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Shadows of Brimstone is a fast-paced, Cooperative, dungeon-crawl boardgame set in the Old West, and mixed with Unspeakable Horror!
Shadows of Brimstone is a fast-paced, Cooperative, dungeon-crawl boardgame set in the Old West, and mixed with Unspeakable Horror!
4,727 backers pledged $1,341,305 to help bring this project to life.

Great Times at Gen Con! PAX Pick Up! Shootout and Assault Preview!


Hello Brimstone Gang!

    Since returning from Gen Con, we've been hard at work trying to meet production deadlines to get as much good stuff as possible ready for Wave 1.5.  We know that many of you are interested in adding the optional 1.5 shipping wave and we are planning to make this available in the web store in mid-September.  More on that in the next update.  We are heading out to PAX Prime this week and wanted to do a quick update to let backers know that we are doing a PAX Prime Pick-up!

Great Times at Gen Con

This year, Gen Con was a blast!  We showed off our 3D Targa Game Board with a unique adventure created just for the board. 

The Gen Con pick-up was very successful with a hundred backers getting their stuff on Thursday and Saturday and many more on Sunday.  In fact, we are excited to say that every backer that showed up on Sunday, was able to pick up their goodies!

The Shadows of Brimstone Painting Contest was awesome and we had some beautiful entries, many from gamers who started painting for the first time with Shadows of Brimstone!  Check out some of the winning entries.

Pro-Painter, Aaron Lovejoy, shared tips and tricks throughout the show while painting up some of the new Brimstone figures.

The best part of the whole show for us was seeing groups of Cosplayers come to the booth dressed as their Brimstone Heroes!  The details in these costumes were incredible - there was a Rancher with a Dark Stone Grip on her Rifle, a Saloon Girl wearing Dark Stone Gloves, and mutations abounding - even a tentacle mustache on the Bandido!!!  It was amazing and really cool to see!

Pax Prime Pick-Up

As we mentioned above, there will be a Pick-up at the Flying Frog Booth at PAX Prime.  Backers can pick up the OtherWorlds: Caverns of Cynder Expansion and (if applicable) the Doorways into Darkness Expansion. No need for an RSVP for the PAX Prime Pick-up. Instead, any Backer wanting to participate in the pick up, should come to the Flying Frog Booth (#143) anytime during the Exhibit Hall hours of 10AM-6PM Thursday through Monday.

Note: To Participate in the PAX Prime Kickstarter Pick-up, you must be able to show picture ID that matches your name on record in the Pledge Manager and verify your phone number/email on record in the Pledge Manager. We will not have access to all of our records on the show floor and must operate off of the Pledge Manager data.

Here is a first look at our ad in the PAX Prime Program Book:

Shootout and Assault Rules Preview

One element of the game that many players have been excited to see fleshed out is more Enemy Types that focus on Ranged Attacks!  To help streamline and standardize the way these new Enemies behave, there are two new Standardized Rules that several of the new Enemies utilize - Assault and Shootout.  If an Enemy Type has one of these Standardized Abilities, it is listed at the top of their Enemy Record Sheet ‘Abilities’ section as a Bold Red Keyword.  This allows the rules for these Enemy behaviors to be written out in full, elsewhere, as well as to have nice reference cards for how they work. It also means that it leaves more room on the individual Enemy Record Sheets for other new and interesting abilities.

Assault – Enemies with the Assault ability are predominantly close combat fighters, but they also use short range weapons to blast away at their foes as they close in for the kill. Good examples of new Enemies with Assault are Trederran Raiders with their Sabers and Trench Pistols, or Trun Hunters with their hefty Trun Thud Pistols.

Shootout – Enemies with the Shootout ability are all about keeping their distance and getting into a firefight with the Heroes! These Enemies will try to break away from close quarters fighting and are always on the move to get a good shot at their targets. Good examples of new Enemies with Shootout are the mysterious Void Sorcerers, launching deadly Void Bolts at the Heroes, or the Undead Outlaws with their Twin Deadman’s Irons, blasting away from beyond the grave.

Below is a more in-depth description for the rules on using Enemies with Shootout.

Shootout Rules

The rules for Shootout are summarized on the Shootout Reference card, but are also covered here in greater detail.


When a group of Enemies with the Shootout Standard Ability needs to be placed in Ambush, they are not placed adjacent to the Heroes like other Enemies. Instead, select a Random Hero and place all of the Shootout Enemies from that group on the selected Hero’s Map Tile, as far from any Heroes as possible. This usually allows them to sneak in from a side passage or get placed at the end of a hall or room, maybe even behind the Heroes. If there are not enough empty spaces on that Map Tile, any remaining Enemies are placed as far from the Heroes as possible on any Map Tiles adjacent to the selected Hero.


When an Enemy with Shootout starts its Activation adjacent to one or more Heroes, it will usually try to move away. Roll a D6 for the Enemy model. On the roll of 4, 5, or 6, the Enemy immediately makes a Free Move along the shortest distance to no longer be adjacent to any Heroes. This Free Move is outside of the Enemy’s normal Move and does not count against its Movement allowance for the turn.

Melee Attacks

Any Shootout Enemy that failed to Retreat (or was stuck adjacent to a Hero, and could not move away), will make a normal Combat Attack against a Random adjacent Hero this turn, instead of their Ranged Attack.

Shootout Markers

Shootout markers are used to denote which Heroes have been targeted, and by how many Enemy Ranged Attacks. Any suitable markers can be used for this. Shootout markers are a simple way to keep track of which Heroes have already been targeted, and by how many of the Enemies.


After any Retreat moves, the Shootout Enemies that are not adjacent to a Hero, will each find a Target for their Ranged Attacks. Step through the Shootout Enemies, one by one, completing the following procedure for each of them.

Select a Random Hero that does not have a Shootout marker on him yet (or that has the fewest Shootout markers if all Heroes already have one) and move the shortest distance to get within Range and Line Of Sight to that Target. The Enemy may not end its Move adjacent to any Heroes. The Enemy MAY move through other Enemies from its group during this movement, as they make way for one another.

At the end of this Move, if the selected Target is within Range and Line Of Sight, place a Shootout marker on that Target. If not, select a new Random Hero that is currently within Range and Line Of Sight to the Enemy (prioritizing those with the fewest Shootout markers) and place a Shootout marker on him instead. Then proceed to the next Enemy in the group.

Making Ranged Attacks

Once all of the Enemy Group has moved and placed their Shootout markers, roll Ranged Attacks from the Enemies against each Hero equal to the number of Shootout markers on that Hero. Then, remove all of the Shootout markers.

Sneak Peek

One last bit, we thought you guys might want a look at the cover of the Frontier Town Expansion.  This is a worldwide exclusive for our loyal KS backers!

That's it for now.  We hope to see some of you at PAX Prime in Seattle - if you're at the show, be sure to stop by Booth #143 and say Hi!


     Scott and Jason

Gen Con Events and Pick Up! Packaging and 'Into Darkness' Card Set!


Hello Brimstone Gang!

Gen Con is almost upon us and we have decided that sleep is overrated. Things are hectic at the Flying Frog Studio and every day is a new race against a complex series of deadlines to get everything to fall into place for Gen Con. One of today's tasks is to post a Kickstarter Update with info about Gen Con Events and...a Gen Con Pick Up!

Gen Con Events

Here is a listing of our Gen Con Events (all taking place at the Flying Frog Booth #1429):

  • Preview of the Expanded Frontier Town for Shadows of Brimstone with Designer Jason C. Hill, Thursday 3-5PM : Jason gives a personal tour of the new expansion for Shadows of Brimstone which greatly enhances the Town Experience.  Several players will also get to participate in playing an in-town scenario called ‘A Town Overrun’.

  • Dark Gothic Tournament (16 players, No Cost to Enter, Sign up starting at 10AM on Friday, Prizes Awarded), Friday 2-5PM : Take on other monster-hunting heroes in this Dark Gothic tournament of champions!

  • Shadows of Brimstone Painting Contest (No Cost to Enter, Limit One Entry Per Category, You must have painted the miniatures personally) Categories include: Best Hero, Best Creature, and Brimstone Bounty (group of Heroes or Creatures or Diorama).  Entries can be turned in at the booth from 9AM Thursday to 2PM Saturday.  Judging at 2PM Saturday, Winners announced 3PM Saturday, Prizes Awarded.  More info here:

  • Flames of Cynder, Shadows of Brimstone Mega Event, Saturday 4-6PM : Flying Frog creators, Jason and Scott Hill, run this mega event at the main event table in the FFP booth on Saturday afternoon.  Nothing necessary to play, just grab a hero and delve into the fiery Caverns of Cynder!  Fend off Lava Men and try to survive to win prizes in this fun adventure.

  • Build Your Brimstone Miniatures with Brian Snoddy, Sunday 2-4PM : Concept artist, Brian Snoddy, shows you how to build the creatures that he designed.  Glue and tools are provided, just bring your Shadows of Brimstone models.

  • City of the Ancients 3D Targa Adventure, Thursday-Sunday All Day (No Cost to Play, runs all day, No Sign up) : Play through the frozen ancient alien city like you’ve never seen it before – in a huge pre-built 3D game table!  
  • Painting Shadows of Brimstone Miniatures with Aaron Lovejoy, Thursday-Sunday All Day: Professional Painter, Aaron Lovejoy, shares his techniques and tips for painting the Shadows of Brimstone figures.  He should know, as he is the studio painter for all of Flying Frog’s Shadows of Brimstone Minis.

Gen Con Pick Up

We worked hard to get a limited number of Shadows of Brimstone products early for Gen Con. Air freighting products means very limited quantities and great expense for shipping, but is absolutely necessary to the success of Flying Frog at Gen Con. Nonetheless, we want to provide the opportunity to our backers to pick up some stuff at the show.

We are excited to announce that 100 Backers can pick up The OtherWorlds: Caverns of Cynder Expansion and (if applicable) the Doorways into Darkness Expansion. It was down to the wire getting these copies, so we don't have time now to do an RSVP for the Gen Con Pickup like last year. Instead, any Backer wanting to participate in the pick up, should come to the Flying Frog Booth (#1429) first thing on Thursday or Saturday. We have 50 copies designated for Thursday Pickup starting at 10AM and 50 copies designated for Saturday Pickup starting at 10AM. If you don't get a copy on Thursday or Saturday, you can check back on Sunday. In the event that we do not sell out of the limited retail copies by 3PM on Sunday, we will allow additional Backers to pickup.

Note: To Participate in the Gen Con Kickstarter Pickup, you must be able to show picture ID that matches your name on record in the Pledge Manager and verify your phone number/email on record in the Pledge Manager. We will not have access to all of our records on the show floor and must operate off of the Pledge Manager data.

Trederran Raiders Charge into the Mine!
Trederran Raiders Charge into the Mine!

Gen Con Preview Edition Enemy Sets

In addition to copies of Caverns of Cynder and the Doorways into Darkness sets, we were also able to air freight in advanced copies of some of the Enemy Packs (mostly stuff we are working on for Wave 1.5). We are unable to offer any of these as part of the Pickup because the printed material for Enemy Packs for Wave 1.5 is being printed together and we cannot separate out certain parts that were picked up by Backers.

Packaging and 'Into Darkness' Card Set

While most of the KS Stretch Goals and Add-Ons will be delivered without retail packaging as planned, we are happy to let you know that KS Backers will be receiving Caverns of Cynder and (if applicable) the Doorways into Darkness Sets in the full retail packaging. Further, we were able to include the 'Into Darkness' Card Set as a free bonus with the Doorways even though it was not part of the Kickstarter.

Harvesters on the hunt for Dark Stone!
Harvesters on the hunt for Dark Stone!

That's it for now, we are boarding a plane in a few hours. We hope to see many of you at the show. Be sure to come up and say Hi!


Scott and Jason

More Details of Wave 1.5, New Hero Preview, Caverns of Cynder Preview, Painting Events!


Hello Brimstone Gang!

We're just poking our heads up from the avalanche of work to let you know that we are making progress. Not dead, just dead tired. We have bitten off an enormous amount of design, development, art, and testing with all of the expansion material in the Stretch Goals and Add-Ons from the KS.

A new illustration of the Feral Vampires from veteran artist, Tom Baxa.
A new illustration of the Feral Vampires from veteran artist, Tom Baxa.

We are proud of the fact that, against the odds and without much sleep for several months, we delivered the Core Sets within a year of the KS ending. It is an unfortunate truth that many companies are using KS as more of a pre-order, rather than funding project development as it was intended. We say unfortunate, because it creates unrealistic expectations from backers - "Company "Y" sent out Game "X" 3 months after the KS ended, why can't you?!?" The truth is proper game development takes time, and when it is done right, you end up with a great game that will be enjoyed for years. That's what we do. We can't bring ourselves to shove something out the door prematurely because the wolves are at the gates growling.

Hence, we are overwhelmed, but trying hard to make amazing stuff that we know that people will enjoy once the dust settles. Any veterans of KS can tell you about many projects that were rushed and ended up completely disappointing. Many of us have backed several projects that had to come out with apologetic 2nd edition rulebooks and card sets to fix all of the broken material that was delivered. While development of our mountain of content is taking time, rest assured that we are not cutting corners and everyone will benefit from solid expansions.

That being said, we are currently still on track to deliver Wave 1.5 in early Fall...

What is Wave 1.5

First, let's be sure that everyone understands what Wave 1.5 is about. During the Pledge Manager, we offered an option for KS Backers to purchase an extra shipping wave (Wave 1.5) between Wave 1 (the actual Core Game Sets, KS Exclusive Outlaw, Paint Sets) and Wave 2 (Everything else, once every last bit is completed). The biggest two questions we receive about Wave 1.5 are "What will be in Wave 1.5?" and "Will you re-open Wave 1.5 so I can purchase that option?"

What Will be in Wave 1.5?

It's still too early to know exactly what will be contained in Wave 1.5. We have many miniature sets in production, but problems can crop up and we'll get a better picture as we get closer to the Fall. Right now, we estimate that it should include:

  • Caverns of Cynder OtherWorld Expansion
  • Lava Men
  • Expanded Frontier Town Expansion
  • Bandits
  • DarkStone Brutes (Minecart or Add-on)
  • The Guardian (Minecart or Add-on)
  • Trun Hunters (Add-on)
  • Sourge Rats
  • Serpentmen Warriors
  • Serpentmen Shaman
  • Void Sorcerers
  • Void Hounds
  • Doorways Set (Minecart or Add-on)
  • Trederran Raiders
  • Harvesters
  • The Burrower (Minecart or Add-on)
  • Dead Man's Bounty Game Supplement
  • Treasures of the Void Game Supplement
  • Badlands Expedition Game Supplement
  • Targa Artifacts Game Supplement (Add-on)
  • Jargono Artifacts Game Supplement (Add-on)
  • Cynder Artifacts Game Supplement (Add-on)
  • Blank Card Set: Threats (Add-on)
  • Blank Card Set: Mine (Add-on)
  • Blank Card Set: Jargono (Add-on)
  • Blank Card Set: Targa (Add-on)
  • Prospector Hero Class - with Male and Female Miniatures
  • Orphan Hero Class - with Male and Female Miniatures
  • Drifter Hero Class - with Male and Female Miniatures
  • Outlaw Hero Miniatures - Male and Female
  • Additional Enemy Sets
  • Additional Game Supplement Card Sets

The retail value of the items contained in Wave 1.5 is estimated at over $600! Please note that none of these items are set in stone. If a problem crops up with one of these items, it may not make it into Wave 1.5. We also know now that Wave 1.5 will not have any Mission Packs or OtherWorld Expansions beyond Caverns of Cynder.

Will you re-open Wave 1.5 so I can purchase that option?

I think everyone will agree that this seems like a no-brainer - people get stuff earlier and are even willing to pay for shipping to do it! But, it's not that obvious a decision. We have learned some hard lessons during this KS experience - we had to hire on many temporary workers during Wave 1 and it still took months to get all the orders out. Shipping within the EU is filled with difficulties that we did not foresee.  Also, Wave 1.5 will be different for every backer - some are Minecart, some are Outlaw, some added Trun or a Guardian or a Burrower, others did not. So, each order will be unique. Long story short, we are planning to add Wave 1.5 shipping for purchase in the Web Store in September for $50 within the USA and $125 International.

We are planning to ship Wave 1.5 from the USA and the cost will cover shipping and hiring staff to process orders. We are currently estimating that Wave 1.5 could start shipping out sometime in October and we will begin with international orders to even out travel time.

Painting Events

One of the best ways to trick out your Brimstone game is to paint the miniatures. We've seen some awesome painted minis over the last several months from KS Backers and other fans of the game. Many fans have emailed us to say that they never painted figures before Shadows of Brimstone and they are really enjoying it!

At Flying Frog, we have all been gaming with miniatures and painting them for most of our lives and it gives us great joy to share this experience with others. It's also one of the reasons that we are so proud to have our own Shadows of Brimstone Paint Sets - we carefully selected/created all of the colors to give a full range for painting the miniatures from the game and its expansions.

We are excited to announce two upcoming Shadows of Brimstone Painting Events so that fans have a chance to show off their cool painted minis from the game!

The first will be at Gen Con at the Flying Frog Booth on August 1st in Indianapolis, IN. Pro Painter, Aaron Lovejoy, will be back again this year to share tips and tricks and help judge the event at the booth. The second painting event will be online in October and fans can send in photos of their miniatures (more details later). The categories for both the Gen Con and Online Events include:

  • Single Brimstone Hero - One Shadows of Brimstone Hero on a base. It must be an official Shadows of Brimstone miniature, but may be modified to alter the pose or add details (different weapons, different head or hat, etc).
  • Single Brimstone Creature - One Shadows of Brimstone Enemy on a base. It must be an official Shadows of Brimstone miniature, but may be modified to alter the pose or add details (extra horns, fur, etc).
  • Brimstone Bounty - This is sort of a catch all category that could include multiple miniatures on one base or diorama, or a grouping of Heroes or Monsters. It must include at least one official Shadows of Brimstone miniature, but may be modified to alter the pose or add details.

Best models shown in each category may win prizes including Flying Frog games, miniatures, or promo items not available in stores.

Caverns of Cynder Preview

The first major expansion for Shadows of Brimstone is being manufactured right now! Caverns of Cynder is the first of the OtherWorld Expansions which introduce a new world to explore. In the two Core Sets, players are introduced to the swamp world of Jargono and the frozen ancient alien city of the Targa Plateau. Cynder is an entirely new world featuring vast underground tunnels and chambers with ancient platforms marking paths across boiling magma. 

A fiery dimension of lava and ash, the burning Caverns of Cynder are home to many dark and ancient evils, imprisoned within! Rivers of molten rock flow and pool into lakes of fire, forging fiendish Lava Men to assault any who dare cross over into their world. But there are also treasures to be found, gold and priceless artifacts pulled from across space and time to fill the vaults of Cynder, and the pockets of any traveler bold enough to seek them out!

The Caverns of Cynder Expansion introduces a brand new OtherWorld for the Heroes to explore! This includes a full set of 18 new Map Tiles depicting the fiery Caverns of Cynder, with dangerous new Lava Spaces that can burn the Heroes, and crumbling crust that can fall away under your feet! These Map Tiles also have an all new set of unique Mine rooms on the reverse, bringing more variety and new Encounters to discover throughout the Mines. All of the cards needed for this searing lava world are included, such as Cynder Encounters, Artifacts, Map Cards, OtherWorld Threats, and more, as well as a host of new cards for adventuring in the Mines!

6 New Missions will challenge your Heroes, as they hunker down to Defend the Bridge against hordes of attacking creatures, or race to seal Cracks in Reality that have opened up, threatening to tear the world apart! But beware, this new world is overrun with a deadly new Enemy - Lava Men, emerging from the fiery depths to destroy all that would set foot into the Caverns of Cynder!

Last Call for the Get It Now Offer

In April, we created a special offer called the "Get It Now!" Pack. It made four new Shadows of Brimstone Card Supplements available to backers early for the cost of shipping. This was very popular and many people took advantage of the offer. We will be removing the "Get It Now" offer from the web store at the end of June. So, if you want to get the offer, don't wait. Here is the link to these items in the Web Store:

Summer is coming...

We are working on our plans for Gen Con next month and will have another update in July with new enemy previews and more info about the big show. Besides the Shadows of Brimstone Painting Event, we have some exciting previews and games planned, and some surprises in store! We hope to see many of you at the Flying Frog Booth at Gen Con!


Scott and Jason

Production Update, Caverns of Cynder, Wave 1.5 Update, International Tabletop Day, and a Special Offer!


Hello Brimstone Gang-

   We are working hard on lots of design, art, and production work for Shadows of Brimstone expansion material. All of this stuff is so cool that we say the words "people are going to be excited about this" at least once or twice per week. We just need to get some of this new material into the hands of Brimstone-hungry gamers! More about that below...

Production Update

Serpentmen Warriors of Jargono and the Serpentman Shaman
Serpentmen Warriors of Jargono and the Serpentman Shaman

When we decided on the order of expansion material to work on, many factors were considered. What is the coolest? What is most interesting? What would make sense to release first in the "product line"? Honestly, there is an overwhelming amount of expansion material to create. Often, KS projects do little stretch goals and add-on material - an additional pose for a figure or a new enemy type. But we really went to town and racked up a huge list of full on expansions! We plan for all of these expansions to have a long life as retail products, so each OtherWorld Expansion, Mission Pack Expansion, etc. is a full expansion with tons of new material and all of the production values and polish that you've come to expect from Flying Frog Productions.

We are working days, nights, and weekends right now to finalize all components for the first several Brimstone Expansion items. Up to this point, we've done a lot of work on a lot of expansion material, but now is the time to focus on getting some material set in stone and sent to China for manufacturing. Our main focus has been finishing the first OtherWorld Expansion: Caverns of Cynder!

The OtherWorlds: Caverns of Cynder Expansion
The OtherWorlds: Caverns of Cynder Expansion
Lavamen from the Caverns of Cynder
Lavamen from the Caverns of Cynder

People have been excited to see sneak previews of Cynder at the Mox Boarding House Grand Opening, the GAMA Trade Show, and Emerald City Comicon and the response has been very positive. 

Besides the Caverns of Cynder Expansion, we have several new Enemy Sets that are in production right now. We can't say for certain when these will be ready due to the many uncertainties involved in this process, but some of the front runners in the pipeline right now include the XL-sized Guardian of Targa, The Serpentmen of Jargono, The Trun Hunters, and the Masters of the Void (Void Hounds and Void Sorcerers).

The XL-sized Guardian of Targa
The XL-sized Guardian of Targa

Void Hounds and a powerful and mysterious Void Sorcerer!
Void Hounds and a powerful and mysterious Void Sorcerer!

We are also finalizing another exciting expansion that many of you were curious about after our last update...

Doorways Into Darkness

This set is very cool. You may think "it's just some doorway models", but man, ever since we got the first production samples, we've played with them in every playtest and it makes the game more fun. So, normally, when you're playing Shadows of Brimstone and you enter a new room, you flip the Exploration Marker and see what dangers you face in this new area and how many doors there are in the room. You then place end caps on all of the non-doorway exits of the map tile. With the new doorways models, you place one on each doorway exit for the map tile. It doesn't sound that interesting, but they look cool and once you play a game with them, you won't want to play again without them! 

One thing that changed since the Kickstarter is the breakdown of how many of each doorway type you get. The reason is because originally we conceived of the two types of doorways representing doorways in the mine and portals to other worlds. Later, it became very apparent that this was a flawed notion. For one thing, it meant that the doorways in OtherWorlds also looked like mine doorways with wood beams framing the entry. Why would you find a rickety wooden doorway in the Swamps of Jargono or an ancient alien city? It made no sense. Further, the fiction of the game world explains that portals to other worlds can tear open wherever large quantities of Dark Stone exist - such as veins of Dark Stone in the mines. So, why would these unstable portals be clearly marked by a doorway of any sort?

The solution was obvious and works so well. The wood-beam framed mine doorways are used to mark doors in the mines, the ancient alien-style stone gateways are used to mark doors in OtherWorlds, and portals are still marked with the bright blue and white swirly map tiles. Hence, the change in component breakdown to 4 Mine Doorways and 4 OtherWorld Doorways (instead of 6 and 2 as we estimated during the Kickstarter).

Furthermore, we decided to add some expansion cards for the retail product. This creates added value and makes the product a bit more of an expansion than simply a set of miniatures. Obviously, these new cards were not in the Kickstarter, but you won't need to buy the retail product to get them. Anytime additional material like this is added to a retail product that was part of the Kickstarter, we will do our best to make it available in some way to backers separately. We don't know all of the final production costs of this set yet, so we do not have details. But we will let you know in a future update. As a side note, we would love to just throw in any extra stuff for free, but the actual production costs have far exceeded our original estimates.

Wave 1.5 Update

The last time we updated about Wave 1.5 shipping, our best guess was sometime this Summer. At this point, we can see that if we wait a couple months, we can send a lot more stuff in Wave 1.5. So, it is an obvious choice to wait a bit longer and get a lot more stuff out to hungry backers! It's too soon to pinpoint an exact date, but we are hoping for October.

As for offering Wave 1.5 shipping again (through the Web Store), we are still working on that possibility. It is something that we would like to do, if possible. We will let you know more in a future update.

International Tabletop Day

It's that time of year again - International Tabletop Day is this Saturday, April 11th! Flying Frog Productions will be at Uncle's Games in Crossroads Mall in Bellevue, WA on Saturday from 2-7:30PM. If you are in the area, please come out to share the fun of Tabletop Day with us! No matter where you are this weekend, we hope that you can celebrate International Tabletop day by playing your favorite tabletop games! And if that includes an excursion into the depths of the Brimstone mines, we encourage you to talk about it in the Kickstarter comments to share your adventures with all of the Brimstone Gang.

The "Get it Now" Special Offer

We closed the last update with the hint of a surprise in the next update. We are so happy that people around the globe are now adventuring in the mines of Brimstone and beyond! But, we know that people want more, need more. More goodies to add to their games and keep it fresh. While we've had delays with the miniatures (as we found new factories to work with and new production techniques to increase the detail in the plastics), we do have some printed material ready now - four 15-card Game Supplements that can give your games an injection of new cards! For any Kickstarter Backers that want these cards NOW, we are making a special "Get it Now" Offer where you can simply pay a small shipping and handling cost (should not be much for a handful of card sets) and get that part of your order now. More details below...

The Card Supplements that are ready include:

Dead Man’s Bounty (included in the Stretch Goals)-   The deserts and mines near the ruins of Brimstone are harsh and unforgiving, made only more so by the cutthroat and backstabbing nature of the outlaws and gangs that reside there. Often times, one man’s treasure is another man’s dead body.   This 15 card supplement adds a collection of all new Gear for Shadows of Brimstone, themed around items found on the bodies of outlaws and prospectors betrayed by their companions and left for dead.

Treasures of the Void (included in the Stretch Goals)-  The vastness of the cosmos and the Void between space and time are home to treasures unimaginable to the Human mind.  Sometimes these magical forces are bound within amulets and rings by unknown intelligence with a mastery of sorcery too dark and terrible to contemplate, deposited into the real world to corrupt and ensnare lesser beings who would dare to use them.   This 15 card supplement adds a collection of all new Mine Artifacts for Shadows of Brimstone, themed around lost treasures and magical relics from the Void and other worlds beyond.

Targa Artifacts Set #1 (Was available as a new purchase in the Pledge Manager)- In the frozen over Targa Plateau, many relics of the past are buried in the ice… left dormant by the alien inhabitants of this once great city. These artifacts and technological wonders have been lost for eons, waiting to be discovered, and reactivated.   This 15 card supplement adds a collection of all new Targa Plateau Artifacts for Shadows of Brimstone, themed around ancient alien technology and the lost terrors preserved in the ice for millennia.

Jargono Artifacts Set #1 (Was available as a new purchase in the Pledge Manager)-   In the hot and humid swamps of Jargono, primitive bands of Humans and savage Serpentmen build their civilizations on the ancient ruins of those who came before. Filled with ancient ceremonial relics and brutal Dark Stone-edged weapons, the jungle is home to many artifacts worth uncovering. This 15 card supplement adds a collection of all new Swamps of Jargono Artifacts for Shadows of Brimstone, themed around the primitive but brutal Dark Stone weapons used by the tribal Humans and Serpentmen of Jargono as well as lost relics and medicines native to the murky swamps.

Two of these, 'Dead Man's Bounty' and 'Treasures of the Void', were part of the Stretch Goals and are part of the Pledge for any Backer of Outlaw Level or Higher.

'Targa Artifacts Set #1' and 'Jargono Artifacts Set #1' were not part of the Kickstarter, but were available for purchase in the Pledge Manager.

There is a lot of paperwork involved in this process, but we've tried to simplify it as much as possible by creating one single item in the FFP Web Store called the "Card Supplement 'Get it Now' Pack". By purchasing this item (for free) in the web store, you pay only the cost of shipping for the cards and we will look up your Kickstarter Order in the Pledge Manager and send out whichever of these four Card Supplements that you got with your order. For most people, that means 'Dead Man's Bounty' and 'Treasures of the Void' (because they were part of the Stretch Goals). For those that purchased either the 'Targa Artifacts Set #1' or 'Jargono Artifacts Set #1' in the Pledge Manager, those will be included in the "Card Supplement 'Get it Now' Pack" as well.

Of course, you can also purchase any of these Supplements as separate items in the Web Store in case you missed one or more in the Pledge Manager.

NOTE: If you have extra pledges in your Kickstarter Pledge Manager Order, you must increase the quantity of "Card Supplement 'Get it Now' Packs", adding one 'Get it Now' pack for each pledge.

It will take a bit longer to fulfill each order as we must look up each Backer, check their Pledge Manager Order, and update it to reflect which card sets are being sent as part of this special offer. So, please allow extra time for processing these orders - it won't be as fast as our normal Web Store order fulfillment. 

Here is the link to these items in the Web Store:

That's all for now! Happy gaming!


   Scott & Jason

GAMA Preview and Emerald City Comic Con!


Hello Brimstone Gang!

      We are heading out to sunny Las Vegas for the GAMA Trade Show in a few hours but we thought that it might be fun to do a quick update on our way out the door and give you guys a sneak peek at some stuff we will be showing at our booth this week!

GAMA Trade Show

The GAMA Trade Show is this week in Las Vegas and Flying Frog will be showing off all of our games and expansions, including mock-ups of boxes for some of the expansion material for Shadows of Brimstone! 

While others will get their first look later in the week, we wanted our wonderful Brimstone Backers to get the worldwide exclusive!

Mock-up box for the Guardian XL-Sized Enemy Set.
Mock-up box for the Guardian XL-Sized Enemy Set.
Mock-up box for the 'Doorways Into Darkness' Set.  It includes 8 plastic doorways, a rulesheet, and a new 15 card mini-expansion, 'Into the Dark'.  These are the actual Production plastic samples of the Doorways and they look beautiful!
Mock-up box for the 'Doorways Into Darkness' Set. It includes 8 plastic doorways, a rulesheet, and a new 15 card mini-expansion, 'Into the Dark'. These are the actual Production plastic samples of the Doorways and they look beautiful!

We will be posting photos from the booth on Facebook and Twitter so watch out this week for more exciting previews!

Come see us at Emerald City Comic Con!

Flying Frog will have a booth in the gaming area of the Emerald City Comic Con in a couple weeks.  It is in Seattle at the Washington State Convention Center March 27-29.  If you come to the con, please stop by our booth to say hi, play in a demo, and maybe pick up some games!  For more information, check out the Emerald City Comicon website.

That's all for now, we plan to do another update in a few weeks with a report from the GAMA Trade Show and some exciting surprises.  Happy Gaming!

Scott & Jason