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Shadows of Brimstone is a fast-paced, Cooperative, dungeon-crawl boardgame set in the Old West, and mixed with Unspeakable Horror!
4,727 backers pledged $1,341,305 to help bring this project to life.

Production Update, Caverns of Cynder, Wave 1.5 Update, International Tabletop Day, and a Special Offer!


Hello Brimstone Gang-

   We are working hard on lots of design, art, and production work for Shadows of Brimstone expansion material. All of this stuff is so cool that we say the words "people are going to be excited about this" at least once or twice per week. We just need to get some of this new material into the hands of Brimstone-hungry gamers! More about that below...

Production Update

Serpentmen Warriors of Jargono and the Serpentman Shaman
Serpentmen Warriors of Jargono and the Serpentman Shaman

When we decided on the order of expansion material to work on, many factors were considered. What is the coolest? What is most interesting? What would make sense to release first in the "product line"? Honestly, there is an overwhelming amount of expansion material to create. Often, KS projects do little stretch goals and add-on material - an additional pose for a figure or a new enemy type. But we really went to town and racked up a huge list of full on expansions! We plan for all of these expansions to have a long life as retail products, so each OtherWorld Expansion, Mission Pack Expansion, etc. is a full expansion with tons of new material and all of the production values and polish that you've come to expect from Flying Frog Productions.

We are working days, nights, and weekends right now to finalize all components for the first several Brimstone Expansion items. Up to this point, we've done a lot of work on a lot of expansion material, but now is the time to focus on getting some material set in stone and sent to China for manufacturing. Our main focus has been finishing the first OtherWorld Expansion: Caverns of Cynder!

The OtherWorlds: Caverns of Cynder Expansion
The OtherWorlds: Caverns of Cynder Expansion
Lavamen from the Caverns of Cynder
Lavamen from the Caverns of Cynder

People have been excited to see sneak previews of Cynder at the Mox Boarding House Grand Opening, the GAMA Trade Show, and Emerald City Comicon and the response has been very positive. 

Besides the Caverns of Cynder Expansion, we have several new Enemy Sets that are in production right now. We can't say for certain when these will be ready due to the many uncertainties involved in this process, but some of the front runners in the pipeline right now include the XL-sized Guardian of Targa, The Serpentmen of Jargono, The Trun Hunters, and the Masters of the Void (Void Hounds and Void Sorcerers).

The XL-sized Guardian of Targa
The XL-sized Guardian of Targa

Void Hounds and a powerful and mysterious Void Sorcerer!
Void Hounds and a powerful and mysterious Void Sorcerer!

We are also finalizing another exciting expansion that many of you were curious about after our last update...

Doorways Into Darkness

This set is very cool. You may think "it's just some doorway models", but man, ever since we got the first production samples, we've played with them in every playtest and it makes the game more fun. So, normally, when you're playing Shadows of Brimstone and you enter a new room, you flip the Exploration Marker and see what dangers you face in this new area and how many doors there are in the room. You then place end caps on all of the non-doorway exits of the map tile. With the new doorways models, you place one on each doorway exit for the map tile. It doesn't sound that interesting, but they look cool and once you play a game with them, you won't want to play again without them! 

One thing that changed since the Kickstarter is the breakdown of how many of each doorway type you get. The reason is because originally we conceived of the two types of doorways representing doorways in the mine and portals to other worlds. Later, it became very apparent that this was a flawed notion. For one thing, it meant that the doorways in OtherWorlds also looked like mine doorways with wood beams framing the entry. Why would you find a rickety wooden doorway in the Swamps of Jargono or an ancient alien city? It made no sense. Further, the fiction of the game world explains that portals to other worlds can tear open wherever large quantities of Dark Stone exist - such as veins of Dark Stone in the mines. So, why would these unstable portals be clearly marked by a doorway of any sort?

The solution was obvious and works so well. The wood-beam framed mine doorways are used to mark doors in the mines, the ancient alien-style stone gateways are used to mark doors in OtherWorlds, and portals are still marked with the bright blue and white swirly map tiles. Hence, the change in component breakdown to 4 Mine Doorways and 4 OtherWorld Doorways (instead of 6 and 2 as we estimated during the Kickstarter).

Furthermore, we decided to add some expansion cards for the retail product. This creates added value and makes the product a bit more of an expansion than simply a set of miniatures. Obviously, these new cards were not in the Kickstarter, but you won't need to buy the retail product to get them. Anytime additional material like this is added to a retail product that was part of the Kickstarter, we will do our best to make it available in some way to backers separately. We don't know all of the final production costs of this set yet, so we do not have details. But we will let you know in a future update. As a side note, we would love to just throw in any extra stuff for free, but the actual production costs have far exceeded our original estimates.

Wave 1.5 Update

The last time we updated about Wave 1.5 shipping, our best guess was sometime this Summer. At this point, we can see that if we wait a couple months, we can send a lot more stuff in Wave 1.5. So, it is an obvious choice to wait a bit longer and get a lot more stuff out to hungry backers! It's too soon to pinpoint an exact date, but we are hoping for October.

As for offering Wave 1.5 shipping again (through the Web Store), we are still working on that possibility. It is something that we would like to do, if possible. We will let you know more in a future update.

International Tabletop Day

It's that time of year again - International Tabletop Day is this Saturday, April 11th! Flying Frog Productions will be at Uncle's Games in Crossroads Mall in Bellevue, WA on Saturday from 2-7:30PM. If you are in the area, please come out to share the fun of Tabletop Day with us! No matter where you are this weekend, we hope that you can celebrate International Tabletop day by playing your favorite tabletop games! And if that includes an excursion into the depths of the Brimstone mines, we encourage you to talk about it in the Kickstarter comments to share your adventures with all of the Brimstone Gang.

The "Get it Now" Special Offer

We closed the last update with the hint of a surprise in the next update. We are so happy that people around the globe are now adventuring in the mines of Brimstone and beyond! But, we know that people want more, need more. More goodies to add to their games and keep it fresh. While we've had delays with the miniatures (as we found new factories to work with and new production techniques to increase the detail in the plastics), we do have some printed material ready now - four 15-card Game Supplements that can give your games an injection of new cards! For any Kickstarter Backers that want these cards NOW, we are making a special "Get it Now" Offer where you can simply pay a small shipping and handling cost (should not be much for a handful of card sets) and get that part of your order now. More details below...

The Card Supplements that are ready include:

Dead Man’s Bounty (included in the Stretch Goals)-   The deserts and mines near the ruins of Brimstone are harsh and unforgiving, made only more so by the cutthroat and backstabbing nature of the outlaws and gangs that reside there. Often times, one man’s treasure is another man’s dead body.   This 15 card supplement adds a collection of all new Gear for Shadows of Brimstone, themed around items found on the bodies of outlaws and prospectors betrayed by their companions and left for dead.

Treasures of the Void (included in the Stretch Goals)-  The vastness of the cosmos and the Void between space and time are home to treasures unimaginable to the Human mind.  Sometimes these magical forces are bound within amulets and rings by unknown intelligence with a mastery of sorcery too dark and terrible to contemplate, deposited into the real world to corrupt and ensnare lesser beings who would dare to use them.   This 15 card supplement adds a collection of all new Mine Artifacts for Shadows of Brimstone, themed around lost treasures and magical relics from the Void and other worlds beyond.

Targa Artifacts Set #1 (Was available as a new purchase in the Pledge Manager)- In the frozen over Targa Plateau, many relics of the past are buried in the ice… left dormant by the alien inhabitants of this once great city. These artifacts and technological wonders have been lost for eons, waiting to be discovered, and reactivated.   This 15 card supplement adds a collection of all new Targa Plateau Artifacts for Shadows of Brimstone, themed around ancient alien technology and the lost terrors preserved in the ice for millennia.

Jargono Artifacts Set #1 (Was available as a new purchase in the Pledge Manager)-   In the hot and humid swamps of Jargono, primitive bands of Humans and savage Serpentmen build their civilizations on the ancient ruins of those who came before. Filled with ancient ceremonial relics and brutal Dark Stone-edged weapons, the jungle is home to many artifacts worth uncovering. This 15 card supplement adds a collection of all new Swamps of Jargono Artifacts for Shadows of Brimstone, themed around the primitive but brutal Dark Stone weapons used by the tribal Humans and Serpentmen of Jargono as well as lost relics and medicines native to the murky swamps.

Two of these, 'Dead Man's Bounty' and 'Treasures of the Void', were part of the Stretch Goals and are part of the Pledge for any Backer of Outlaw Level or Higher.

'Targa Artifacts Set #1' and 'Jargono Artifacts Set #1' were not part of the Kickstarter, but were available for purchase in the Pledge Manager.

There is a lot of paperwork involved in this process, but we've tried to simplify it as much as possible by creating one single item in the FFP Web Store called the "Card Supplement 'Get it Now' Pack". By purchasing this item (for free) in the web store, you pay only the cost of shipping for the cards and we will look up your Kickstarter Order in the Pledge Manager and send out whichever of these four Card Supplements that you got with your order. For most people, that means 'Dead Man's Bounty' and 'Treasures of the Void' (because they were part of the Stretch Goals). For those that purchased either the 'Targa Artifacts Set #1' or 'Jargono Artifacts Set #1' in the Pledge Manager, those will be included in the "Card Supplement 'Get it Now' Pack" as well.

Of course, you can also purchase any of these Supplements as separate items in the Web Store in case you missed one or more in the Pledge Manager.

NOTE: If you have extra pledges in your Kickstarter Pledge Manager Order, you must increase the quantity of "Card Supplement 'Get it Now' Packs", adding one 'Get it Now' pack for each pledge.

It will take a bit longer to fulfill each order as we must look up each Backer, check their Pledge Manager Order, and update it to reflect which card sets are being sent as part of this special offer. So, please allow extra time for processing these orders - it won't be as fast as our normal Web Store order fulfillment. 

Here is the link to these items in the Web Store:

That's all for now! Happy gaming!


   Scott & Jason

GAMA Preview and Emerald City Comic Con!


Hello Brimstone Gang!

      We are heading out to sunny Las Vegas for the GAMA Trade Show in a few hours but we thought that it might be fun to do a quick update on our way out the door and give you guys a sneak peek at some stuff we will be showing at our booth this week!

GAMA Trade Show

The GAMA Trade Show is this week in Las Vegas and Flying Frog will be showing off all of our games and expansions, including mock-ups of boxes for some of the expansion material for Shadows of Brimstone! 

While others will get their first look later in the week, we wanted our wonderful Brimstone Backers to get the worldwide exclusive!

Mock-up box for the Guardian XL-Sized Enemy Set.
Mock-up box for the Guardian XL-Sized Enemy Set.
Mock-up box for the 'Doorways Into Darkness' Set.  It includes 8 plastic doorways, a rulesheet, and a new 15 card mini-expansion, 'Into the Dark'.  These are the actual Production plastic samples of the Doorways and they look beautiful!
Mock-up box for the 'Doorways Into Darkness' Set. It includes 8 plastic doorways, a rulesheet, and a new 15 card mini-expansion, 'Into the Dark'. These are the actual Production plastic samples of the Doorways and they look beautiful!

We will be posting photos from the booth on Facebook and Twitter so watch out this week for more exciting previews!

Come see us at Emerald City Comic Con!

Flying Frog will have a booth in the gaming area of the Emerald City Comic Con in a couple weeks.  It is in Seattle at the Washington State Convention Center March 27-29.  If you come to the con, please stop by our booth to say hi, play in a demo, and maybe pick up some games!  For more information, check out the Emerald City Comicon website.

That's all for now, we plan to do another update in a few weeks with a report from the GAMA Trade Show and some exciting surprises.  Happy Gaming!

Scott & Jason

Quick Update: Australian Orders, Some New Art to Look At, and Brimstone Discussion...


Hello Brimstone Gang!

       We are excited to report that the cargo shipment of Australian Kickstarter Wave 1 Orders cleared customs in record time.  We just received word from our Australian Distribution Partner that all of the packages have left the warehouse!  They tell us that backers should start to receive their orders within 1 - 10 days depending on the delivery area!  We cannot wait for our Australian fans to join in the adventure and we wanted to give you the news the moment that we received it!

New Art to Check out

We understand that this message is mostly of interest to our friends down under.  So, we wanted to include some new art for everyone to check out.


There's been some lively discussion in the Kickstarter Messages section ever since the project went live. We hope to continue the Brimstone chat here on the Shadows of Brimstone Kickstarter message area and in great forums like:

The new topic we put forth is What OtherWorld are you most excited to adventure in and why?  Here is a list of the OtherWorlds upcoming and established:

  • The Targa Plateau - an ancient abandoned city on an alien world that is now frozen over in an epic ice age
  • Swamps of Jargono - a murky swamp world in another dimension, ruled by savage Serpentmen and feral creatures
  • Trederra – a planet engulfed in war – they are a slightly higher technology level than our Cowboy Heroes – akin to WWI on Earth
  • Caverns of Cynder – underground chambers of molten lava and alien platforms and statues, overrun by fiery demons and Lava Men
  • Blasted Wastes – inhospitable wasteland of sulfurous desert and canyons, littered with crashed hulks of rusted spaceships and pools of aqua blue acid.
  • Derelict Ship – an immense starship, cruising through space with no one at the helm. Sentry Droids continue whirring through the halls, removing intruders. Much darker forces have infested the shadows. 

That's it for now.  Happy Gaming!


     Scott & Jason

Updates on Miniatures, Australian Shipping, Production, and a sneak peak at Flying Frog's GAMA Program Ad!


Hello Brimstone Fans!

It's been a while since the last update because we were finally able to get back to development after months and months (and months) of packing orders, shipping orders, tracking down lost packages, replacing broken or missing components, etc. Honestly, it is an enormous amount of work and took much longer than expected. Unfortunately, this has set us back in the development, production, and playtesting of expansion material. Another team might just throw something in a box and send it out the door. But that's not our style. Shadows of Brimstone and its Expansions are a product line that will be sold in retail stores for years to come and we don't plan to sacrifice quality at this point! On to the update...

Australian Shipping Update

We have given many updates to Australian backers in email, Facebook, and in the Comments section of the Kickstarter, but here's the latest info. We packed all of the orders and sent them out a couple months ago. Union slow downs at the docks may have held things up a bit, but it's also a long trip by cargo ship around the world. In any case, we just got word from our Australian Distribution Partner (helping us with shipping to KS Backers) that the ship is arriving at the end of this week. After arrival in port, the container needs to go through customs (a week or so), and then our Australian Partners will process, label, and ship out games to the backers all over Australia. We are hopeful that all Australian backers will receive their Wave 1 shipments this month!

Miniatures Update

We are very excited that Shadows of Brimstone saw the release of our first hard plastic (hobby style) game miniatures. This was an important step for us as we wanted to create miniatures for the game that players could paint and customize - possibly swapping heads, arms, hats, weapons, or even adding mutations like a prehensile tail, eye stalks, or tentacle arms. It costs a fortune to tool steel molds for casting in hard plastic. While the results were very good for our first outing in the world of hard plastic hobby minis, we are always striving to get the best quality possible. In the last several months, we have been testing new factories all over China. There are mixed results. Many factories show samples that look great and after a couple months of working on a test model for us, it becomes clear that they did not create the samples that they showed and they do not have the skill to create quality figures. The good news is that we have found some promising new factories and methods and we are working on test minis right now for the next wave of figures. 

This is a render of the newly revised Beli'al model.  We added extra detail and sharpened the previous details
This is a render of the newly revised Beli'al model. We added extra detail and sharpened the previous details

Production Schedule

As we talked about in the intro to this update, handling of Wave 1 took way longer than we expected. As such, we are a bit behind in design, production, and testing on the Expansion material for the game. We know that everyone is excited to get more stuff for the game, but it is important that we maintain the quality that fans expect from Flying Frog Productions. We don't have any updated dates yet, but our updated estimate for Wave 1.5 is looking like Summer. Wave 2 will likely now be shifting to 1st quarter 2016. Production delays are something we work hard to try to avoid, but we would much rather give the expansions the time that they need to be great rather than rush them out.

GAMA Trade Show

Next month is the GAMA Trade Show in Las Vegas and Flying Frog will be there as usual. This is the show where game companies preview all of the new products they are working on to Distributors and Retailers. We are working hard to put together some exciting new things to show off in Vegas. So, expect more news next month. In the meantime, here is a sneak peak at our ad in the GAMA program book...

Well, that's it for now. We have lots of work to do and we need to get back to it!


  Scott and Jason

Shipping Updates! News from the Caverns of Cynder Preview!


Howdy Gang!

     Lots going on here at the Frog, mostly packing and shipping!  We've been working crazy hours to get the remaining Wave 1 Packages put together and out the door!  But, we're getting ahead of ourselves...let's get to the update.

Shipping Clarification

As backers have been receiving their Wave 1 packages, several have emailed asking about their missing Stretch Goals and Add-Ons.  It seems that many people missed the Updates about shipping in more than one wave.  For those that missed the previous updates, we are shipping in TWO "waves".  Wave 1 is the Core Games, KS-Exclusive Outlaw Hero Class (though the mini will be in Wave 2), Promo Cards, Red Miniatures, Paint Sets, Blank Hero and Enemy Record Sheet Pads, Vinyl Stickers, and extra bases.  Wave 2 will be everything else. 

More about Wave 1, Wave 1.5, and Wave 2

    We realized that it has been a while since we talked about this and thought it would be a good idea to mention it again with the latest info.  So, the deal is that this Kickstarter was big, real big, maybe too big.  We were already planning to make the game even before we considered doing a Kickstarter - in fact, we had been working on it for a couple years.  But, we had so many ideas for heroes, enemies, scenarios, worlds to explore, etc, that it was hard to face cutting all of that material down to a single boxed boardgame.  We had dreams of multiple Core Sets and a product line filled with expansion material.  The Kickstarter made that a reality and we were excited each time we hit a stretch goal and got to make another new part of this Shadows of Brimstone universe!  After the campaign finished, the reality set in of the mountain of work ahead of us. 

    Great success in Kickstarter often seems to go hand-in-hand with very late delivery.  The problem is that shipping big, heavy boxes costs a fortune and most Kickstarter creators cannot afford multiple shipping waves.  So, the games and rewards cannot be sent until every last piece is completed.  We at Flying Frog made the difficult decision to double our shipping costs to allow for TWO "Waves" of shipping.  This meant that we could deliver the Core Game Sets in the Fall in a "WAVE 1" shipment and all of the rest of the material in a "WAVE 2" shipment once it is ready.  The tough part is that Wave 2 cannot ship until every last piece is done and ready.  With this many new expansions and components, it is very likely that some items will need revisions.  So, even if we had 99% of all of that material produced and in hand, the remaining 1% could hold up Wave 2.  The uncertainties of production mean that we really do not know when Wave 2 Shipping will happen.  Our goal is to try to ship Wave 2 next Fall, but we want to be sure that everyone understands what we are up against.  We need to design and produce all of these new OtherWorlds, Mission Packs, Frontier Town, tons of new Heroes and Enemies, plus thousands of cards!  Keep in mind that we've been spending most of our time packing boxes and shipping all day every day.  There's a lot more design, art, and production work to be done. 

    One idea that we had when finalizing the Pledge Manager, was to offer a Wave 1.5 to allow Backers the option of paying for packing and shipping an extra Wave of all of the stuff that we have ready at some halfway point.  We don't know exactly when this will be, but likely sometime in late Spring 2015.  It will be a tradeoff of how soon we send Wave 1.5 versus how much stuff is contained in Wave 1.5 (the later we send it, the more stuff that will be ready).  We have already had a flood of emails from Backers who are "kicking themselves" for not getting Wave 1.5 Shipping in the Pledge Manager and asking to add that now.  It's not possible at this point because of our current recordkeeping, but we are working to re-organize so that it could be a possibility to add Wave 1.5 shipping through our web store sometime before Wave 1.5 occurs.          

Wave 1 Shipping Update

United States and Canada

Shipping of Wave 1 to the US and Canada is complete. If you have not received your package or shipping notice, please contact


Shipping of Wave 1 to the EU is done except for the stragglers who completed the Pledge Manager AFTER it closed.  Those late orders have been compiled into a list which has been sent to our partners in Germany who will begin packing those orders in the next few days.  There have been several EU packages that have bounced back and will need to be re-shipped with new paperwork or some additional information.  There has been particular difficulty in shipping to islands.  If you have not received your package or shipping notice, please contact and be sure to include the subject "EU BRIMSTONE PROBLEM".


As we mentioned in the previous update, we worked out a deal with our Australian Distribution partner to bulk ship them overseas and then ship them out individually from within Australia.  This bulk shipment has left our warehouse and is in transit.  We do not know how much it will be affected by the Dock Worker's Union issues (slowdowns and possible strike).


Since our last update we have packed and shipped to all backers in Argentina, Chile, Peru, Uruguay, New Zealand, Guadeloupe, Brunei, Guam, South Africa, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwain, Switzerland, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, and Iceland.  We completed packing Norway and it has started shipping.  Once it has finished, ROW will be complete!

Caverns of Cynder Preview At Mox Boarding House

   Last weekend, we took part in the grand opening of legendary Seattle game store Card Kingdom's new location, Mox Boarding House in Bellevue, WA.  We got a chance to talk with a lot of Brimstone backers and new fans who got their first taste of deadly mine exploration.  It was fun for all involved. 

   The event that was most exciting was the sneak preview of the Caverns of Cynder run by designer Jason Hill.  Players braved the heat as they carefully tread through burning hot caves with alien architecture and flowing lava!  They faced the dreaded Lava Men and dangerous encounters such as "Crumbling Crust" where the rocky ground falls away behind each Hero as they move, revealing molten lava below!

That's it for now, Happy Holidays!


     Scott and Jason