eRING: The first ever, wirelessly powered Christmas lights

by Chris Higgins & Hardeep Johar

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    1. Akim Schmit on

      More options but still no stretchgoals. Hurray.

    2. Missing avatar

      Jean Maynard on

      Not sure about the new name. I think there are some other products/programs with the same or similar name. It doesn't seem to do the concept justice and it is a great concept! This is the first real innovation in Christmas lighting in decades! I like the snowflake and small light suggestions from other backers. If that happens it would be great if they could be mixed with the other lights.

    3. Elisabeth on

      Yeahhh I can't put something on my tree that makes me think of an estrogen dispersal device so I'm changing my pledge to $1. I wish ya'll luck, but I don't know that it'll sell on shelves with a name like that.

    4. Missing avatar

      Adam Benkovic on

      @Elisabeth - seems like a silly reason to not get such a promising product... names can be changed and hey, you could just call it whatever you like when you get it :)

    5. Elisabeth on

      @Adam Yeah cause NO ONE is going to ask me what it's called when they've seen it before. I give them a fake name and they look it up and then I get branded a liar (which I would be). Much better plan.

      I just think it's a bad idea to name it eRing. I won't be the only woman who thinks estrogen ring, and just having "ring" in it makes it sound like a sex thing anyway. Women still make the majority of inside decorating decisions even in today's day and age.