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Shadows of Brimstone is a fast-paced, Cooperative, dungeon-crawl boardgame set in the Old West, and mixed with Unspeakable Horror!
4,727 backers pledged $1,341,305 to help bring this project to life.

News and info! Schedule Update! Plastic Figures! Rulebook PDF is available for download!

Posted by Flying Frog Productions (Creator)

Hello Brimstone Fans-

      Hope your Summer is going well.  We've been mostly shut inside, huddled in front of the cold light of computer monitors, toiling to get the game to you as soon as possible.  The good news is that things are coming along pretty well.  On to the info...

Things We Have Learned

1) Working so publicly is strange.  While we have done many games and expansions before Shadows of Brimstone, this is by far the biggest project we have ever undertaken.  It's also very different working rather publicly.  So many people are along for the crazy ride leading up to the release.  Something that seems to surprise most people is that we don't have details finalized months and years in advance.  In the past, we have been so down to the wire leading up to Gen Con that we were not sure until the week of the show if we would have a particular new game in time to sell advanced copies at the show.  The truth is that there are always variables with production, shipping, customs, etc. and we never really know for sure that we will have a product until we see it with our own eyes.  Rather than make specific promises, we try to give realistic windows for ship times.  With many people watching and waiting, it can seem like we are withholding information, but in actuality, there are details that we do not have 100% certainty about yet.

2) This game is way bigger and more expensive than we thought it would be.  This is our first game with larger scale (35mm) hard plastic, hobby quality game miniatures.  As it turns out, these models are more expensive and the molds take longer to tool.  Also, the hard plastic is rigid and, therefore, the molds have little to no margin for error with undercuts.  The printing is also more expensive than we had predicted because we have a huge amount of intricately die-cut game boards and counters in each core set.  So, some of our predicted retail prices during the Kickstarter were too low.  For example, the Core Sets were each estimated as MSRP of $85, but the actual Retail Release MSRP will be $99.95.  The Paint Sets were each estimated at MSRP $35, but the actual Retail Release MSRP is $40 (you guys will still be able to buy them for $25 in the Pledge Manager!).  What does this mean to you, the backers?  It means you're getting an incredible deal!  For those that backed at the Outlaw Level, you're getting all of those stretch goals which will cost a lot more than anticipated - the actual value is ludicrous for the $150 price you are paying.  For MineCart Level backers,  we honestly may lose money for each of those after everything is produced and shipped.  But, never fear, we are continuing to push forward and making things happen.  Just know that you guys will be getting an amazing deal! 

GenCon 2014

As you all know, GenCon is our biggest show of the year and a huge opportunity to get the word out and start some good buzz for new game releases like Shadows of Brimstone! This year is no different and we have been working around-the-clock for months to have the game ready to begin shipping to backers in August and to have a small pre-release at the show! Because of the manufacturing schedule, we will not begin receiving actual shipments from the factory until late August.  Because GenCon is so important to our business and the marketing of the game, we are having a very (very) limited number of Core Sets air-freighted directly at great expense to be able to make a big splash at GenCon 2014!  More than anything, this is a big marketing push to get the press and public some hands-on time with the game and start building the excitement and retail interest for the game’s retail release this Fall.

Though we will be selling a very small number of copies of the Core Sets to the public at GenCon at its final retail release price of $99.95 (for marketing and to help offset the costs of doing the show), we understand that this can be a sensitive issue for a Kickstarter project. Rest assured that we will be shipping out copies of the Core Sets to Kickstarter backers as soon as we start receiving the full shipments of the game from manufacturing, before the game is released to retail and distribution later this Fall.

Also, we are flying in (at great expense) a limited number of Core Sets that will be set aside at GenCon for KS backer pick-up!

KS Backer Pick-up At GenCon

We will have 50 copies of the two Core Sets available for Kickstarter backers to pick up their copies at the show. Because of the limited number of copies available, we will be doing an RSVP system that allows any backers that will be attending GenCon 2014 to email us to get on the list.  To be fair to everyone attending GenCon, if we have more than 50 backers who want to pick up their Core Sets at GenCon, then we will randomly select 50 backers who have emailed to be on the RSVP Pick-up List for GenCon Pick-up.

If you are interested in a GenCon pick-up for your Kickstarter pledge copies of the Core Sets, you must have the following:

- You are an Outlaw Level Backer or higher

- You will be picking up one copy of each of the two different Core Sets (2 games total – the games are big and pretty hefty, so make sure you have a way to get them home)

- You must have your Driver’s License or valid ID showing the same name of the owner of the Kickstarter account that pledged during the campaign (for security reasons, friends and family are not eligible to pick up your games for you)

You have from the posting of this update until 11:59 PM PST on Sunday July 27 to send in your email to to be eligible for GenCon Pick-up. Please no more than one email per backer.

The Subject line of the email must state “GenCon 2014 SOBS Core Set KS Pick-Up” as well as your Kickstarter Backer ID/user name.

The RSVP Pick-up List will be posted within a few days of the RSVP deadline to announce the final list of those eligible for GenCon Pick-up. This list will be posted using Kickstarter IDs/screen names, and each of the backers on the pick-up list will be notified by email as well.  If we have more than 50 backers wanting to be on the list, it will be generated randomly from all eligible email entries/requests we receive.

Once the RSVP Pick-up List is finalized, backers that are on the list have from the start of the GenCon 2014 show until 11:00 AM on Sunday August 17 to come to the Flying Frog Booth #933 and pick up their two Core Sets. After that time, any sets that have not been picked up will be released for sale at the show and any backers that were on the list but did not pick up their Core Sets will have them shipped out as normal when the full shipments of games arrive.

We are definitely excited to have this opportunity to get the game out to you guys as soon as possible!

Core Set Manufacturing and Shipping Schedule

The full shipments of Shadows of Brimstone Core Sets are scheduled to begin arriving at our facility in late August, and we will start shipping out Kickstarter backer copies as soon as possible! Because of the sheer volume of product that will be arriving, it will take several weeks to get all of the Core Sets unpacked, sorted, boxed, and shipped out. This will be a massive undertaking and is being done in-house. We looked into several fulfillment and shipping companies to help us get this done, but the logistics and cost did not fit the budget or timeframe for the project. The Core Sets will be arriving in several huge shipping containers over the course of August and September (possibly spilling into October depending on the ocean cargo schedules). We will make every effort to get Wave 1 (The Core Sets)sent out as efficiently and effectively as possible. We realize that everyone is very excited to get their copies of the game, but please be patient as this is a complex, expensive, and time-consuming process, and we want everything to be done correctly.

We will be packing and shipping out Wave 1 (The Core Sets) predominantly by region and will have more information on this as we get closer to the completion/arrival date of the games.


We are very excited to report that we have received some of the actual plastic production figures from China!  There was some question about the specifics of the figures for a long time.  Shadows of Brimstone is not just a boardgame, it's more of a hobby boardgame - with a heavy miniature component.  This is the type of game where many fans will want to paint their figures.  Some will want to modify their figures, too.  Possibly cutting the head off of one and gluing it to another.  Or, as your Hero progresses through the game, he or she may gain mutations, such as a tentacle arm or a tail - some people may want to model those mutations onto their figure.  To make models that suit all of these purposes, we created them at a larger scale (35mm) and with a harder plastic that can be cut, filed, and glued easily.  We achieved the best results by producing them on plastic frames called sprues.  They are very simple to clip from the sprue and glue together.  So, a full set of figures can be assembled in about 30 minutes. We also created our own Flying Frog Productions plastic bases in three sizes: 30mm, 40mm, and 60mm.  Standard size models (Heroes, Tentacles, etc.) are on 30mm bases. Large models (such as the Slasher or Night Terror) are on 40mm bases. Huge models (such as the Harbinger and Goliath) are on the largest 60mm base!

Plastic Heroes from Shadows of Brimstone: Swamps of Death.  These are not in the final color - the actual models will be in a darker grey plastic.
Plastic Heroes from Shadows of Brimstone: Swamps of Death. These are not in the final color - the actual models will be in a darker grey plastic.
New Flying Frog Productions model bases in three sizes: 60mm, 40mm, and 30mm.
New Flying Frog Productions model bases in three sizes: 60mm, 40mm, and 30mm.
Plastic Tentacles!  An unspeakable horror game would be nothing without plenty of slimy tentacles!  In the background, you can see the plastic sprue of tentacles before they are glued to the bases.
Plastic Tentacles! An unspeakable horror game would be nothing without plenty of slimy tentacles! In the background, you can see the plastic sprue of tentacles before they are glued to the bases.
A plastic HellBat on a 30mm base.  You can see the sprue with the Hellbat behind the assembled figure.
A plastic HellBat on a 30mm base. You can see the sprue with the Hellbat behind the assembled figure.
The large-sized plastic Slasher model on a 40mm base.  The plastic sprue with the Slasher is behind the assembled figure.
The large-sized plastic Slasher model on a 40mm base. The plastic sprue with the Slasher is behind the assembled figure.

Now, let's take a look at the big guy...the Harbinger!  When we first revealed the Harbinger at the GAMA Trade Show several months ago, people kept saying, "But the real one won't be this big, right?"  Yup.  The model just towers over the Heroes and should be enough to strike fear into the hearts of the bravest Bandido and Lawman alike!

Here is the massive plastic Harbinger next to one of the Heroes for scale.
Here is the massive plastic Harbinger next to one of the Heroes for scale.
Here is a line-up of several of the new plastic production figures so you get a good idea of the scale of the different figures.
Here is a line-up of several of the new plastic production figures so you get a good idea of the scale of the different figures.


Finally, the moment you've all been waiting for...the official PDF of the Rulebook is now online for download.

Please note that each of the Core Box Sets includes a Rulebook (same in both), and an Adventure Book (different for each set).  In the Adventure Books, we have information specific to each set: Background and Upgrade Charts for each of the Heroes in that particular set, Scenarios of that set, Creatures of that set, Miniature Galleries of the figures from that set, etc.

We are posting the Rulebook so that people can read the rules ahead of time and learn the game.  When you receive the game, you'll still have a lot of excitement and surprises in the Adventure Book (or Adventure Books if you got both core sets!). 

We are getting very close now, please stay positive, we're working our butts off to make you the best darn Old West Unspeakable Horror Dungeon-Crawl, RPG-Light, Miniature-Heavy, Theme-Dripping game ever made!  So, here's the new topic of discussion for Brimstone Fans: which enemy are you most excited to face off against in the game?  So many enemies in the core sets are really cool and terrifying - the enormous winged Harbinger Demon or the spiny creepy-crawly Void Spiders!  But, some of the expansion enemies capture the imagination as well - think of taking on the Swamp Raptor deep in the swamps of Jargono or facing the haunting and deadly Necronauts in the derelict ship!  Let us know what you think in the comments.


    Scott & Jason

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    1. Manel Fre3men on

      Spanish translation of this rulebook here:… Traducción al español del Shadows of Brimstone.

    2. Nate Pomeroy on

      Sprues: sigh. I didn't really kickstart this project to give myself a part-time job putting all the figures together, but I suppose it's standard practice for minis gamers, so I'll have to put up with it.

      Other than that. Looks like great stuff. I'm really interested in giving you my shipping details and managing my pledge, assuming this really is coming this fall.

    3. Marcel Zehnder on

      Wow, thank you very much for this update.

      For some time i was worried about this game, if it could fullfill what it promised, but not anymore.

      Just read through all the rules and i must say: this is an enjoyable read and a well written rulebook with lots of examples and so far has left no questions unanswered, that's perfect.
      Now only the adventure book needs to be as good as this one, the campaign system needs to be enjoyable (i hope this somewhat has a story or build up and not just a way of keeping your heroes between random missions) and this game will hit the table so hard i'll have to buy a new one and forever be in remorse because i didnt get the minecart. Just kidding, i got 10.

      I mean, look at those miniatures! They are HUGE! Jeyzus i can't imagine the size of that box...having to put all the miniatures together is a little drawback since it'll take a while but then again, there aren't that many miniatures in the basegame so that's fine. And surely the quality will be really really nice this way. Never done it but they already mentioned there will be a guide in the adventure book :) Good one there again! Not all games have that.

      Game, get in my hands. Now. (Still wondering about those "extra tokens" for house rules and expansions)

    4. James Cachia-Garrett on

      Also when you say you will ship by region, please don't do what CoolMiniorNot has done with Relic Knights and ship most of the US orders then say "yep, that's done" and call it a day without shipping international orders.
      Hopefully getting these out promptly will be a high priority for you guys.

    5. James Cachia-Garrett on

      I doubt they'll publicly announce who made the list as it could cause issues.

      Looking forward to seeing some unboxing and gameplay videos posted during and after GenCon.

    6. Don Rhodes on

      A few have posted that they received the golden email and have been chosen. But the list hasn't been posted yet.

    7. Missing avatar

      Josh on

      Same here - looking to see what 50 are on the list - bring on Gencon 2014!

    8. Adam Rosowicz

      Have the lucky 50 been revealed? Can I stop holding my breath?

    9. Brian Aslin on

      FFP could still be planing to allow a Minecart upgrade, that is since it doesn't have the $75 credit that may be enough for them to not lose money on it.
      At the moment they probably won't know the exact production cost till all tooling has been completed. I expect they are still sculpting some of the stretch goals or minecart extras.

    10. Adam Rosowicz

      Amen to that!

    11. Thes Hunter

      Ok, I know I'm being inpatient, but I just can't wait until they announce the lucky 50 who can pick up their copies at Gen Con!

    12. Mike Brodu on

      You say you might lose money on the Minecarts. Does that mean that you will not allow backers to increase their pledge level from Outlaw to Minecart in the pledge manager?

    13. Ken Hubbard on

      @Granite: Hmm, I agree that mandatory Recovery tokens could lead to weirdness. A player might actually TRY to get KO'd before another player in order to get the full heal. Allowing party-choice of when to use the token could fix that, but it might be fixing a problem that doesn't really exist. Plus, there might be just as much weirdness with optional Recovery, like a popularity contest vote on whether to use it. "Gee, do we really want Bob back in the game? He's kind of a douche...." However, I do like the fact that optional use of Recovery Tokens would add a new tactical decision to the game. As long as the players are all invested in the theme, and trying to win, it shouldn't be a problem. Just a question of whether it throws off the balance a little, but that's probably not a big deal given the amount of randomness in the game.

    14. Granite26 on

      @Ken re #2... yeah, it seems pretty clear, but they gave the normal case and the definitely not case and they skipped the borderline case. Similarly with 1... Rules definitely say that, I was just questioning whether it was intended because it seems like it would lead to some weird meta play that wasn't thematic. For 3: You hit the nail on the head. With the up and down nature of it, though, I'll probably build in wound track, rather than moving tokens around all the time.

    15. Granite26 on

      @Ken, re #2... yeah, it seems pretty clear, if you

    16. Ken Hubbard on

      1. Yes, the rules say the Recovery token must be used at first opportunity. You could easily house rule it to be players' choice of when to use it, but that obviously makes it way more powerful. I figure you would pretty much always hold it for the final battle in that case.

      2. LoS rules seem pretty clear -- only the black border on the map tiles blocks it.

      3. Building up wounds is the norm for FFP games, as is moving around piles of tokens. I see your point, given the number of hit points though -- it's much higher than other FFP products. I might prefer counting DOWN on wounds -- I think it would be a little more dramatic to see your character board with one measly token remaining on it, and knowing you[re about to get hit. With a pile, you'll need to be constantly counting them to see how much health you have left.

      4. They will have character sheets, since there is information that you need to carry over from one game to the next (XP, gold, etc.). I believe one of the add-ons is a pad of character sheets, and I imagine they will have downloadable ones as well.

    17. Forar on

      @Andres: as I recall, they noted during the campaign that one would simply need to add the difference between the Outlaw and the top Mine Cart tier ($480) to upgrade.

      Though if one reads between the lines, I could see them gritting their teeth a little with such upgrades and purchases of multiple Mine Carts if even the top tier ones are losing them money.

    18. Maguila Gorila on

      I pledged Outlaw but I would like to upgrade to Mine Cart. Will I have to increase my pledge to 475 or will the price of Mine Cart rise just like Core sets are getting more expensive?

    19. Lou on

      @granite. They mentioned record keeping sheets during the campaign for inbetween missions. That caused controversy because they said it would be pen and paper

    20. Forar on

      Note that I'm not expressing anger or even frustration here. But having been a part of several highly delayed KS's, I suppose I've developed a bit of a sense for when what is said and reality aren't matching up.

      I believe them when they say they intend to start shipping in August.

      But in order for that to happen, they need our addresses, and to get that info, they need to reach out to us, via the survey, via a PM, whatever, it needs to happen. And with a busy 5 weeks ahead of them, they really can't afford to put it off for much longer.

    21. Forar on

      @Granite: they're going to need our addresses one way or another. They can gather those through the single survey that Kickstarter itself allows them to send out, but with a mere 5 weeks from the end of August, if they sincerely intend to begin shipping to backers by then, they really need to start collecting that data. Assuming they want to give at least a week or two for people to submit info (keep in mind that for some parts of the world, this is prime vacation time), and between the lead up to Gencon and recovering from a crazy week (and whatever con crud they bring back), it's not like the full crew will be at 100% capacity in those days following either.

      Basically, if we're to accept that boxes are going to start going out in August, they really need to reach out to us for at least address info (ideally with a user-adjustable PM, but the survey could work as well, if being a bit more manpower/time intensive to keep on top of messages with changes) in the next 2-3 weeks.

      Or admit that shipping won't start until sometime in September, in which case they still need to get in touch sometime in the next month or so.

    22. Granite26 on

      Rulebook things:

      1: The wording on the revive token ability indicates you MUST use a token to revive. In situations where you're down to the last guy who gets a lucky shot, you'd probably rather sit out a round or two. Feasible?

      2: LoS calculation doesn't give an example of non-walkable squares. I'm guessing you can draw LoS through the crates in the corner (i.e. to a mob on the square between the two mobs in the example), but it's not explicit.

      3: Health tokens : This seems backwards from most games, where you've got HP that reduces, rather than wounds that build up. Given the large number of HP you've got floating around (regularly healing 2d6), why not use a ticker or clip on marker for the board edge. Seems cleaner than moving all the chips around. I could be misreading the frequency of damage.

      4: Any chance of character sheets? Something to store data on between plays? I think the ideal would be a full page pdf with a 'hole' for the character board during play. Maybe a slot slot for the saddle/side bag, with, underneath, lines for storing how much dynamite, etc, you have between plays. Just a thought. I might make my own, otherwise.

    23. Granite26 on

      @Mark They are shipping the initial boxes, not the additional content. Additional content is coming later. I'm guessing that includes additional boxes.

      This enables them, in good faith, to start selling and distributing the core games for an additional revenue stream while they produce the rest of the content we're owed.

      We'll get the PM before they start final production on the additional content.

    24. Lou on

      My question is for the starting items, will there be enough cards for people to run multiple of the same character? That wad a big thing about the campaign running multiples of same character type, so will there be enough starting cards for everyone?

    25. Eddy May on

      Fantastic update! Keep up the good spirits, guys. You're doing an awesome job. I'm looking forward to the final sets this Fall. Best of luck at GenCon although with the samples you're showcasing, I don't think you'll need a lot of luck. ;)

    26. Mark Nash on

      I'm confused, how are they shipping copies in late august but still no pledge manager? Did I miss an announcement or email somewhere?

    27. Brian Aslin on

      If FFP want to get my copy to me early I'll happily make how to assemble vids for each model :D

    28. Andromeda No Shun on

      @Morgan you have a point. I guess I just felt like being a bunghole today haha.

    29. Morgan Vening

      @Andromeda, It's not necessarily a matter of lazy. Some people have physical infirmities that make fine manipulation difficult or impossible. For others, there are a crapload of reasons for why it's no longer something they're interested in, that go beyond just being "lazy", especially in light of having to assemble potentially 300+ figures, and needing to purchase modelling supplies. Wargamers have sprue cutters and superglue as a matter of course. Non-wargamers probably don't.

      Personally, I haven't seen anything that bothers me (I think doombats are the most cumbersome at 5 pieces), and am still look forward to this. But having been on the other side of this with the Robotech Tactics thing, I'm more open to being understanding.

    30. Andromeda No Shun on

      No offense, but to all of those who say they'll never get to play the game if the minis do not come pre assembled... You can't possibly be that lazy right ? I'm really asking.

    31. Missing avatar

      David G Pearson on

      The main problem with super glues like Zap-a-Gap is there short shelf life. They work by reacting with water moisture to turn from liquid into resin. Once you open a bottle it dries out within a month unless you take precautions.
      Model glues like Testors are generally all solvents that work by melting the plastic together. Toluene and MEK are the most common ones, acetone works but generally evaporates too quickly. Toluene works on a wider range of plastics, MEK has a much lower toxicity.

    32. Lou on

      I have no problem with the spures because they did mention some assembly on the minis would be required, so was expecting that. The genecon issue, is ok by me. As they mentioned even raising all the money they did, their profit margin is getting cut to shreds due to quality and quantity. They need to get some extra capital. I have no problem if they decide to ship internationally first, because I just got the good news the other ks I am on is shipping early so I got stuff to play. As for pm not being release, I still don't see a problem. They were always going to ship things in two waves, with core sets and hopefully outlaw exclusive going out first, based on the initial pledges. The upgraded pledging and extras are going to come wave 2. Thanks frogs, yens guys are awesome, rulebook is great.

    33. Daniele Silvi on

      @Michael Rinaldi. Thanks!

    34. Granite26 on

      Reading the rulebook:

      Scavenger tokens seem backwards. Maybe should have had a loot bag instead? Depends on the contents of the tiles, I guess, but I like the idea of a clean tile when it's empty

      Going to need sleeves for the loot and scavenge decks if I'm shuffling after every draw (it is what it is)

      I REALLY like the recover grit on a 1 rule....

    35. MikeR

      Zap-a-Gap is a super glue. It comes in varying thicknesses, the thicker the better at filling gaps at the join. Excellent for metal miniatures.
      Model Master / Testors is a plastic glue only. It is a thinner consistency than tubed "airplane" glue so applies and flows better. It fills gaps as it breaks down the plastic allowing it to soften and rebond to itself.

      TIP: Compare glues or get used to your glue choice by practicing on the plastic of the sprues prior to gluing your miniatures.

    36. Judy Krauss on

      Thanks for the info. How do they compare to the ZAP A GAP stuff that other people were talking about?

    37. MikeR

      @ Judy Krauss -

      Pretty much what Jeff Johnson said. I use Model Master and that works great. It has a fine metal tube for exact glue application. Yes, you have to hold it a little longer than super glue but not too much. Many miniatures have plastic "pins" molded in to help align and hold parts in place (Don't know about Brimstone, yet, of course). And smaller miniature parts aren't heavy enough to "drift" after the pieces set before the glue fully cures. Just don't use too much glue.

    38. Missing avatar

      Jeff Johnson on

      Sorry - forgot one other thing. While you're at the hobby store picking up your glue, ask the clerk about a set of sprue clippers. These things make separating the miniature's parts from the sprues/runners a snap. They usually run between 10 - 15 US dollars. The alternatives to separating parts from the sprues are an x-acto knife (or equivalent) or gently trying to break them off the sprues (don't do this. You'll be sad).

      You may find little extra bits left on the part after you've trimmed it from the sprue (the sprue clippers can only get so close to the part, after all). No biggie. Just use a little bit of sand paper from your local hardware store and gently sand it until it's gone. Any sand paper will do**, there isn't a special kind for plastic models or anything (well, there probably is but I don't use it).

      ** = just be vaguely aware of the grain - finer-grain sandpaper will take a bit longer, but it'll be easier to control exactly what you're sanding.

    39. Missing avatar

      Jeff Johnson on

      As a long time Warhammer 40,000 addict, I've built my fair share of plastic miniatures/models. I use stuff called Plastruct ( It's cheap, it's easy to use, it dries quick and creates a really strong bond. As a bonus, the bond it creates will usually [but not always] fill in the seams**. I use this stuff instead of the normal "airplane glue". You can usually find it behind the counter at any hobby shop. A word of caution - this stuff evaporates pretty quickly, so don't leave it uncapped for any length of time. Also, a well-ventilated area wouldn't hurt, either.

      For those of you folks looking for the "airplane glue" that we all know and love, this is it:…. There are a TON of variations, but this is the one I've used the most. I imagine it'll work just fine putting these guys together, but it'll take a little longer to dry/set than the Plastruct stuff cited above.

      I'd recommend against super glue w/plastic models. The path of super glue is the path to madness and ruin.

      ** = for those of us who like to paint our plastic dollys, filling in seams/joints is a tedious process.

    40. Darryl G on

      After a look at the rules, (thanks by the way) I'm wondering if the static initiative would get boring after awhile. The heroes will always be activating in the same order (unless an item or such would alter that) and the only real difference would be where the monsters fit into that initiative order and what those monsters do. I suppose this encourages trying out different character combinations to keep things fresh, though it might be hard to stop leveling up your 'main'. ;)

    41. Ugo Perillo on

      Very bad that we must build miniatures! I'm not able and must pay someone for it.

    42. Judy Krauss on

      @ Michael Rinaldi: could you give us some examples of "typical plastic model glue" products, so that we can get the right stuff? If it's like the old "airplane glue" though, it takes forever to seal, and you have to hold it in position while it seals or the pieces will slide or fall off, getting glue everywhere that eats into the models. :(

    43. Drake Depew on

      I look at the gencon sales like this: My investment in the product guaranteed I would get it before General release. Gencon isn't general release, else the term 'convention exclusive' would not exist. Furthermore I cannot say that Gencon sales are something I paid for, I paid for overseas boat shipment, If they chose to airlift product that falls outside my portion of the agreement.

    44. Les Fulbrook on

      Just read all of the comments on here about this update.... How are so many people so negative? Product is on its way to the states (hurrah for all you us backers!) Rulebook and miniatures look amazing, some assembly required, not a biggie by any means... It's better than punching out prepunched tokens. Pledge manager would be nice but I can wait happy in the knowledge that it's all looking great.

    45. Triumvirate Games on

      It's so funny to see how different game companies handle GenCon/Kickstarter issues. I will never deal with a certain mecha-based miniature company again. Though, you took steps to make people happy. Sorry the KS pledges won't be as profitable for you, but I'll always back the frog.

    46. Morgan Vening

      @Andrew from Perth, I hope those were on two separate accounts (or one was a early early bird), cause otherwise it's likely that Australian Customs will kick you in the nuts. I'm just thankful the Harvey Law (reducing customs payment threshold from $1000AUS to $20AUS) seems to be dead, at least for now.

    47. MikeR

      Oh, BTW, to those who have never assembled models before, I'd suggest a typical plastic model glue over a super glue. The model glue actually temporarily softens the plastic of each part at the join. When it dries, it has "welded" the pieces together. Superglue, however, is basically the binder. It holds part "A" to part "B" and can break being a third element in the join. Granted, this is a minor concern with plastic rather than metal miniatures. Also, AVOID super glue accelerators like "Zip-Kicker" ... they reduce an already fast drying time at the expense of the strength of the bond.

    48. MikeR

      WOW !!! I cannot wait for this game !! Great update, thank you !!
      I feel bad for another KSer I was funding that didn't meet it's goal but I'm also happy since I can spend those funds adding more to this one !!!

    49. Cartigan on

      Some people are buying this as a miniature Kickstarter, remember?

    50. Forar on

      2 Minecarts?

      .... why two?