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Missing411 seeks the answer to the unsolved disappearances of thousands of visitors in our National Parks & Forests
Missing411 seeks the answer to the unsolved disappearances of thousands of visitors in our National Parks & Forests
1,737 backers pledged $157,812 to help bring this project to life.


Posted by David, Ben & Mike (Creator)

Just three hours into the campaign and we are already $10,000 closer to our goal. You guys are amazing! Thank you so much. 


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    1. Missing avatar

      Craig gardner on

      Time for some visual focus on this subject. If the mass population understood the gravity of the situation and just how macabre and chilling it is there would be uproar. Let's hope this movie takes us one step closer. Dave would love to see you in the UK one day. All the best and looking forward to the movie.

    2. Kerry Bradac on

      I am thrilled to have been able to help out with such a noteworthy project. I love the books and listening to your interviews. I speak for many when I say we are all looking forward to seeing the movie! Wishing you all of the best with this exciting project!

    3. David Robinson Aka Crusoe on

      Just hit the half way mark and just hope people share this as much as possible,keep up the good work people.

    4. Mikaela O'Brien on

      I have been a follower of your books for the last year or so. My father and I have spent countless hours discussing your books and this real life issue. I have also spent a lot of time educating the people in my life about this cause and all of the possibilities of what could be happening in our national forests. I am thrilled to hear that you guys are making a film, this made my day actually. I am a complete supporter and look forward to watching this film. Thank you thank you thank you.


    5. Jodie on

      Dave, I have followed your 411 series from the beginning, and I applaud all your efforts to get this known to everyone. I don't normally give my hard earned money to causes, but I believe in this and I believe you are a person of integrity. I wish you much success in bringing public awareness to this issue, and hopefully make people think, and save lives.

    6. Missing avatar

      Leavin Prak on

      Dave, I bought your collector series. We love going camping but is now more aware of the need to be more attentive with our young ones when in the woods. Keep up the great work! Please look into that Southern Cali fire fighter who ran into the canyon after his dog at night, barefoot and in short only to be found dead on steep canyon under some brush. Also, that Former White House chef who went missing in NM only to be found dead, submerged in a drainage just off the trail.

    7. David Robinson Aka Crusoe on

      I just hope people share this all over the Internet and Facebook and Twitter I'm now a supporter and helped fund this film as this film need to be made and told,please try and help even if it's just spreading the word and sharing on the Internet.

    8. Albert Silva on

      David, I have read the series and am now re-reading to gain more knowledge. Tremendous attention to detail. Something needs to be done and this project might just be the catalyst.
      Thank you for opening our eyes. The current Missing child in Idaho fits the profile.

    9. Missing avatar

      Joey Norment on

      David; I have listened to many of your radio broadcasts over the past couple of years on your various research topics and read one of your 411 books. They are all very interesting; professionally completed and potentially lead to such a larger realm of possibilities ...
      Thank you for your professionalism and humble spirit in what you have undertaken
      Please don't lose the genuine approach and open mindset and for the sake of the many
      families -- Don't allow them to turn the project into reality television for promotion. The
      intrigue, honesty and horror of each story is enough to produce numerous films or
      documentaries. Good luck and look forward to watching this project succeed.

    10. Missing avatar

      Thomas Thompson on

      David, your research peaks the interest of whoever reads your books. Let's find out what's taking place. Bravo !

    11. Missing avatar

      Sean on

      It is the least I could do, your books are great and once you told me what Beacon to get. I now always carry it when in the woods, thanks! Sean

    12. Jack Brandenberger on

      David Paulides is an incredible investigator and the subject matter is both fascinating and disturbing if the mystery can be solved he will and I am extremely curious !