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Missing411 seeks the answer to the unsolved disappearances of thousands of visitors in our National Parks & Forests
Missing411 seeks the answer to the unsolved disappearances of thousands of visitors in our National Parks & Forests
1,737 backers pledged $157,812 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Janna on

      Paul, I'm glad your order went through but I wonder. How many backers -- who only have a tablet or phone -- should have to go out and buy/obtain a laptop in order to PAY for a DVD/BluRay of this film etc. from North American Bigfoot Society. Again I'm glad your order went through as it's what you wanted to do.

    2. Missing avatar

      Paul Carlyle on

      Everything is good now. Placed an ordered using a laptop. If anyone has problems ordering from the NABS store using a tablet or phone, try using a laptop or desktop. For me the shipping options would not show up on my tablet. From the email I received Hawaii is included in North America, assuming it was not was my mistake. From my experience there have been many sellers and companies that don't ship to Hawaii. Not sad.

    3. Missing avatar

      Paul Carlyle on

      I received a very prompt email from NABS, the store site for 411 stuff. Evidently, I may have misspoke. Looks like the problem is ordering from my tablet or phone. I will reattempt to order, but according to the email correspondence it should work.

    4. Missing avatar

      Paul Carlyle on

      I don't mind the wait for a digital download, was even willing to pay for a blueray copy and get the latest book on hunters. I have been a long time fan of David Paulides but what happened to the NABS store? I have bought both Bigfoot books, the first five 411 books, decals, maps, track record cd, and supported the movie. Now, because I live in Hawaii, I can't get the latest book and a copy of the movie?! I have to order two books because I'm outside North America? Need to fix their distribution system! Sad.

    5. Chad Riley on

      Can I just get a refund on my $37.00, not really interested in seeing this film at this point. Apparently your never going to figure out the Digital Download. Just refund me.

    6. Chad Riley on

      No More Crowdfunding, ever.

    7. Vivia on

      That doesn't make sense because we paid for shipping on top of our donation, I donated $30.00 however paid well over $100 aud because shipping will included.

    8. Missing avatar

      Robert M Genovesi on

      If the movie's available for purchase it should be available for download? As soon as the movie is available for download I'd love to receive a link indicating; "Click to download your HD Digital Copy", I'd appreciate a heads-up!

    9. Missing avatar

      Number 1 Stunna on

      David got his money, so all of us who chose the digital download got kicked to the curb. He'd rather sell more physical copies instead of keeping his word.

    10. Carl S Platz on

      "You will receive an HD digital download of the movie upon its release."
      As a investor Why do we need to wait and why are you going back on your printed word?

    11. Missing avatar

      Greg on

      Did you release the online digital version yet? If not, why are people getting emails with the opportunity to buy the movie already? If so, how do we access it?

    12. Elle Gee on

      I participated with an early bird contribution. I understand the delays. I'll wait for my gear. No sweat. I appreciate you giving me updates. Thanks!

    13. Missing avatar

      Number 1 Stunna on

      "It appears that our communication skills may not be as well honed as we thought."

      Well, that's an understatement. If you publicly criticize how this kicktarter is taking forever and are upset, you'll just get bashed through emails. Bascially, "How dare you be upset? Everyone else is happy. Shut your mouth an be glad what you've gotten so far. Digital downloads take time."

      It's 2017, you've had 2 years to figure out a venue for this. Stop screwing over those who paid you just because you're money hungry and don't want to share revenue with outside providers.

    14. Missing avatar

      Thomas Robey on

      Hey sweat. Do what you have to do to protect yourselves and the integrity of the project. I know a lot of folks are anxious and that is understandable, but it is what it is. I am not in your shoes, so I have no idea of what you are going thru, but I know you are thinking about all of us that contributed to the project. Do your thing and I will be here waiting. But keep the updates coming...that is something we all need!

    15. Missing avatar

      mark bielecki on

      'm a believer in the project, but I'm a bit confused. I don't mind waiting but I've not received anything either.

    16. Toni Stafford on

      I'm just glad that the project has finally produced the movie. I want the public to see it...I don't need to see it, but I will. The general public needs to see this movie a lot more than I do. They need to know these stories.

    17. Missing avatar

      Christine Famiglietti

      I don't mind waiting either but I have not received anything..???

    18. Bella Moretti on

      I don't mind waiting, however; I have received nothing to date i.e, t-shirt - wondering what happened to those items.

    19. Jack De La Mare on

      Will happily wait for my Digital Copy. It's clearly been a difficult process to ensure this film receives the correct treatment, and that's completely expected for 1) A Kickstarter project and 2) A low-budget feature. I'm very excited to watch this film, and good luck with the release!

    20. Missing avatar

      Tim on

      Because some of us paid more for the digital copy and we just heard that we won't get it before the DVD pledgers (who paid less). That also means it's likely that the general public will see it before us as well. As an investor wouldn't that leave a bad taste in your month? I don't know why a digital copy would 'hurt' the film anymore than a DVD release.

    21. Will Scott on

      I have waited this long- I can wait a bit longer. I have read every book and listened to many interviews. Patiently waiting my copy. Thanks.

    22. Kyle on

      Thanks for the update!

      Keep in mind that most of the internet is full of scammers.

      I'm very excited that this project has made it this far!

      I've been following this since the first interview with Knapp and anticipate that it will have been well worth the wait.

      All good things are worth waiting for.

    23. Bast on

      So... the $30 pledge was for the digital download but the $30 pledge doesn't qualify for this. Okay, then.

      As several others have said, it's not the waiting (although I'm still not sure why you can't put it on itunes or vimeo or google play), it's that everyone else is going to get the movie before we do, and we had looked forward to discussing this with our peers.

      I'm sure I'm not the only one who offered to cover postage for the DVD, and even if there was a cost for the DVD on top of what we had pledged, I'm sure that many people would pay that, too.

    24. Missing avatar

      Matthew Gohlke on

      I agree with @Chris Williams 100%. The issue is non backers being able to get to see the movie/documentary before the backers, otherwise I'm sure there be no issue . It's not the wait time if you were not selling copies to non backers before backers got there pledge . I personally spent time talking to friends and sharing to find more backers. It's more like Chris said, a bad taste in the mouth. It's disheartening..

    25. Hermesreborn on

      Perhaps some middle ground... I regret I could not afford to donate more money to this project at the time (tough times and such) . I would have no problem buying a dvd now that it's all said and I can afford it. Perhaps a discount on a dvd for those digital level donations. It Must be international of course or im still screwed lol.

    26. Missing avatar

      Chris Williams on

      I don't think the issue is the waiting; another few weeks isn't a big deal, especially for such an important production. The issue is that digital backers could opt not to receive a DVD, in order to help the production...and then DVD backers get the movie first.

      Thanks for helping us with costs. Now you'll have to wait longer than other backers (at the same level).

      I've offered to assist with the technical stuff, and I'm sure others would too if we could help. I've also offered to make an additional donation to help with costs (and it's great to see others doing the same). So I'm not speaking out of anger here. It's just leaving a bad taste in many backers' mouths.

    27. Church Of Atom on

      Why are people getting so uppity overy the digital copy? You'll get it, just as soon as it's able to be done without hurting the movie you helped get made. As an investor in this, I appreciate the extra steps being taken to insure the protection of our investment and allow it to be successful enough to warrant a follow up. Contrary to what some believe, piracy does hurt especially a production on this scale. Just relax and wait the month.