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Shadows of Brimstone is a fast-paced, Cooperative, dungeon-crawl boardgame set in the Old West, and mixed with Unspeakable Horror!
4,727 backers pledged $1,341,305 to help bring this project to life.

Wave 2 Update, Blasted Wastes Preview, and a sneak peek inside the Forbidden Fortress!

Posted by Flying Frog Productions (Creator)

Hello Brimstone Gang!

We've been busy finishing up development on the last items from the Shadows of Brimstone Kickstarter and gearing up for our upcoming new Kickstarter - Shadows of Brimstone: Forbidden Fortress!  It uses all of the same rules and gameplay as the original Shadows of Brimstone, but takes the action to feudal Japan, with Japanese themed Heroes and Enemies.  All fully compatible!

Wave 2 Update

First off, let's talk about the status of Wave 2.  Barring any unforeseen delays, we are still on track for starting to ship out Wave 2 packages to backers beginning in December/January. We will be processing Backer Pledges in rounds, as all of the components needed for different pledges arrive from manufacturing in China. With nearly 5,000 backers, it will take several months to get all of these packages packed up and sent out, but we are excited to get the last of the Stretch Goals and Add-Ons into the hands of the backers!

We have been talking with our international distribution partners that will be handling shipping from within the EU, UK, and Australia; making a plan for Wave 2 delivery.  Due to Holiday shipping congestion, they will be ready to begin in the new year.      

At this point, virtually all of the remaining components are complete. All miniatures have been handed off for mold tooling.  That is an important milestone because tooling of the steel molds takes the most time of any part of the process.  Most of the printed components are ready in our warehouse or currently in manufacturing.  But, some printed components are waiting for an open slot for manufacturing at the factories as the end of year/holiday season is a very busy time for manufacturing in China.  Rather than hand off all of the files before there is an open window to start manufacturing, we are continuing to balance test and polish right up until the last minute to make everything as good as possible!

It has been a long production to get everything done, but we are committed to making the very best games that we can and are excited to be nearing the finish line on this massive Shadows of Brimstone KS! 

Blasted Wastes Preview

Much like the Trederra OtherWorld, The Blasted Wastes will be a Deluxe OtherWorld Expansion! That means in addition to the full Map Tile set for the Blasted Wastes and the Wasteland Scavengers Enemy group (as originally listed in the Kickstarter), it will also be filled with tons of new material, including entirely new decks of cards, a new alien Town to visit, many new enemies to fight, and new game mechanics! 

As part of expanding the Blasted Wastes into a Deluxe OtherWorld, we've added a cool new second pose to the Wasteland Scavengers, twice the number of new cards, an alien Barter Town for the Heroes to visit, and instead of Mine Map Tiles on the back, we've added a whole new World for the Old West – The Canyons! All of these changes will be included for free to those backers that are getting the Blasted Wastes OtherWorld (as part of a Mine Cart Pledge, or as an Add-On)! There are also 3 new Enemy Types (Wasteland Heavies/Warlord, Sand Crabs, and tribal Ghost Warriors - an unreached Stretch Goal that we made available in the Pledge Manager) that will be part of the retail release version of this Deluxe Expansion. These will be made available as an Optional Upgrade package to KS backers that want to complete their Blasted Wastes expansion to match the final retail version. More details will be available on how to purchase this Optional Upgrade for these new Enemy groups before Wave 2 starts shipping.    

Day and Night

One major feature of the Blasted Wastes OtherWorld is a Day and Night cycle. On this alien, prison planet, the days are short and blazingly hot, as the blistering suns beat down on those that move across the desert landscape and powerful Dark Stone dust storms sweep across the dunes. But at night, once the suns have set, the sulfur acid pools begin to bubble and boil, creating clouds of toxic mist that settle in the valleys around them. Some of the creatures and inhabitants are also emboldened at night, more aggressive and dangerous to those straying into their hunting grounds.

Wasteland Barter Town

The Blasted Wastes is also home to a new type of Town that the Heroes can visit, The Wasteland Barter Town! Using Scrap and Tech scavenged from the wreckage out in the wastes as currency, Heroes can visit the Scavenger Doc to heal their injuries, using brutal but effective alien tools and remedies, or the Wasteland Workshop to get all manner of post-apocalyptic Upgrades for their Items, even having the alien junksmith construct a set of Wasteland Scrap Armor for them!

The Canyons


Rather than do more Mine Map Tiles on the backside of the Blasted Wastes, we decided to introduce a new Earth environment in the form of The Canyons! These red rock gulch pieces allow the Heroes to adventure through the craggy valleys and white water rivers of the Southwest. With hungry vultures circling overhead, river crossings, flash floods, and tribal Ghost Warriors descending from the hills, The Canyons are not for the faint of heart.

Heroes can even find Exits and Entrances back and forth between the Mines and The Canyons along the way.
Heroes can even find Exits and Entrances back and forth between the Mines and The Canyons along the way.


A man-eating cactus has grown wild in these parts, sprawling over the rocky desert floor and lying in wait for its next victim to stray too close.
A man-eating cactus has grown wild in these parts, sprawling over the rocky desert floor and lying in wait for its next victim to stray too close.

 New Enemies

The Blasted Wastes has more than just Wasteland Scavengers roaming the desert dunes, they are lead by Wasteland Warlords, powerful leaders that whip them into a frenzy while savagely carving a path through any Heroes that would stand in his way. They also have Wasteland Heavies, carrying large and powerful Scrap Cannons into the fight to unleash a torrent of deadly rust bolts at their foes.



The sulfur deserts of the wasteland are also home to many exotic alien creatures, but few are more fearsome than the deadly Sand Crabs! These fiends have thick, armored shells, and large snapping claws, burrowing through the sandy ground to ambush their prey from below.


There is also a new Enemy themed for The Canyons in the form of the Indian tribal Ghost Warriors! These demon-possessed Indian Braves were once human, living in villages on the outskirts of Brimstone when it blew. As the creatures and demons that could take physical form terrorized the inhabitants of the town itself, the formless spirits and demons released swept through the native camps and villages throughout the nearby countryside, taking possession of whole tribes. Now they paint their bodies a ghastly white, roaming the cliffs and canyons, jittering in and out of reality as they stalk unwary travelers and strike out from the shadows of the void to attack!

Another Kickstarter?!?

As mentioned in the last Update, when members of the Flying Frog team completed their Shadows of Brimstone KS work, they began rolling onto the next project… Shadows of Brimstone: Forbidden Fortress! By having this next project lined up, it meant that we could avoid down time for artists and sculptors between projects. In this way, doing a third Core Set for Shadows of Brimstone was a natural choice as it had all of the framework and game engine from the previous two Core Sets, but with some new mechanics, all new content, and a very cool and different theme, starting the Heroes in Feudal Japan.

We learned a lot from our first Kickstarter campaign, and while it was challenging, we are proud of the epic game line that was created.  Not to mention the amazing community that came out of the Kickstarter and continues today.  All of our experiences, lessons learned, and pipelines established have led to our new Kickstarter project for the next chapter in the world of Shadows of Brimstone.

Shadows of Brimstone: Forbidden Fortress

When we decided to do a third Core Set for Shadows of Brimstone, we wanted it to bring something new to the table, beyond simply new content. There have always been strong ties between Feudal Japan and the American Old West, so it seemed like a great way to expand what the world of Shadows of Brimstone is. Thus was born Shadows of Brimstone: Forbidden Fortress!

As a third Core Set for Shadows of Brimstone, Forbidden Fortress can either be played on its own, as a stand-alone game, or it can be used in combination with any and all of the other Shadows of Brimstone products! It is fully compatible, in every way!

Forbidden Fortress also adds a brand new OtherWorld on the back side of the Map Tiles… The Belly of the Beast! Backers from the original Brimstone Kickstarter may recognize this as an OtherWorld Stretch Goal that was not unlocked during the original campaign. When we started formalizing what would be in Forbidden Fortress, the idea of adding the Belly of the Beast as the OtherWorld on the back side of the tiles was a perfect fit! What could be more in keeping with the Japanese theme than allowing the Heroes to find their way through a portal that leads inside of an unspeakably massive creature; battling all sorts of living organs and parasites, and fighting off the Flesh Mites, Acid Blobs, and Parasitic Tentacles that inhabit this ‘living’ world.

Many of the new Enemies for Forbidden Fortress are inspired by traditional Japanese myth and legend, but with a Shadows of Brimstone feel to them. Creatures take the form of terrifying ghosts and Demons to make manifest the supernatural horrors of Feudal Japan.

But there are courageous Heroes to fight back this new evil that has invaded their world! The stalwart Samurai Warrior, using his mastery of the Katana and his code of honor to defeat his foes in combat, the nimble and deadly ninja Assassin, using stealth and speed as weapons, the Traveling Monk, a member of an ancient Yamabushi order devoted to fighting supernatural creatures that threaten our world, and the powerful and mystic Sorceress, who wields Elemental Magik to crush her enemies.

For new players, Forbidden Fortress will make a great introduction to the world of Shadows of Brimstone, and for veteran players, it can easily be treated as two brand new OtherWorlds, with a new set of Heroes and Enemies to add to your games. It also gives you the new option of starting your Heroes in Feudal Japan or the Old West, or mixing your Hero party for fantastic adventures. The possibilities are endless!

Once again, we would like to thank all of our original Shadows of Brimstone Backers for supporting the project and coming on this adventure with us.  If you'd like to saddle up once again for another wild ride in the world of Shadows of Brimstone, the adventures continue in the land of the rising sun! 

The Shadows of Brimstone: Forbidden Fortress Kickstarter launches on October 31st!

That's all for now!  Happy Gaming!

Scott & Jason

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    1. Missing avatar

      Popov Vadim on

      guys, please add a campaign mode, with random cyrrent missions but with rules for winning/losing them. Campaign is the weakest part of SoB.

    2. Leo "Blake" Dumas, Master of the Forge on

      Is there going to be a quicksand or shifting Sands Encounter? :)
      That always creeps me out...

    3. Forar on

      @Rebecca: that's a reasonable concern, however we know that they're going to be neck deep in fulfillment starting early next year, and presumably they're hoping to have some stuff ready to show off mid next year (Gencon 2017 will be *huge* as it's the 50th anniversary), so it's understandable for them to want to be ahead of the game on that angle.

      Wave 2 is at production, it'll hopefully start landing on doorsteps in the next couple of months (assuming they are able to at least get things started in December or January), even if complete fulfillment will take a couple of months.

      So while I can understand where you're coming from, I think this is the best time for them to tuck the campaign (which is an incredibly busy time) without impacting that target for delivery (and a year and a half for this amount of work is pretty reasonable. Assuming they get all of KS1's material to retail in 2018, that'll mean KS2's stuff will be ready for retail in 2018/2019 as well.

      Look, I've been part of some *shitty* KS campaigns. Robotech Tactics took nearly a grand and a half from my friends and I, and have delivered 1/3 of the figures (by model type) or around 3/4 (by quantity, lots of Pawns, few Knights and Queens) in 3.5 years, with no end in sight. Even if wave 2 isn't in hand in the next quarter or two, they've still delivered more of a higher quality product in a shorter time than some of the more awful campaigns out there, which while that isn't a high bar to clear, still makes me chuckle when I see some people (not you, others) declare this "the worst Kickstarter ever". Oh, no, my sweet summer children, there are much worse out there.

      It's one of the ironic things about having products at retail making some people so angry; hey, at least thing are *done*. That's more than many campaigns can say, if they deliver at all.

      So, not to say you should back, I totally get that reservation, just some thoughts while I'm in the area. :-)

    4. Rebecca BF

      I welcome new content but I really don't feel comfortable backing another project when I don't yet have the items that I have previously backed.

      I want to know that you finish what you start, that you fulfil your orders, and I want to see the quality of the product with my own eyes. Then I would be more than happy to back the new project. Don't get me wrong; I am very interested in the new Kickstarter and I would like to back it, but I just don't know that I want to take that leap of faith.

      I would have felt much more comfortable if the new Kickstarter had been postponed until the first project was closed out.

    5. AdamDork

      I emailed flyingfrog awhile back about new address but it says I owe money on shipping. How/when they going to charge for that BS?

    6. Mark V on

      @David Groves, you just need to e-mail and let them know about your address change and they'll update your details on their database

    7. David Groves on

      Just a quick question, I need to change my address for shipping purposes, how might I be able to do this?

    8. Missing avatar

      Grins1878 on

      Good to know you're alright, Jack. I mean, James. ;)

    9. Missing avatar

      James Scott on

      I started as an outlaw backer.
      I updated to minecart pledge in the pledge manager.
      I paid the extra 45 or 50 bucks for 1.5 wave shipping.

      I have zero complaints. This is an investment for me, and the big point there is savings. The minecart pledge is a huge amount of savings, value for dollar. Even after 1.5 wave shipping added in.

      Getting stuff first isn't an issue for me, it's not even a consideration. I'm not worried about the prestige of being first or having bragging rights.
      Getting stuff in waves isn't any issue either, even with long gaps between them. The two basic boxes arrived first and the content with in lasted for the whole first campaign and then some. The game only Sat on the shelf maybe a month, before the 1.5 wave arrived. We still haven't gone through all of that.

      They gave people options to pay for 1.5 shipping and HANDLING fees. If you didn't pay it, then you wait. That's your choice. Even if it had been 60 or 70 dollars, I would have paid it. Still saving over buying it from the stores.

      All of that doesn't even come over the real fact. Any company can't afford to have several members of their staff sitting around not performing thier job description that you pay them for. It's basic simple logic. They need to be working on new projects. The Kickstarter takes a month, getting money takes a week or two. Doing it this year makes it so it goes on taxes this year, which is obviously important to thier companies bottom line. This isn't some kind of backer insult or personal slight... It's just business. Small company trying to make a freaking living.

      I'm going to back the new Kickstarter if I like what I see, they have shown they can deliver. They have shown thier product continues to improve. That's all I need to know.
      Thank you FFG.

    10. Missing avatar

      BonerJam1983 on

      For the record Prodos with AVP was a far worse experience than this which also has not been fulfilled and had far less content than this campaign, they literally used money from that ks to help fund shipping a prior KS. Whilst the minis were excellent I feel that the game was mediocore at best whilst going through the rules. So for those who feel they have been slighted here, at least you didn't have to go through that (I didn't get my first shipment until 12 months after people in europe were getting theirs)

    11. Missing avatar

      BonerJam1983 on

      @PunxnButter Here Here, Whilst I understand people being angry to an extent I feel that people are used to the cmon model of crowd funding where everything is already locked in and they are just using the money to generate the tooling and not have to figure anything out.The money for this was used to actually generate the content and then produce, were there some mistakes initially, yes, have they added stuff that wasn't originally in the plan yes. But by the same token the additional content has filled niches that needed to be filled to improve the game, if anyone can honestly say the game hasn't improved markedly since the initial core boxes then you are entitled to your opinion and I get that. Personally I've purchased pretty much everything from this set including the new stuff (and was a minecart backer). The amount of content is staggering and I love the theme. On this basis I will be supporting the new KS for absolutely sure

    12. Becki Kaze

      @ Brian M: Perfect comment.

    13. Punxnbutter on

      There are an awful lot of sourpusses on this project. The delays have been tough to stomach and the base figures were soft on details but if people have doubts as to whether FFP has learned from this they have a high bar to clear.

      The sculpts have drastically improved, OtherWorlds and enemy packs bring much more than just sculpts and an lame enemy card, the frontier town is amazing and new enemies have brought complexity and difficulty up. Oh plus the outdoor canyons.

      I'm going to look at the new project because I believe there will be yet more improvements to the system in store. Writing it off because we've had to wait for Wave 2 is a bit shortsighted. Minecart is about 3.5 games worth of content over this 3 year period (maybe 4 depending on how deep the mission packs are)

    14. MasterVault on

      Or an OtherWorld where retro gaming consoles (NES) are robots and they take over the world.

    15. MasterVault on

      Or the Jap Hell: "Yomi".

    16. MasterVault on

      I think the reverse of plates could have another Jap setting (like a forest and a temple/shrine/thermal waters) and the Belly of the Beast, its own expansion with enemies barely based in Metroid.

    17. MasterVault on

      @Zombieversteher I'm with you, the game needs a new rulebook (1.1 or 1.2) more clear. An inject better plastic (like the zombicyde type).

      And for me: I want a plastic plastic vacuum tray to carry the miniatures to play, the actual game box is a drokking brick where you can't storage all the game.

    18. Sal Valente on

      Just another guy who "doesn't understand how business works" and won't be blindly worshiping FF and giving them any more money.
      Backing a Kickstarter for ANOTHER project before even receiving one from YEARS ago that I could have bought in stores 5 times over.
      Guess I'm jut "butt hurt" due to the lack of respect shown to backers and customers.

    19. Brian Aslin on

      @Pat, it's in the update.
      " international distribution partners that will be handling shipping from within the EU, UK, and Australia; making a plan for Wave 2 delivery. Due to Holiday shipping congestion, they will be ready to begin in the new year."

      Sounds like China to Australia, with shipping beginning mid-late January for Aussie backers.

    20. Pat Gallagher on

      Serious question here, even though it may sound a bit snarky. Are arrangements being made to expedite shipping to Australian backers, or will you be employing the Wave 1 "slow boat" method which will see us get our packages 5 months after the rest of the world...? Don't get me wrong, I'm aware that due to geographics it's to be expected that we may take a bit longer, but the Wave 1 disparity was pretty bloody ridiculous.

    21. Grian the Rogue Rabid Squirrel Slayer

      Is there a wave 3 shipment? or is wave 2.0 the last wave for Minecart backers?

    22. Steven West on

      Well i'm having a great time with the base games and the stuff from 1.5. Haven't even used everything, but I can't wait for wave 2 and this new kickstarter.

    23. Serpine on

      If wave 2 was completed shipping I'd consider the followup kickstarter. As things stand now however it is highly unlikely that I will.

    24. Missing avatar

      Christan Nagati on

      Court me in. I like what the Frog is doing with the game and the passion they have about it. Some hiccups along the way but at the end of the day you are getting a lot of content and most of it very good.

    25. Peter Pasker on

      @ Ron, I agree with you!! Too bad FFP doesnt respect the rule of backers first. I will wait for this one to be in stores and have it before any of the backers will.

    26. Missing avatar

      Ron Schmidt on

      It's unfortunate that the new Kickstarter will begin and end before the first one delivers. I won't be buying in no matter how nice it looks.
      Besides it will be faster and very much less frustrating to wait until Forbidden Fortress is in stores.

    27. Missing avatar

      Inspector Jee on

      I cannot wait to back this project.

      I wonder what the situation will be with the Town. Will there be an FTE - FoFo version? Will it come with an Advanced Town in the base game? How do you decide what Town to visit if you've combined sets?

      I'm also wondering about the Scavenge, Loot, Exploration Tokens, and Threat Cards. I guess FoFo will have its own versions of all of those things so you just ... use whichever set you're playing in? Like an Uber Otherworld.

    28. Tim Hall

      I hope the miniatures are a bit more stable in the new game. At the end of the day though, I have fun playing the game. My kids have fun playing the game. I'm excited to get the rest of the content. And I'm looking forward to seeing the new kickstarter.

    29. Aaron on

      I'll just wait for it to appear on retail shelves, so I get it sooner, assuming my Wave 2 content ever arrives.

    30. Missing avatar

      Kelsey Kropp on

      Personally, I'll be happy to back the new kickstarter. Sure there were delays, but at every turn I can see that FFP has worked to make their game better and address backer comments in terms of gameplay.

    31. Jim Spivey on

      Will there be a local pickup again, as there was for Wave 1.5? (he asked, ignoring all the hate...)

    32. Hubert on

      I will be selling all my SGs half the price as soon as it hits my doorsteps. You can PM me on BGG - "skolo". I will be polite enough not to say bad things on how FFP has treated us so far. We - backers, that help funded this dream of theirs...

    33. Matthew spears on

      I well be backing the KS. I really do enjoy this game. That said I do hope lessons were learned from the last Kickstarter

    34. Zombieversteher on

      Quality of the figures is poor (2 base sets). Some rules are not really clear and to keep track of everything like money, XP, mutations, madness ammo, dynamite is pretty timeconsuming. Some items from the townevents didn´t even have itemcards but maybe this will be improved with the towns addon. But i still have the feeling this game could have used more fine tuning

    35. Daryl Tay on

      Yeah I'm not going to tie up hundreds of dollars to wait years to get my stuff again. Good luck to all the new people who are going to fall for it.

    36. James on

      I won't be backing the next campaign, but only because I'm flat broke :) I love what you FFP guys have done with SoB

    37. Paireon, lumberjack of Brimstone

      Wow, haters gotta hate... Could write rebuttals to most of the butthurt but can't be arsed to write a 5000-word essay. FF simply bit more than they could chew last time and have been trying to make it up for years; I've seen other problematic KSes and this one has been correcting itself a lot better than most.

      Oh, and to whoever said to back KD:M instead... You do know they aren't finished yet either, don't you? and that technically it took them longer to finish? Still gonna back though, as well as this one. Because I can.

    38. Adam Canning

      The Optional Upgrade for the Blasted Wastes will be cheaper for those who already paid for the Indian Ghost Warriors?

    39. Jeremey on

      Thanks for the update, look forward seeing all my Minecart goodness.

    40. Starla on

      IF I buy Forbidden Fortress, it will be in a store two years before your backers get it.

      Bad treatment of kickstarter backers = losing future backers.

    41. IceEnryz

      LOL this is beyond ridicolous,3 years of waiting for the extras and they first start another project on KS.
      I'm never going to back anything from FF again

    42. Missing avatar

      Joba62x on

      The people who are eager to back the next project without evening seeing the numbers or delivery time they promise are why we have been treated like this so far.

      I'll be very curious to see what kind of numbers they do and I hope there are enough consumers with a spine that it sends a message. I remember the first time I saw something I paid for already and didn't have show up on the display shelf at Cool Stuff, then later seeing it on the daily sale page and knowing I wouldn't see mine for over a year or more. Spending 1 second on new material before fulfilling backer goals was tasteless, then having the nerve to offer overpriced addition shipping to get my stuff in a timely manner? No. Then making additional content so to have a complete game you have the privilege of giving you more money?

      Here is the Icing on the cake--"Wave 2 packages to backers beginning in December/January", but wait--"it will take several months to get all of these packages packed up and sent out", so actually start checking the mail in April when your starting your next kickstarter in 2 weeks?

      The best part about your game was it is so popular you can sell it on ebay with the outlaw separately and get your money back, if I didn't do that when you announced 1.5 shipping I would be now.

    43. Cardoc24 on

      BTW...want to back a good KS? The second Kingdom Death starts on Black Friday. Long delays for sure on the first one, but the owner kept EVERY promise made and delivered BEFORE retail.

    44. Cardoc24 on

      Anyone who backs this new kickstarter is basically telling FF that its ok to screw with customers. Promises broken. Delays galore. Retail years before KS backers WHO FUNDED THE WHOLE THING!!!! get there items. I used to love FF. I bought everything they made, but now each update they do just makes me angry and the new KS being done BEFORE THEY ARE EVEN CLOSE TO FINISHING THE OLD ONE is an insult.

      Sub par miniatures, incomplete stretch goals (hey...want the void sorcerers? cool. stretch goal...but they will also come in a pack with other extras at retail so you will have to buy them again if you want a complete expansion) Retail release before shipping rewards. Did i mention delays? Oh, the delays.

      I hope the people who backed the first KS and refuse to back the second get their stuff eventually.
      I hope anyone who backs the second one gets taught a valuable lesson is supporting this kind of business practice.
      I hope your company gets what it deserves...abandonment and ridicule.

    45. Stephen "Stoibs" D

      Here's hoping you don't completely fuck over us Australians again in regards to the wave 2 shipping, like what you did with wave 1 (And still to this day never gave an official apology for the way you mishandled that and dropped the ball, as an aside..)

      Can't at all fathom backing anything from you again, let alone more content for this when we still haven't received all of the base backing yet. You'd probably treat all of us here in Oceania like shit and not send this out until months later again anyway. Better to wait for retail stock if or when I am interested in picking that up.

    46. Arsonor


    47. Scott Everts

      Thanks for doing canyons instead of more mines. We got plenty of mines. Hope the space ship also has canyons on the back. Already excited with the new options.

    48. Roger B on

      The words I have for the news of this second kickstarter are simple, but loud.... SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!!

    49. Missing avatar

      Andre J on

      Count me all in. We love this game and every new content. Worth every cent paid.

    50. Azazel A on

      Hm.... another kickstarter that will not only finish a good 6 months or more before the first one is fully delivered, but will also finish right around Black Friday. Not like there are other uses for Hobby money (and money in general) around Black Friday, is there?

      Now where would I like my money to go? What else is there? Oh, Bloodbowl! Oh, Prospero Burns! Oh, Battlefield 1! Another Warhammer Quest rumoured for the end of the year? Oh... so many places I can buy so many finished products straight to my hands without multiple years' wait.