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A unique game of mathematical dexterity, this is not your typical math-game experience! Fun and challenging for any age or skill level.

A unique game of mathematical dexterity, this is not your typical math-game experience! Fun and challenging for any age or skill level. Read More
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Funding Canceled

Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on October 27, 2011.

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Ryan Wehnau
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Ryan Wehnau

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There has been a few changes as of 9.2.11, view my updates tab for details.

Origins of COSMIC CHAIN- the math game

A while backI did a 'serious games' assignment in my game development class.  We were told to brainstorm concepts for a game that could be applied to 'learning & understanding'.  The result was an action-adventure game where you use mathematics as a weapon against evil. It was quite impressive!  It was so impressive that I began to develop my own original version at home.  Many more ideas went into its design, and as the design document expanded, so did the development time.  I needed to shift gears a bit, so I began to design a smaller-scale game derived from the large.  This spawned the game you see here, COSMIC CHAIN - the math game.  I've isolated the fun and packed it into a nice puzzler!

My design goals for this game

One of the major issues with teaching classroom mathematics is in getting all the students actively engaged in their studies.  Ultimately, how do you compel a student to learn?  Way back in grade 4, I was having troubles with long division.  I approached the teacher with my math dilemma, and he proceeded to show me how I can make a game out of learning mathematics.  Exactly!  Why make it a drag for yourself, math is a game with rules, strategies, and goals just like any other. I instantly improved my situation and attitude toward learning new things, with a simple change of perception.
With COSMIC CHAIN- the math game, I'm aiming to design a game that's down-right fun to play, while integrating mathematics into the core game-play; after all, I've played some very complex video games which have steep learning-curves and loved every minute, that's the essence I need to capture.  If a game is fun, captivating, and rewarding, then players are self-driven to reach higher levels of skill and understanding.  I'm working my game design around this idea, and I will manifest its being.

The Game Plan

Setting the foundation.  Work is almost complete on the game Alpha, the stage in development where all components are in place and functioning as expected, with adequate graphics and sound.  At this point, qualified Backers will receive an Alpha copy of the game for Windows PC, this will allow for feedback, very important.  The finished Alpha will also be submitted to international contests for innovations in learning!
Expected completion: Nov.2011

Final release.  This will be the Polish phase.  Game-play elements may be improved or added based on feedback, and all the graphics and sound will get the attention they deserve.  All business will be squared away, and the completed game will be scheduled for release. Target platforms (in chronological order): Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone
Expected completion: Feb.2012

Funding.  Funds will be used to purchase additional software, and required licensing for the final release.  Portions will also go toward any costs that arise during development and promotion of the game.  Furthermore, I'm developing the game currently for Windows PC- and then later for Mac, but I'm designing the game using iPad specs for easy conversion.  I'd like to expand on my equipment and dev-kits to translate the game to more platforms.

Closing thoughts

As a father, game developer, and student, my time is precious to me.  Over the past 5 years, game development has been a spare-time job.  As certain projects became more developed, so did the prospect to develop full-time.  So I did it.  For the past six months I've been treating my game-craft as a full-time job (thanks to my wife for supporting this venture).  I'm fully determined, but this decision is not without its sacrifices. The funding goal I've set is just the bare minimum, it's an honor & privilege to have this opportunity, and I will not lose sight of those who have supported this project. During the process of this project I hope to establish my own business and learn how to expand and stay afloat in my career.  I also want to promote positive-impact gaming  and all related initiatives. My wife is even throwing around the idea of doing her master's thesis on my game's impact on young children.
Interactive media provides us with a virtual playground for exploration, communication, and learning.  It's a window to another world through which we can view the different outcomes of our choices, play with new ideas, capture our dreams, and allow others to experience them.


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