Missing 411 The Movie

by David, Ben & Mike

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    1. Hermesreborn on

      Now we need to convince Canada post not to strike lol

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      Craig gardner on

      Cheers from the UK guys. Looking forward to seeing the movie.

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      Ghost on

      Great news!

    4. Harry on

      I just got mine! Thanks, it's really cool.

    5. Zachary Hernlen on

      Happy for those receiving their swag, and yet also happy for the project due to those that declined. Can't wait to see the film and to then to show it to my friends who can't be bothered to crack open a book. ;)

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      shane stokes on

      When will the $250 level people be receiving anything?

    7. Skye Evans on

      It's August 1st and I still haven't received my shirt. Any word on when I may get it?

    8. Missing avatar

      Patty Harms on

      Yeah been wondering about that. I donated 250.00 or 300.00 don't remember now it's been a year. Kinda feeling ignored. I filled out the e mail that was sent, last year or when ever it was sent to me. Is there any way of knowing the respond e mail I replied to was received?????

    9. Missing avatar

      Stephanie Adams on

      Nothing here yet. Any update on future shipments? Can't wait to see the movie!

    10. Lu May on

      Still haven't received anything...maybe there was a problem or something. Just read the new book tho (hunters). Very interesting predator theory.

    11. John Beckman on

      August 19th still haven't received the Shirt.

    12. John Beckman on

      August 19th still have not received a Shirt

    13. Dennis Boehmer on

      no shirt either, but I moved so I am not expecting it anymore.

    14. Lauren Hofmann on

      So, do we have a definitive release date yet for the film? I know I'm not the only one wondering whats going on. I'm totally okay with waiting, but it's been a while since I've heard anything at all. I think the donators are way overdue for word on what's going on.

    15. David, Ben & Mike Creator on

      Lauren-We aren't sure what we can do that we haven't done. There are no less then 6 updates on this, our Kickstarter page. There are four updates on Facebook. There are at least 5 updates on Mr. Paulides' Twitter page. We have also appeared on Coast to Coast AM multiple times updating the movie with comments on it by George Knapp. Google "Missing 411- The Movie."

      The movie is sitting at 2 film festivals. The rules of the festival are that it must premier there and not in another location or it will not be accepted. The normal movie takes three years from beginning until completion, we were 18 months ahead of that. The movie is done, expect public release late this year or early 2017. All rewards that include a movie will be delivered after the movie premiers.

      Anyone due a reward that did not include any type of copy of the movie has been delivered. This was completed 8/31. We cannot afford multiple mailings, if part of your reward was a copy of the movie, all associated rewards are held until the movie is released. We have sent out approximately 700 rewards to those people just due t-shirts, etc.