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America: The Most Awesomest Country - non-fiction book's video poster

An in-depth look at 12 social issues in America, their implications and how we can solve them. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on September 21, 2012.

An in-depth look at 12 social issues in America, their implications and how we can solve them.

About this project

What is my book about it?

My book is about 12 issues in America. I wrote the book in two voices; one is a comical character and the other is a more rational, nonbiased character. It is both entertaining and informative. I give explanations and solutions, but leave the decision making up to the readers.

What is the purpose?

My goal in writing this book is to inform people about issues important to all Americans. I consider various topics like the size of America’s military, tax policy and health care system. Then I use simple down to earth language to work through causes, how issues interconnect and possible solutions to make things better.

Why did I write the book?

I wrote this book because too many people in America simply do not care about the world around them. It is easy to tune out when politicians attack each other instead of talking about solutions, but this is our country and we need to be a part of it.

My hope is after reading my book; people will talk about what they read with their friends, family and society as a whole to spur new discussions about America.

What will I do with the money?

I finished the hardest part, writing the first draft. I also paid the most expensive cost by hiring an editor. However, I still need to have the book professionally formatted, pay for a cover design and register an ISBN number for the copyright.

Why do I need the money?

Have you ever read a book with a powerful message and terrible production? Even though the book is engaging people can not look past the typos, poor formatting or terrible pictures. I want people to focus on my message, and be satisfied with the production quality when ordering the book.

I'm asking for the minimum to finish my project. Anything over and above $500 will help me reach more people, so donate today and get a copy of the book before anyone else.

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  • I am surprised and grateful my project funded so quickly, but there is a lot left to finish. For one, I think I set my goal a bit low. After doing more research it will cost me more than the original $500 to pay for the cover design and formatting.

    I didn’t realize how much work actually goes into formatting a book for print and digital sale. I need the formatting company to create links in my digital book to the table of contents, endnotes and any hyperlinks I used for research. Additionally, they need to add page numbers and incorporate the graphics from the cover and chapter headings. For print formatting, they will have to resize all pages, fonts and graphics to the Print on Demand Publisher’s specifications. All this is beyond my meager computer skills since I can’t even figure out how to adjust the margins in the new Microsoft Word! Thus, additional money will be spent first on the formatting budget.

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  • I would also like to do the following:

    1) Interior book layout. The formatting company will design the interior layout of the pages to avoid unpleasant word chopping or rivers of blank space running through the text.

    2) Advertising and PR for the book launch. There are more than one million eBooks available in the Amazon Kindle store, and without advertising, no one will ever see my book. My first stop here would be paid advertising through Facebook/Google ads. Next, I would think about submitting my book to various book review blogs. Finally, I could hire a PR company to do some internet marketing for the book.

    3) Chapter Illustration. I planned on having a cheeky sketch cartoon drawn for each chapter. I hired a cartoonist to draw the sketch used in the Kickstarter video and I would like to hire him to complete the other 12 drawings. If this project reaches $1000 before September 10th, I will pay for all 12 sketches to be added to the chapters.

    4) Other Odds and Ends. I will have further distribution costs when I have the paper copies printed. I need to sign-up with a print on demand publisher, which is around $50.00. Also, I want to send out completed manuscripts to Literary Agents and try to get my book published by a big name publisher (Random House, Penguin, etc.). This requires sending out both physical and digital copies of the manuscript to 50+ agents. There are also companies which claim to get me noticed for a fee…

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  • Depending on the reward you will either get something digital or physical. For digital copies of the book, I will send a .zip file in the correct format for your digital reader (Kindle, iPad, Nook). For the physical items, if you live in Korea, I will deliver in person, so don’t worry about adding extra money for shipping. If you live anywhere else, the items will be shipped to your home address.

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  • Kickstarter will not charge your bank or credit card until the project has ended and the funding goal is met. My project will end on September 22nd, and I assume you will be charged within 48 hours since the project funding goal has been met.

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