Missing 411 The Movie

by David, Ben & Mike

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    1. MichelleAA on

      What an amazing stretch goal! =D Let's reach it and see what other stretch goals you have up your sleeves ;-)

    2. Missing avatar

      Thomas Thompson on

      Looking forward to the movie, it should bring awareness to a larger audience.

    3. Missing avatar

      Lisa Pollara on

      We have 2 weeks to reach the Stretch Goal. Let's all go for it!! This movie will be unforgettable!!

    4. David, Ben & Mike Creator on

      Thank you MichelleAA for reminding us how to spell STRETCH! Whoops.

    5. David Robinson Aka Crusoe on

      I'm so please that this has made the funding goal,well done to all the backers.

    6. Bast on

      So pleased that the goal was made! Way to go, everyone.

      Any chance the DVD/Blu-Ray will have closed captioning?

    7. Shannon Marie Haworth on

      Love the books, so happy this film will be made.!

    8. Missing avatar

      Christine Famiglietti

      So excited...! Can't wait to see this movie

    9. Erin Maguire on

      I am beyond excited that this is happening! I have such a difficult time trying connect people with the reality of this phenomena. I would love to score the music for the movie even if the stretch goal isn't met :) That would be an absolute dream come true. Thank you guys for everything you do!

    10. Lu May on

      I have read all four of the Missing 411 books & still find myself at a loss for a complete explanation. Whatever the case may be, it is so hard to comprehend what the family members are going through. I really feel that there may be several different culprits. Maybe there is a number of serial predators preying on easy victims, or maybe its something else. I don't know...but if this film helps in some way, I support it!