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Missing411 seeks the answer to the unsolved disappearances of thousands of visitors in our National Parks & Forests
Missing411 seeks the answer to the unsolved disappearances of thousands of visitors in our National Parks & Forests
1,737 backers pledged $157,812 to help bring this project to life.

Missing 411 February Update

Posted by David, Ben & Mike (Creator)

Hello Backers!

There have been many questions lately regarding rewards and the release date of the film. We wanted to take a moment and update everyone on the progress of the project. 

Missing 411 The Movie is currently deep in the post-production process. Feature length films generally take between six months and a year to edit. And that's when they have a script to work off of! Because we are editing a story together out of rough material, and we want to produce a product that everyone is proud of, it is not unrealistic to expect a year-long post production process. However, because we have an exceptionally gifted editor behind the wheel, we are abridging the year-long process to just five months! 

The graphic artists, the sound designer, and the musical composer have all been hired and are ready to receive a locked version of the film when the editor delivers it. Once all the artistic and creative elements have been combined the film will be sent out to intermediaries who will determine the best route of distribution for the film. When all of that is complete, we will then be able to premiere the film. Soon thereafter rewards will be sent out. The reason we have not sent them yet is because we have to do it all at the same time in order to save on shipping costs. If we were to send each item individually (the shirt, the poster, the DVD copy, etc.) we would spend our entire budget on postage!

We have a timeline set, and we are aiming for a summer 2016 release, which would be less than a year after we received the initial pledges to fund the film.

Please follow us on Twitter @Missing_411 and on Instagram @missing411 for regular film updates. 

Thank you for your continued patience and support!

- The Missing 411 Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Tim on

      They said it's almost done and will be 100% completed before the end of the year. It won't be done in time for TIFF unfortunately. I have not heard about an update for the rewards though.

    2. Derek Clyke on

      Curious to know if there is any updates on the film. Last update was in February and with Summer quickly approaching (the anticipated release) was hoping we could get an update before the release. Thanks, and keep up the good work

    3. Missing avatar

      Jon Gilana on

      Hi Team Missing 411,

      Any updates on the status of the movie and what about the rewards for your backers?


      -Jon G.

    4. David Robinson Aka Crusoe on

      Sick of my older children asking when there going to see my film lol, I told them it's not my film I helped back and suport it, then they said but your names going to be in the credits so you must be in it lol, they where getting so exited thinking i was in it, just because I'll be in the credits they thought I jetted of to America lol, can not wait for this film as been following Dave for years in his research, and this is one man I would help or back and support any time again. Not much is know about it here in the Untied kingdom, so I also did my best to get it backed and supported and get the info out about this project, so please I did what I could, and so please all you nice people help in the backing, all the best Dave and crew and don't worry about how long it takes, from David Robinson aka Crusoe, Durham UK.

    5. Missing avatar

      Lynn Henry on

      Cannot wait to see the finished product. Let's get this information out to wider audience.
      Have been recently looking into the Manchester canal deaths you mentioned on air with George Knapp (I think). Again, another fascinating mystery about disappearances/deaths in the city of Manchester UK. Hope you will write a book about this too.

    6. Karl Ireland on

      Now that I have the 5 book collectors set, I am enjoying myself as I read through them. So many strange happenings to contemplate!

      I have a request.... When you have a moment away from the editing suite, Could you place a link to the original Full-Resolution group photo of the Morrison Walk-On actors in the next update, or maybe in a "Mini-Update" with only the full size image?

      That great shot of us would be so much more enjoyable having all its details intact.

      I had such a great day during those reenactment scenes, It would be very nice to see everybody I enjoyed meeting and talking to during the shoot in the new image.

      Thanks everybody!

    7. Alyssia Melinda Ann Jarvis on

      Really looking forward to this - sounds like a lot of care is being put into it.

    8. Missing avatar

      Ghost on

      Take the time you need! :)

    9. Missing avatar

      Christine Famiglietti

      Thanks for the update....take your time it of luck guys!

    10. Missing avatar

      Terri Mitchell on

      Thank you for taking time out, to update us all. Your time is precious and your film project is precious to so many. You are also precious and there can never be enough thank you's for what you have brought to light and are making brighter for the world to see.

    11. Missing avatar

      B. R. Gonzales on

      Thanks for this update! Like many other commenters, I'm hoping you guys take the time you need to put together a high quality film. I'm really looking forward to seeing the finished product.

    12. Elle Gee on

      This project is so vital to bringing this enigmatic subject to the vernacular of the public, U.S. and worldwide alike. All of the 411 Missing books shook me to my core, each one more profoundly than the last. That is my hope for this documentary, that it will shake people up and really get the conversation headed toward some sort of action. The story deserves to be told in the best way possible, if not for those of us who need to hear it, then certainly for those whose lives have been taken and the loved ones left behind with no answers. Thanks for taking the time to make it right, David, Ben and Mike. Peace be with you all.

    13. Missing avatar

      Judy L McGee on

      Thank you for the update. The 411 books are so eye opening.

    14. Toni Stafford on

      Quality takes time. I appreciate that this project is not being rushed. It's too important to do junk.
      Every missing person story I've heard just this year alone has triggered the "what ifs" that are covered by this investigation. Keep going, guys.

    15. Liliana Van Lawick on

      I agree with Erin. Take the time you need to perfect this movie. It is crucial that the information in the film be presented in the most forthright and factual form in for those who learn of this horrific reality for the first time through this venue.

    16. Erin on

      Each Missing-411 book is becoming more difficult to read. A Sobering Coincidence took me 2-3 months to read. David, please take the time to polish and hone this film into a brilliance that is hard to ignore. People must know about all these suspiciously missing people, the missing who don't make it into the books and the missing of the future. Take care and take your time.

    17. Cathy Healey on

      Awesome news!.....thanks for the update. Look forward to seeing the finished product.

    18. Mark Stringer on

      Keep at it guys! All of the hard work will be well worth it and these stories need to be told. I can't wait to see the finished article. if you need any help with anything going forward then let me know, I would be more than happy to help any way I can.