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Shadows of Brimstone is a fast-paced, Cooperative, dungeon-crawl boardgame set in the Old West, and mixed with Unspeakable Horror!
4,727 backers pledged $1,341,305 to help bring this project to life.

More Details of Wave 1.5, New Hero Preview, Caverns of Cynder Preview, Painting Events!

Posted by Flying Frog Productions (Creator)

Hello Brimstone Gang!

We're just poking our heads up from the avalanche of work to let you know that we are making progress. Not dead, just dead tired. We have bitten off an enormous amount of design, development, art, and testing with all of the expansion material in the Stretch Goals and Add-Ons from the KS.

A new illustration of the Feral Vampires from veteran artist, Tom Baxa.
A new illustration of the Feral Vampires from veteran artist, Tom Baxa.

We are proud of the fact that, against the odds and without much sleep for several months, we delivered the Core Sets within a year of the KS ending. It is an unfortunate truth that many companies are using KS as more of a pre-order, rather than funding project development as it was intended. We say unfortunate, because it creates unrealistic expectations from backers - "Company "Y" sent out Game "X" 3 months after the KS ended, why can't you?!?" The truth is proper game development takes time, and when it is done right, you end up with a great game that will be enjoyed for years. That's what we do. We can't bring ourselves to shove something out the door prematurely because the wolves are at the gates growling.

Hence, we are overwhelmed, but trying hard to make amazing stuff that we know that people will enjoy once the dust settles. Any veterans of KS can tell you about many projects that were rushed and ended up completely disappointing. Many of us have backed several projects that had to come out with apologetic 2nd edition rulebooks and card sets to fix all of the broken material that was delivered. While development of our mountain of content is taking time, rest assured that we are not cutting corners and everyone will benefit from solid expansions.

That being said, we are currently still on track to deliver Wave 1.5 in early Fall...

What is Wave 1.5

First, let's be sure that everyone understands what Wave 1.5 is about. During the Pledge Manager, we offered an option for KS Backers to purchase an extra shipping wave (Wave 1.5) between Wave 1 (the actual Core Game Sets, KS Exclusive Outlaw, Paint Sets) and Wave 2 (Everything else, once every last bit is completed). The biggest two questions we receive about Wave 1.5 are "What will be in Wave 1.5?" and "Will you re-open Wave 1.5 so I can purchase that option?"

What Will be in Wave 1.5?

It's still too early to know exactly what will be contained in Wave 1.5. We have many miniature sets in production, but problems can crop up and we'll get a better picture as we get closer to the Fall. Right now, we estimate that it should include:

  • Caverns of Cynder OtherWorld Expansion
  • Lava Men
  • Expanded Frontier Town Expansion
  • Bandits
  • DarkStone Brutes (Minecart or Add-on)
  • The Guardian (Minecart or Add-on)
  • Trun Hunters (Add-on)
  • Sourge Rats
  • Serpentmen Warriors
  • Serpentmen Shaman
  • Void Sorcerers
  • Void Hounds
  • Doorways Set (Minecart or Add-on)
  • Trederran Raiders
  • Harvesters
  • The Burrower (Minecart or Add-on)
  • Dead Man's Bounty Game Supplement
  • Treasures of the Void Game Supplement
  • Badlands Expedition Game Supplement
  • Targa Artifacts Game Supplement (Add-on)
  • Jargono Artifacts Game Supplement (Add-on)
  • Cynder Artifacts Game Supplement (Add-on)
  • Blank Card Set: Threats (Add-on)
  • Blank Card Set: Mine (Add-on)
  • Blank Card Set: Jargono (Add-on)
  • Blank Card Set: Targa (Add-on)
  • Prospector Hero Class - with Male and Female Miniatures
  • Orphan Hero Class - with Male and Female Miniatures
  • Drifter Hero Class - with Male and Female Miniatures
  • Outlaw Hero Miniatures - Male and Female
  • Additional Enemy Sets
  • Additional Game Supplement Card Sets

The retail value of the items contained in Wave 1.5 is estimated at over $600! Please note that none of these items are set in stone. If a problem crops up with one of these items, it may not make it into Wave 1.5. We also know now that Wave 1.5 will not have any Mission Packs or OtherWorld Expansions beyond Caverns of Cynder.

Will you re-open Wave 1.5 so I can purchase that option?

I think everyone will agree that this seems like a no-brainer - people get stuff earlier and are even willing to pay for shipping to do it! But, it's not that obvious a decision. We have learned some hard lessons during this KS experience - we had to hire on many temporary workers during Wave 1 and it still took months to get all the orders out. Shipping within the EU is filled with difficulties that we did not foresee.  Also, Wave 1.5 will be different for every backer - some are Minecart, some are Outlaw, some added Trun or a Guardian or a Burrower, others did not. So, each order will be unique. Long story short, we are planning to add Wave 1.5 shipping for purchase in the Web Store in September for $50 within the USA and $125 International.

We are planning to ship Wave 1.5 from the USA and the cost will cover shipping and hiring staff to process orders. We are currently estimating that Wave 1.5 could start shipping out sometime in October and we will begin with international orders to even out travel time.

Painting Events

One of the best ways to trick out your Brimstone game is to paint the miniatures. We've seen some awesome painted minis over the last several months from KS Backers and other fans of the game. Many fans have emailed us to say that they never painted figures before Shadows of Brimstone and they are really enjoying it!

At Flying Frog, we have all been gaming with miniatures and painting them for most of our lives and it gives us great joy to share this experience with others. It's also one of the reasons that we are so proud to have our own Shadows of Brimstone Paint Sets - we carefully selected/created all of the colors to give a full range for painting the miniatures from the game and its expansions.

We are excited to announce two upcoming Shadows of Brimstone Painting Events so that fans have a chance to show off their cool painted minis from the game!

The first will be at Gen Con at the Flying Frog Booth on August 1st in Indianapolis, IN. Pro Painter, Aaron Lovejoy, will be back again this year to share tips and tricks and help judge the event at the booth. The second painting event will be online in October and fans can send in photos of their miniatures (more details later). The categories for both the Gen Con and Online Events include:

  • Single Brimstone Hero - One Shadows of Brimstone Hero on a base. It must be an official Shadows of Brimstone miniature, but may be modified to alter the pose or add details (different weapons, different head or hat, etc).
  • Single Brimstone Creature - One Shadows of Brimstone Enemy on a base. It must be an official Shadows of Brimstone miniature, but may be modified to alter the pose or add details (extra horns, fur, etc).
  • Brimstone Bounty - This is sort of a catch all category that could include multiple miniatures on one base or diorama, or a grouping of Heroes or Monsters. It must include at least one official Shadows of Brimstone miniature, but may be modified to alter the pose or add details.

Best models shown in each category may win prizes including Flying Frog games, miniatures, or promo items not available in stores.

Caverns of Cynder Preview

The first major expansion for Shadows of Brimstone is being manufactured right now! Caverns of Cynder is the first of the OtherWorld Expansions which introduce a new world to explore. In the two Core Sets, players are introduced to the swamp world of Jargono and the frozen ancient alien city of the Targa Plateau. Cynder is an entirely new world featuring vast underground tunnels and chambers with ancient platforms marking paths across boiling magma. 

A fiery dimension of lava and ash, the burning Caverns of Cynder are home to many dark and ancient evils, imprisoned within! Rivers of molten rock flow and pool into lakes of fire, forging fiendish Lava Men to assault any who dare cross over into their world. But there are also treasures to be found, gold and priceless artifacts pulled from across space and time to fill the vaults of Cynder, and the pockets of any traveler bold enough to seek them out!

The Caverns of Cynder Expansion introduces a brand new OtherWorld for the Heroes to explore! This includes a full set of 18 new Map Tiles depicting the fiery Caverns of Cynder, with dangerous new Lava Spaces that can burn the Heroes, and crumbling crust that can fall away under your feet! These Map Tiles also have an all new set of unique Mine rooms on the reverse, bringing more variety and new Encounters to discover throughout the Mines. All of the cards needed for this searing lava world are included, such as Cynder Encounters, Artifacts, Map Cards, OtherWorld Threats, and more, as well as a host of new cards for adventuring in the Mines!

6 New Missions will challenge your Heroes, as they hunker down to Defend the Bridge against hordes of attacking creatures, or race to seal Cracks in Reality that have opened up, threatening to tear the world apart! But beware, this new world is overrun with a deadly new Enemy - Lava Men, emerging from the fiery depths to destroy all that would set foot into the Caverns of Cynder!

Last Call for the Get It Now Offer

In April, we created a special offer called the "Get It Now!" Pack. It made four new Shadows of Brimstone Card Supplements available to backers early for the cost of shipping. This was very popular and many people took advantage of the offer. We will be removing the "Get It Now" offer from the web store at the end of June. So, if you want to get the offer, don't wait. Here is the link to these items in the Web Store:

Summer is coming...

We are working on our plans for Gen Con next month and will have another update in July with new enemy previews and more info about the big show. Besides the Shadows of Brimstone Painting Event, we have some exciting previews and games planned, and some surprises in store! We hope to see many of you at the Flying Frog Booth at Gen Con!


Scott and Jason

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    1. Mark Bassett on

      Were we supposed to receive all the base set models? For example the rule book says there should be 12 void spiders, but I only received a few. I kept thinking that more stuff was coming out in the later waves, but is that what everyone got or am I missing stuff?

    2. Daniele Silvi on

      Absent management,...

    3. Paul Wilko on

      I am interested in the comments about packing and shipping. How does CMON do this so successfully? They do all this in China and then ship completed parcels to country hubs for distribution. Surely this will be quicker and cheaper for FFP. There is no double handing and shipping fees would be cheaper, as they are not travelling twice! FFP are making this more complicated and costly for themselves and backers due to poor management.

    4. Mango on

      Thanks for the update, i woukd like to see more frequent updates but aside from that keep up the good work! Love what i received in wave 1 and looking forward to wave 2 whenever it becomes available.

    5. Daniele Silvi on

      I suggest you all to take a look at the section 4 of the terms of use in Kickstarter,...

    6. Michael David on

      Thanks for the update FFP! I do have two questions I hope can be answered if it's not too late.
      One - Since the front and back of the Caverns of Cynder Retail box are being so heavily teased in this update can I take that to mean that we backers will be getting the retail box? It looks beautiful by the way.
      Two - I'm just a few hours drive from Seattle, any chance of a Wave 1.5 pickup option? Even for a small "processing" fee?

    7. Ric Wagner on

      Well I am pissed about the whole situation too. The FFP communication behaviour is really one of the worst I saw so far an the offer for the RoW shipping of 125$ is simply riddiculous.

      If they had shipping costs like this for the first wave, I can really imagine that this burned a huge hole into their budget. Maybe they should have hired someone taking care of this, would have been cheaper probably.

      If you pay more than 50$ for a shippment this size to Europe then you are doing something wrong (especially when you can deal special prices for this quantity).

      Extra costs for packing? If you pay one guy 15$ per hour and he needs 1 hour for every package, including forms etc. then you hired basically a slug.

      Making the math out of those two points and you can clearly see, that flying frog tries to cover the losses from their first wave shipment with this now.

      I don't really want them to make a loss on their products since they are really nice but I should not be held responsible for their lack of management skills.

    8. Darkson on

      @The Sheriff - I think the complaint is more that this campaign was trumpeted as "EU friendly", which wave 1.5 certainly isn't.

      I do have the utmost sympathy for the ROW backers though.

    9. The Sheriff of Brimstone

      *abdorbinig = absorbing

    10. The Sheriff of Brimstone

      @Nobrainer and other EU backers pushing for a better wave 1.5 solution, any EU solution that involves FFP abdorbing VAT or bringing the games to Essen only solves the expense issue for EU backers. There's a whole buch of ROW backers that aren't factored into any of these calculations and once again the ROW backers would be left with nothing. While I'm sympathetic to the tax issue in the EU, other ROW backers still pay taxes to not only get wave 1.5 if they opt to but to get wave 1 and wave 2 as there was no ROW tax solution.
      Any additional expense incurred by FFP for better backer fulfillment should go to an improved Aussie wave 2 before any other considerations are made. (Aussie backers were shafted in the way wave 1 was handled and FFP have shown no sympathy whatsoever)

    11. Nobrainer on

      Hi FFP, i like your game a lot and would love more content but 125$ international is just tooooo much. Maybe an Essen Spiel 2015 pickup could be arranged for a smaller amount of money. I think it would be greatly appriciated by your EU backers. Again 125 is just crazy for just early transport, bth, not going to happen in this lifetime.

    12. chrisWR on

      @Villars : all depends the size and weight. As it's adds'in and not complete game I supposed we'll be between under 2kg. So it's between 24$ and 41$. You are right (55$ for more than 4kg). If it's the case, it would be a good news for us (more things to play with ;-))))

    13. Matteo Battarra on

      Read a lot of replies, bit I don't really feel like commenting/praising/accusing.
      Just one little favor to EU backers: can you please confirm around september whether FFP will be (or not be) in Essen 2015 and about any chances of a pick up?

    14. Darkson on

      @Marko - doubt you'll get an answer from FFP in the update, they're not well known for replying to questions here. I'd say use the personal message button, but I never got a reply to any of mine. Facebook is a possibility, though they just blocked my account when I asked them questions.

      Your best bet is to contact them at - I had a couple of books missing and they replied to my email about it within a couple of days.

    15. Marko Radosevic on

      Does this means you have allready delivered all "wave1" ??? Becouse I havent received it. Reply to this question becouse Im running low on patience.


    16. Merijeek on

      If they are getting people who can't do more than a dozen boxes in an hour they might want to go to the "non-lobotomized" section of their local temp agency.

    17. michael chumley on

      Just one thought I think that Seattle is one of the place that has or is trying to go to a $15 per hour minimum wage, so if they hire from a temp agency it will cost them more than that for unskilled help, if they try to just hire a new employee for a couple of weeks they will have to pay that and the other expense that the government charges. So just ball parking it here but the $50 is only 2 to 2 1/2 hours that they will be able to pay some one to train them then get them to pull pack and ship, the $125 would be between 5 to 6 or so hours. And that is just the labor part not counting what the cost to ship is, and I can not even guess on that.

    18. Merijeek on

      Well, it's also a trip to Seattle.

      And it'd actually be six hours since it'd be a round trip.

    19. Eric D. on

      3 hours drive & back to save 50$ ?

    20. Merijeek on

      Screw it. Seattle is a three hour drive for me. Let me drive up and pick it up when I feel like it.

    21. Willy Adam on

      @Forar - True what you say initially. I wasn't asking for a timeframe as such since, as you said, it would be too risky for them and more people would complain down the line.
      I was just wondering what the tactics are regarding 'commercial releases' vs 'wave 2 shipment': have they changed overall?

      I don't mind FFP telling us that, logistically, they can't do otherwise than a sequence that goes: things are designed > produced > sold > but only shipped as part of huge Wave 2 months (years?) after each commercial expansion releases.
      If the above were true, I can't hide the fact that I would be disappointed (and might even decide to play the game before getting the whole experience as it's gonna be hard to wait til 2017!) but like many, I would just love to know at least!

    22. Willy Adam on

      @Daryl + @FFP - I understand FFP will only ship Wave 2 when every single item is done, it has always been the plan; I just wanted to know if we could have a word whether

      a. Wave 2 shipment will happen before everything hits retail or

      b. will we have to wait until everything is out that way too (I'm afraid this wouldn't happen until 2017 at the earliest if we have to wait until everything hits retail - there's just so much stuff and it will be a real challenge to release the whole SoB universe across several years in a way that make sense commercially for FFP and from a design standpoint for the Hill brothers/designers. During the KS campaign, we were obviously told that releasing everything SoB-related commercially would be gradual, but that by backing the project, we would bypass some of this long 'commercial' process, with Wave 2 only dependent on design and manufacture time).

      So, if option b is the plan, then it's a 'new' plan, not what was expected from the KS campaign. I'd love to know since my wife and I had decided not to start playing the game until we have all the expansions, to get the full and varied experience SoB is going to provide then.
      I was so excited in 2013 and I still am now in 2015. Sure, I understand that there is a mountain of work ahead for the Frogs (I so wish I could help even!) but I wouldn't have expected to play the full game in, perhaps, 2017 (while others will have enjoyed it for many years through the gradual release of expansions in retail). As it is, I almost force myself not to read the BGG forums in order not to spoil too many facets of the game; we evidently prefer to discover all it can offer by ourselves when we will get Wave 2, eventually.

      Hope I made my query more understandable ;)

    23. Forar on

      Yeah. Dealing with this many moving parts (artwork, cards, stats, models, boxes, etc, etc), any promise would be wishful thinking at best and flatly counterproductive (if not manipulative) at worst. They've given a vague time frame, I'd rather they just narrow it down as the months go by, rather than set an unrealistically firm target for people to get angry with when it flies by.

      @Merijeek: Oh, I'm aware that retail (let alone MSRP) is at a considerable markup. But we don't know how many people are actually using 1.5 shipping, and between costs, hiring staff, materials (even stuff that's nickels and dimes adds up when you're buying them by the thousand), I can understand them erring on the side of caution.

      Hell, while it's nice to have the option if one can afford it and want it, isn't this kind of what we've asked for? Not a 'blowing sunshine up our asses' optimistic estimate, but a cold hard "y'know what? This is probably a bit inflated, and that means it might be roughly on target when all is said and done" kinda number. We don't have all the info, it's possible they've run some costs and realized that even the original 40/100 or whatever it was would be a bit on the low side if they were hiring X staff to ship Y boxes in Z weeks, or whatever.

      It becomes a matter of covering cost, having contingency money present, and honestly, artificially limiting the number using it a bit by not making it *too affordable*, lest we hit the risk of the numbers getting out of hand.

      They've admitted that OL/MC's will cost more than they anticipated. Two waves of shipping probably stings as well. If this proves to be a little overkill to ensure they don't eat into more contingency money (if not eat costs outright), I guess I'm just okay with that.

      Better to lay a hard number down and say "look, yeah, it's not great, but this is it" rather than "omg yeah it'll cost almost nothing and be done in a month and... like, everything about Robotech Tactics".

    24. Daryl Tay on

      Adam: I'm pretty sure there is no way they can give you that assurance, and from their updates, we shouldn't be expecting it.

      They've made it pretty clear that Wave 2 will go out -only- when each and every single one of the items are done.

      As long as one item in the mine cart is not ready, even if every other item is available, Wave 2 is not shipping. (By the way, that blows for Outlaw backers because the last item could be something from the Mine Cart, but the frogs are not going to go through their thousands of items and separate them before they have to).

      Happy for them to post here and say this is all inaccurate, but I doubt it.

    25. Jedra7609

      I second Will Adam's question - great post and it would be good to know the answers to this as a Minecart backer.

    26. Willy Adam on

      I personally see nothing offensive in that update... Just wished we had a bit more information overall!

    27. James on

      Awesome update, thanks! Keep up the good work, guys!

    28. Daniele Silvi on

      Tone and style of this update is offensive. Beyond the reasons or the responsibility, it is incredible read such a communication from a producer or an editor. I have no words...

    29. Willy Adam on

      @FFP - Would it be possible for you to reassure all of us MC backers regarding availability of the final product? I was one of the very active KS supporters and I posted many comments during the campaign helping new backers to decide what level to back your project at.
      The argument that kept coming back to justify backing at the MC level (besides the ever-increasing financial savings) was this: SoB is designed to be an entire game universe supposed to be commercially released over 5-6 years (at the time, in October 2013) and backing at MC level would allow us to receive all the extra contents as soon as available.

      Is this still compatible with your current model? It presently looks like you will be releasing contents commercially as they are completed, while MC backers will have to wait at the end of the production/distribution chain.

      Could you reassure us that, even though you still feel that Wave 2 can be finalized before the end of 2016, backers will effectively receive their products before everything hit retail (having to plan and devise retail boxes surely adds to the overall release schedule and I had hoped we wouldn't have to be dependent on this factor - our expansions won't be boxed like retail if I understand correctly). Will we have to wait until the other 3 unreleased Otherworlds, all the Mission Packs, etc... are available commercially before we receive our pledge? If so, I fear that even 2017 is optimistic.

      Many of us would feel better is we knew what your rough plan is, something like:
      Retail dates:
      *Fall 2015 - Caverns of Cynder + extras as revealed in this update.
      *Fall 2015 - KS Wave 1.5 for those who want, or rather *can* afford it.
      *2016 - Trederra + others bits, some mission packs?
      ***2016 - FINAL WAVE 2 distribution to all backers: SoB/KS COMPLETE***
      *2017 - Vostros (Derelict Ship) + everything else
      *2018 - Blasted Wastes + ?

      Wishing you all the best and hopefully will hear from you soon...

    30. Missing avatar

      Jesse on

      So this means that all of the Kickstarter backers will have to wait an addition year to get all of their items, unless they pay extra shipping to you? In other words, people who purchase retail will get the items well before the backers???? What a "screw you" to all of the people who funded your project.

    31. Cabel

      Thanks for the update guys. Would like to see more about all the great progress you're making!

      Glad to see you're giving others the opportunity to join in on 1.5 shipping. Those rates are not off given what they will be shipping and the extra people they will have to hire to do it. It's expensive and that sucks but you have the option which is great. I certainly took it.

      As for the timeframe. Of course it is late. I would have expected everything to come as specified if only the base set and maybe a stretch goal or two. To think that ANY project can over fund as much as it did and not be years late is folly and your own fault for not realizing it. I would rather they take even another year if they needed it to make everything awesome.

      We are getting a sweet deal off of retail and I have no problem waiting to get it all for the level of discount we are.

    32. Willy Adam on

      @Mithra - These are not part of the Cynder expansion box. Although themed around Cynder indeed, they are enemies that will be part of Mission Packs... for Wave 2 in 2016 - or likely 2017 for EU/ROW I'm afraid :(
      (end reply)

      Re. update, $125 is indeed way too steep for me as well... At least, I know now that I have a good year and a half to finish painting my base sets!

      And to reassure some other EU backers re Wave 2: since it will contain the remainder of the project as funded [and man, this is going to be HUGE - I wish FFP all the best for a finished product before 2017 but yikes, when I look at my spreadhseets, that's a scary amount of stuff], it has to be shipped from a EU hub as intended - I seriously cannot see how FFP could do otherwise...

    33. Missing avatar

      Mithra on

      Aren't Beli'al and the Succubi part of Cinder too? I do not see them mentioned on the box.

    34. Sanguinius on

      i expect quite a few backers to want the wave 1.5 shipping so i'm sure doing it through the shipping hubs should be possible.
      for some KS they either let the chinese factory pack the pledges before shipping to US or pack them in the US then ship to the hubs. either way, the hubs only need to put the shipping label on it and put it into the post.
      i dont see how shipping to a hub or shipping straight from US makes packing it more difficult.
      so FFP i hope you guys get more creative and offer a proper wave 1.5 shipping solution for ROW

    35. Merijeek on

      @Forar - Come now, you're usually one to point out what ACTUAL costs are for products, and retail sure isn't it. And remember if they're selling for 50% of retail, it's still going to be more than they'd be getting selling through a distributor, but in this case they've had the money for 3 years before actual delivery completes.

    36. Forar on

      Let's not overlook that 2 wave shipping, plus the ever increasing shipping costs, and the need to hire an unknown number of staff is probably leaning towards them erring high on some of these things.

      They've already noted that Outlaws and Mine Carts (like, the entirety of this campaign) are being sold at considerably below retail. While KS isn't really where creators are supposed to be rolling in profits, it's not expected for them to work at a loss either, and having a healthy safety margin for contingencies is encouraged as well.

      To be clear, I'm not defending this as 'a great idea omg I hope more campaigns do it!' or anything. I am simply recognizing that FFP needs to act in a financially responsible manner while trying to hook us up, and even without the books, we know that they've racked up quite a number of debts (past, present, and future).

      Might it have been wiser *not* to blow up into multiple years worth of work all told? Maybe. Honestly I am growing weary of big campaigns blowing up to the point that 1 year worth of work becomes 2, 3, or more.

      But that's something that's going to have to be sorted out in future campaigns, as that ship has sailed here.

    37. Dirk Mayr on

      125$ Shipping, rofl, I would like the same drugs you guys smoking ;)

    38. J.R. Riedel on

      @WilliamB - call me Mr. Scratch's advocate but wasn't the original point of the kickstarter so they could fund all the extra stuff?

      I remember reading how they wanted to start a new game line and were using kickstarter to try and do just that. (which they succeeded way beyond their expectations)

      In light of that it makes sense they would only have the base sets designed.

      On the flip side, it does sound like the non-US backers definitely got the short end of the stick.
      (End the part directed at William)

      As for my personal stance, minus the fact that they dropped the ball on non-US backers, I feel that they have successfully done what they promised and continue to do so. They do get a strike for poor communication though.

      The base rewards were promised in August 2014. They were delivered in November. I expect stretch goals to be delivered later. They are bonuses for going above and beyond.

      Again, I want to reiterate, this is from my US backer point of view. So don't jump on me ROW! I know you got a raw deal.
      Also, I agree they should have clearly specified that mine carts would get EVERYTHING later and that we wouldn't necessary get out games before retail... I had assumed that was the case, but apparently not everyone else did.

    39. Eric D. on

      Also i don't see how it's anyone fault but yours that you went into this kickstarter with nothing beside the base set designed ...

      And that you didn't say anything about being overhelmed until you collected our money from the pledge manager.

    40. Rocco Pier Luigi on

      I will wait thanks:
      * _You_ are very late
      * You failed spectacularly in programming the work necessary
      * You forgot that is supposed to be a "Eu frienldy" project
      * Blaming this on other kickstarter is childish

    41. Sven Van Roeyen on

      They shouldnt have offered every single item seperarely in the pledge manager and offer bundled packages instead. Now they have 100s of different orders and this complicates packing the orders and logistics. In the ideal situation most of the packing should be done in China ( as CMON does for most of the international orders ). This ofcourse would only work when they complete their designs and put everyrhing in production. I honestly cant see how they would handle the wave 2 packing when they have this all as separate sprues, card sets, tiles and have to pack each order individually. I think they really underestimated the logistics involved. When i saw how long it took to just handle the administration and packing a few items during the Essen pick-up i was already worried for the rest of my minecart order. But now it is too late to change things ofcourse. 125 dollars for figures, some card sets and one otherworld is very high price to pay. Ah well. We will eventually get there but possibly there is already the next big thing and interest in shadows of brimstone has already dwindled down quite a bit.

    42. Forar on

      As a friendly reminder, if there's anyone out there that is unhappy with their Mine Cart and would prefer the lesser stresses of having an Outlaw tier instead, let me know. I'll be happy to work with you and the Frogs to see if we can work out a mutually beneficial arrangement.

      Not to prey on the angry or frustrated, I just know that recouping 2/3 of my contribution in another project (that I was highly frustrated with) alleviated a lot of my stress regarding their ongoing shenanigans.

    43. Darkson on

      (And then I did.... dammit, trying really hard not to rise to these things.)

    44. Darkson on

      I could comment, but I think many others have done it more eloquently than I could.

      Unfortunately this missed the time it was going to be played within our club (we like to play one or two systems at a time) so other than a cursory look through my set is still sat in a cupboard unassembled. I'm sure it's awesome, but the initial buzz dies with the initial delay, and the occasional update just seems to push the rest of my stuff further and further back which doesn't help make it a "must pay".

      I regretted not having the funds to jump to MC - now I'm glad I didn't.

      Other KS aren't the issue, the backers aren't the issue - your problems are yours and yours alone, and trying to blame others for your shortcomings is very unprofessional.

    45. Dr. Zin on

      Thanks for the update. Always appreciated and thank you for the dig at Megacon and Myth! I'm still laughing about it.

    46. MiniatureAddict (needs to paint) on

      1) it's probably too late to hand off shipping and handling to a 3rd party
      2) yes, you can ship something from the US to the rest of the world for around $30 via USPS, but I'm pretty sure once the box gets beyond a certain size (ie, the size it would take to ship 1.5 stuff) the cost goes up prohibitively.
      3) hindsight: probably should've just offered wave 1.5 only if you're shipping from the other international hubs.
      4) I doubt they're reading our comments, they probably dropped off the update and ran back into the forts of solitude (to work on the game)

    47. Merijeek on

      I wonder if they are overwhelmed because they had (but their own statements) all their people (ie. designers, artists, etc) actually doing the shipping? Nahhhhhhhhh.

    48. Erika - Ninja Cowgirl of Brimstone

      Thank you for the update on Brimstone's progress, and I'm glad to see you've made a lot of progress. We would like to see more updates as things continue, even if it's as minor as "We got the Samurai production samples in, and the male and female figures look great!", for example.

      I'm also glad you decided to reopen wave 1.5 shipping. Though $50 USD is quite a chunk of change, I can justify it as split shipping for waves 1 and 2. And I feel for RPW backers, because I know to ship anything International from the U.S. with tracking is ridiculous.

      Also, please refrain from snark about other KS projects. It's unprofessional, and they didn't cause the problems you've had with fulfillment. You did, by waiting way too long to put out the PM and catching yourself flat-footed when confronted with the shipping costs, and by not being open and frequent with your communication to the backers, leaving them to come up with their own explanations.

    49. Cartigan on

      I could pay you more money to receive a product I already paid for that is significantly behind schedule slightly ahead of WAY behind schedule or I could not give Flying Frog a dime more of my money here or at retail. I'm thinking the latter.

      "Believe me, we are very excited to get the remaining Expansion material completed and into the hands of backers as soon as possible! We are still currently on schedule to have everything for Wave 2 completed in 2016."

      That's BS. You know it, everyone else knows it.

    50. Missing avatar

      Nathan Jepson on

      I'm not sure if you will get an official response. If you pm the question you will probably get a response.
      The initial charge of $40 for the wave 1.5 shipping was for all sets. In my case I've got 2 Outlaws and the $40 covered them both.