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Missing411 seeks the answer to the unsolved disappearances of thousands of visitors in our National Parks & Forests
Missing411 seeks the answer to the unsolved disappearances of thousands of visitors in our National Parks & Forests
1,737 backers pledged $157,812 to help bring this project to life.

Rewards Update

Posted by David, Ben & Mike (Creator)

There have been some recent inquiries as to the status of rewards. Only the $20 and $30 tiers have received their rewards in the mail. This is because the only physical reward they were set to receive was a T-Shirt. Many people in higher reward levels have asked why they have not received their T-Shirt. $50 reward levels and higher will receive their T-Shirt with their hard copy of Missing 411 The Movie when it is released, as it is impractical to send two separate shipments. Hopefully this clears up some confusion. 

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    1. Missing avatar

      Hope Cliver on

      It sure would be nice to know what's going on with the movie. I thought David Paulides was going to keep us updated on what's going on with the movie. I don't subscribe to Facebook or Twitter. I would only be looking for updates on this page. Why can't you let us backers know what's going on. My friends think I got scammed and that I'll never receive the reward gifts that were promised. I can't defend myself because I don't know what's going on. Oh well...

    2. Missing avatar

      Sean Little on

      Hi guys. I understand that any hard copy versions may take longer, but can those of that backed a digital only copy expect to get this any sooner. To be quite honest, it's been so long I had forgotten all about this. Now that I've come back and remembered that we're about a year over original delivery date, and from what I understand the movie is finished for film festivals, does this mean that it's final and outside of creating actual DVD's it can be shipped? Will those of of that are not getting a hard copy receive this sooner? Please let me know when you have a second, just trying to understand more about how distribution will work for different tiers especially if there is no physical product to ship. Thanks.

    3. Missing avatar

      Matthew Israel on

      Any update when the kickstarter will be finished?

    4. Kathy Carter Cook on

      I wish I was in a position to have given much more than I did. This project is so important in getting the information out to the public that are unaware (as I was not so long ago) about all those missing and about the lies and I consider "coverup" of our own government of what is happening in our parks and forests. Finally there is a voice, an acknowledgement, for those missing and for their loved ones. I thank David and all those on his team. I'm sure most of them are giving of their time and talent to make this movie a reality. I have purchased all six books and am now rereading them so I will never forget those missing.

    5. Karl Ireland on


      I'm one of the Morrison Colorado "Walk-On Re-Enactment Participants".

      Is there a way that those of us that were involved could download the "Full Resolution" version of the Group Photo that was shared via the ''Rewards Update #10'' posted back on Oct. 19, 2015.. ?

      There just aren't enough pixels in that shared image to contain that fantastic moment in time, and what it meant to myself and the other participants that were involved!

      I suggest making a slight change to the original 'Update #10' by adding text just above the photo of the 9 walk on role supporters, which would simply say...

      "Click THIS to download the original 'Hi-Rez' group photograph!"

      (Then simply 'hyperlink' it to the Hi-Rez version of the group photograph)

      This would work since any 'Backer' that has logged-in can easily return to that previous 'Update #10' at any time.

      Thanks in advance! (from he who shall always be remembered as "The Slow & Out of Shape Guy".)

    6. Missing avatar

      John Keesey on

      I have to say that I'm more than slightly disappointed by the lack of communication between the filmmakers and their monetary supporters. I won't say how much I donated because I don't want to imply that the bigger donaters deserve better treatment than the smaller ones, but I am what I'd term a major donater, and any treatment would be better than the zero that I'm receiving now. I realize that there are going to be problems along the way, but when it goes past a promised deadline (what I call "late for being late"), which I last recall as being "late summer", I think I at least deserve an e-mail (which doesn't take long to compose and send) explaining why.
      I guess I'm a little more sensitive about this issue because an e-mail I had sent before the movie was even started was totally ignored; and I thought I asked a very valid question about why David never mentions the certainty that I know David has that many of these "missing" cases were the result of an abduction by a bigfoot. Especially since studying bigfoot is David's life work and what I'm sure led him into the "missing" issue. I'm not saying every abduction was by a bigfoot, but those carried out in the deep forest especially in the higher elevations can't have any other answer. And it seems so weird to be reading these cases and see David stating how inexplicable they are when I know in reality he's already decided they are the handiwork of a bigfoot.
      Oh well, I guess I'll just keep waiting patiently.

    7. Missing avatar

      Tim on

      You can't receive a digital version of the film until the film has had its premiere. There is always a release date and no copies can be seen or shown before then. It always has to do with larger investors (distributors, equity holders), they would lose out on their return if a digital copy was released before the premiere.

      You're right that it has nothing to do with the hard copy or the t-shirt.

      Hope this helps, Laurel.

      Too bad it won't be a TIFF, but I look forward to receiving my digital copy as well!

    8. Elle Gee on

      Wasn't worried in the least, but thanks for the kind update. Just do what you have to do to make this doc a success and whenever I get my shirt I will wear it with pride.

    9. Jack Brandenberger on

      This is worth the wait I appreciate the explanation concerning the rewards delay major projects take time. I actually feel a since of pride to have made a contribution to this project and anxiously await it's release . If Dave reads this please schedule your appearance on C2C so Knapp does the interview his interest in the subject matter makes a very dynamic listen !

    10. Laurel Moon on

      I still don't understand the delay. I'm an over $50 backer and declined the T-shirt and DVD and opted for the download version so the money could be used for the production of the movie that we were told would be available January 2016. Now, according to the broadcast on Coast to Coast, it will maybe be January 2017 or so? Nothing needs to be manufactured. Why not send the digital version to those that made that choice before all this entering it in festival crap.The communication on this matter to those who put the money up has been VERY lacking.

    11. David Bell on

      Hey guys, $100 backer but rwceived no communications/rewards.. Any info appreciated.

    12. Missing avatar

      Barbara Snowberger on

      Thanks for the update. Good luck. I hope I live long enough to see the movie.

    13. Lauren Hofmann on

      Makes total sense. I'm really looking forward to the film and I am waiting ever so patiently. I know exactly how time consuming all of this is.

    14. Missing avatar

      Coyote Brown on

      No problem on time. I moved so I hope it gets to me. No matter I'm just glad for the film!

    15. Missing avatar

      Thomas Shepard on

      Don't sweat it Dave, it gets here when it gets here. Thanks for doing this important documentary.

    16. James Pierce

      I'm a seasoned backer, waits don't bother me. Take your time.

    17. Karl Ireland on

      any chance that a link can be created for the Morrison CO "Walk-On" re-enactment participants, that would allow us to download a "Full Resolution" version of the Group Photo that was shared via Update many months ago. There just aren't enough pixels in that early shared image to contain what that fantastic moment in time meant to me!

    18. Karl Ireland on

      The longer it takes, the bigger my excitement will be when things arrive.... so take your time & minimize those shipping expenditures my friends

    19. Missing avatar

      Jim Hardy on

      never mind. I checked and I'm getting the shirt and DVD. I'll be patient...

    20. Missing avatar

      Jim Hardy on

      Hi, I didn't receive my t-shirt. How can I get one?