already got a much larger battery - sure it's a black rectangular object, but her phone stacks up nicely on top of it when she's using it.

      so, not sure what I'll do with it now. if I was a less scrupulous person, I'd try to "return" it to Best Buy for store credit.

    46. Richard Chun on

      Received my pledge package but it's missing the mimopower 2600. Can you please send that too?

    47. Missing avatar


      @Carmela - The lesson I've learned at this point is to not buy anything made by Mimoco because they obviously no longer care about the customer. It really is only about the bottom line for them now (as evidenced by the fulfillment of their "wholesale customers'" order(s) before ours), which is sad because I remember back when they still cared.

    48. Evan Blaustein Creator on

      @ Carmela - We didn't know what price point our wholesale customer would choose to sell the Star Wars BatteryBots at or when they would put them on store shelves. We made them aware of our efforts to fulfill Kickstarter rewards prior to SW MPBs being available to the public and gave them our suggested retail price. We have no control over the retail pricing a wholesale customer uses in their stores. The high defect rate during production with R2-D2 changed our fulfillment timeline. Had that not happened, R2-D2 rewards would’ve been in backers hands by September/October, with our wholesale customer placing SW MPBs in store months later. In short, yes, backers interests were in mind during our production schedule and continued to be our focus during talks with our wholesale customer.

      We're sorry that this has happened and we acknowledge what an upset the retailers availability and selling price is for backers.

      General mini-update: MimoPowerBot rewards are in three phases. Delivered to backers, in transit, or shipping soon. International backers will unfortunately not be getting their rewards until after the Christmas holiday and backers with incomplete info are being contacted.

      Laura the Community Manager

    49. Carmela Preciado on

      Wow. That's unacceptable.
      Even up to the point that it became obvious I (we, many or most of us) wouldn't receive our bots a year and a half later than expected and in time for Christmas, I was still excited to get them. I was on board with the updates saying this was detrimental to your company, as frustrating as it was for us to wait. But... it wasn't. You could have even just told us that would have been the case, to look out for bots on sale for less than we paid, sooner than expected. And you didn't. You haven't apologised, either. Those actions, much more than the missed promised deadlines over the last two years, show that you didn't have your backers' interest even in mind with your production schedule. You've just told us that the lesson to be learned is *not* to buy from you directly, but to go to retailers for a cheaper and faster product.
      Lesson learned, I suppose?

    50. Evan Blaustein Creator on

      @ Jeremy – Yes, Star Wars MimoPowerBots are available for sale in Best Buy. We’ve maintained the same prices for the MimoPowerBots since we made them available for pre-order and offered our suggested retail pricing to our wholesale customer. Unfortunately, we don’t have any control over the price point that they chose to set as a retailer. In the case of Darth Vader we were able to fill backer rewards long before anyone else got them. We tried relentlessly to accomplish this same task in the case of R2-D2. However, the high defect rate with R2-D2 dramatically altered our timeline and when that design was completed, we had to get units out to backers and our wholesale customer back to back. Regretfully those events coincided and Best Buy put their units on sale at a time when many backers have not yet received their R2-D2 MimoPowerBots despite us shipping them out as soon as we received them in our office.

      Laura the Community Manager

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