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Bulldogs! is a tabletop role-playing game about high action space adventure. Grab your blaster and take to the stars!
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[Bulldogs!] A New Edition!

Posted by Brennan Taylor (Creator)
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Greetings, Bulldogs! fans!

We are currently in the process of funding a new edition of Bulldogs! to update the rules to the current Fate Core standards. If you liked the game, please head over to our new campaign and check it out!

Your current edition of Bulldogs! is still perfectly good, but we are putting some effort into updating and streamlining the rules to make combat more exciting, skills even more understandable, and the gear system more gameable. We'll be posting regular updates about the changes on the new fundraising page, and we'd love to see you there.

You not only get a new edition of the rules, but four add-on projects are included at all backer levels. 

Come check it out!

A Bulldogs! RPG Story Anthology

Posted by Brennan Taylor (Creator)
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Many of you may have heard of our new story anthology Kickstarter already, and if so, my apologies for the extra message.

If you haven't, make sure you come check out Have Blaster, Will Travel, a collection of stories about the Bulldogs! It's all the pulpy, high-action sci fi you've come to expect from the game, this time in fiction form. We've got great authors like Nathan Lowell, Eddy Webb, Greg Stolze, and Mur Lafferty contributing to the project.

Find out more here:


Final Exclusive PDFs

Posted by Brennan Taylor (Creator)

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Books Are In!

Posted by Brennan Taylor (Creator)

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Backer Rewards

Posted by Brennan Taylor (Creator)

I promised pictures and here they are!

A box full of 66 t-shirts:

The Bulldogs! poster:

Name tape for backers who ordered patches:

Jackets for top tier backers:

And not least, patch designs for TransGalaxy and Class D Freight: