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We're a purpose based apparel company! Our goal is to help girls build and maintain inner strength! To see our Garments click READ MORE
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Posted by Kym Rodda (Creator)

Such a great word. 

Its those pieces of knowledge and little surprises

 along the way which take you off guard and in it there is this little nugget of truth which seems to change your course. 

We had a plan when we launched this Kickstarter. Secure funding so that we could launch this business. We would be fulfilling most of the orders ourselves and looking to potentially purchase our own equipment so that we could maximize profitability.

But then conversations started happening. Meetings with people. Kym is all of the sudden is given all of these opportunities to speak in-front of groups of people, high school assemblies, skype meetings with classrooms, chapter meetings at sororities. Contacts from missionaries wanting to partner to sell products that the women they work with are making. Ideas and networking. A girl who volunteers to be our intern. When we clicked the "submit" button a couple of week ago I would never imagined this would be the result of it all. 

Now we are realizing that the best use of our time needs to be given to the core of our brand; Girls. So rather than attempting to handle fulfillment on our own and getting wrapped up in all of those details we are learning that this is not where are greatest strengths lie. While it may not immediately be the most profitable method it is going to be over time the most effective use of our time. 

So we head into the last few days of the project with a more clear picture of the future, which feels odd to say because in terms of funding and meeting our campaign goals there is a great deal of uncertainty. We still have around $7,000 to go. Or 240 shirts to sell. That is significant, but we are willing to work for that. But more than the dollars, I am just curious about what else we are about to learn... Its going to be good!

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