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Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Jan 14 2015
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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Jan 14 2015

The future of eRING

Posted by Chris Higgins & Hardeep Johar (Creator)

First, we would like to say a HUGE thank you to our supporters! Your enthusiasm, suggestions, and support have been amazing and we appreciate every one of you! (A special shout-out to Christopher Garby!)

So here is where we are. We are currently speaking with a few distributors, lighting companies, and those in the "Christmas business" about expanding our product/adding it to theirs. We are so excited about the prospects and could not have done it without all of you!!

We have been wracking our brains to try to figure out how to move forward the best way possible for the product. With heavy hearts, we decided it would be best to shut down the Kickstarter. Our distributors/partners will want specifics tailored to their companies and on the flip side of that we made specific promises to all of you. We feel that if we are the servant of two masters one or both sides will suffer. We pride ourselves on creating the best products possible and have to make decisions that allow us to do so.

On a brighter note, we will keep all of you updated on our progress and if there is any way to offer you discounts or first dibs on our first batch, we will absolutely do that! We're also bringing your suggestions to the table with our own ideas, so you may be seeing stars, changing colors, or new shapes/sizes!

Do not worry about your pledges. Since the project was cancelled, you will not be charged.

Thank you so much again for your support! Have a fantastic 2015!


The eRing Team

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    1. Benjamin Hutchins on

      I'm only now just reading that this project was canceled. I back enough projects that a few emails and updates from Kickstarter get missed. I'm rather disappointed, I not only liked this product idea, I shared it with friends and family showing them the product page and video; likely getting a few who later went and backed it themselves.

      You made it clear that by you selling out your idea and any prototypes you'll be losing control over the future of the product. If you were not going to lose control you could have continued on with the kickstarter campaign and still partnered with another company. For you to decide to sell your idea and any prototypes to a larger company, it makes your future product meaningless to us as backers. We're no longer backers, this is not a crowd funded project, we're simply, at-best, interested customers.

      The pro here is that I no longer have to deal with a potentially crappy product. I get to wait for your product to come out, gain a review base, and then decide if it's worth the cost based on the reviews. The con is that I along with many other backers will probably never buy this product if it's released in the future.

    2. Missing avatar

      Remco Hosman on

      Please remove my email address from your list and EVER send me an email or advertisement via kickstarter! i signed up to help you guys make a product, not as a way to harvest email addresses.

    3. Tom Anderson

      This will be a great product when in comes to market! Please keep us all updated on your progress... and I wish you all the best.

    4. Elisabeth on

      Don't know why everyone seems to be expecting a response to complaints/comments. They've been so stellar about it so far and all. I felt like the last two posts were made without any real attempt at paying attention to concerns. I'd already pulled my support partially based on that.

    5. Missing avatar

      Margaret Mitchell on

      This is an exceptionally poor and unprofessional manner in which to carry out, what is in essence, a business transaction. It is a given that Kickstarter is a platform from which to grow a fledgling business, however, unlike a standard business transaction trust plays an even greater function in ensuring that the funding model works. We have placed unwavering trust in the project by pledging orders for a product that, as yet, is not on the market. Whilst our risk is mitigated slightly by the Kickstarter platform, we have still placed advanced orders. We created an order book which allowed eRing to pimp themselves in the market place with a flagrant disregard to any professional/business ethics. Given the support shown, our orders should be fulfilled, without question, by the founders of eRing themselves from any gains made through the sale/licencing of this product which was only made possible by our support in the first instance. Not only did we collectively create an order book for them to sell/leverage against but many have also contributed ideas and suggestions which are also likely to feature in future projects with no more reward than an ill judged generic email.

    6. Missing avatar


      Come on guys... It's not like they have run off with any money. They have spent time and money making a Kickstarter campaign. Which by the way is not the same as selling a product in a webshop. They found a better way to make their idea a reality. No harm done.

      @Creator: Please drop a note on the comments page and/or per mail when the product becomes available.

    7. Lene Tullin Nielsen on

      If I understand you correctly (and I mist admit that I dont find any direct explanation in you communication) you have found out a way to earn more money leveraging the support and ideas gained during the kickstarter campaign, which has greater value than a thank you and a possible discount if the product ever becomes available in my area. It is - in my opinion - not the idea behind crowdsourcing.
      Please explain yourself so we are able to judge whether or not to support your product if it becomes available.

    8. Missing avatar

      Brian Olsen on

      I am glad that Kickstarter and all of us got the attention of a better situation for you all but I feel a little like the girl left at home cause you found a better date for the prom. Says more about you then all of us. Sad.

    9. Christopher Garby

      I agree with @michael. You won't have it on the market by xmas 2015 . . . And neither will we.

    10. Sean O'Connell on

      We backed you and by doing so helped to give you attention and then get paid back by getting tossed to the curb? I look forward to NOT supporting any of your future projects.

    11. Cliff Hilliard on

      So, you got a bunch of people's email addresses that are interested in this technology. Then you cancel the project and sell out to someone who'll charge twice as much. Thanks, but no thanks.

    12. Missing avatar

      Garrett Mace on

      This was the best possible outcome.

    13. Missing avatar

      Michael T Yetter on

      Too bad. You won't be to market by Christmas 2015. No retailer will support it as those plans are being put in the can as we speak. Disappointed in your decision. Doubt any discounts will come but if they do I'll stand corrected.

    14. Missing avatar

      Lars K. on

      I'll doubt that the distributors will sell any eRings in Europe next christmas. You're ditching all that supporters. Saying that I'm disappointed doesn't reflect all my feelings about your decision.

    15. Syrius de Goratrix

      Well, sad for not being part of your project any more. Really hoping for changing colors and international availability right from the beginning if you make it...

    16. Ben Jordan on

      "and if there is any way to offer you discounts or first dibs on our first batch, we will absolutely do that!" I feel this should have been a deal breaker in any agreement you have made. Clearly it is your backers that helped you and contributed to your success. To just drop us now with nothing but a "thanks" isn't a professional decision. I await to see what happens but I will also be "ticked" if all I end up with is an email containing a link to where I can buy your end product at regular price with the rest of the world. (OR a discounted but higher price)

    17. Missing avatar


      It feels like ditched.

    18. Missing avatar

      Matthew K on

      I'm with Chris!

    19. Christopher Garby

      Appreciate the shout out but not happy about this being canceled

    20. Christopher Garby

      Wow....... I'm beyond ticked :(