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We're a purpose based apparel company! Our goal is to help girls build and maintain inner strength! To see our Garments click READ MORE
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The Home Stretch!

Posted by Kym Rodda (Creator)

With less than 8 hours to go and less than $2,000 away from our goal I have to go ahead and declare this Kickstarter a success!

Even if.... well I wont say it. 

Because I believe something amazing could happen.

But even if....

Because here is the deal. Amazing things have happened. First doing the Kickstarter has forced us to take a dose of the medicine we are giving. Kym has had to be a Strong girl. She had to take a risk and do something bold. Perhaps we could have just gone to the bank and gotten a loan, but that is weak. She has had to be brave, and take a risk. Believe me, this Kickstarter has provided some times of exhaustion and moments of wanting to just quit. Several times its made both of us feel like we are failures. But we have had to be strong through it all. 

Second people have come out of the wood works to support EAchica in ways weve not expected. We have had some incredible meetings which may set us up in the future for some incredible opportunities for EAchica. We have an intern as well. And this period of time has helped to test the vision of it and more importantly has helped to sharpen it. 

Third, a personal reason. We have modeled something for our own daughters. This all started because it is our goal to raise two strong girls. They came up with the name. They helped shape the vision. They come up with ideas for garments and programs. However this unfolds this lesson is going to be awesome for them.

And last, and most important. GIRLS. Kym has had the opportunity to speak to over 300 girls this month and to share with them an incredible message about their self worth. It is my strong believe that in this month we have already made a difference in some young ladies lives, and that impact is going to be exponential! Gives me chills. 

So lets see these last few hours through! Please reach out to people directly to support this! Sharing messages on your walls and so on wont do it, it just gets lost in the noise. 

Thanks for all of your help! 

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