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The U.S. Army has granted us permission to film a documentary at America's most sacred shrine: The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.
The U.S. Army has granted us permission to film a documentary at America's most sacred shrine: The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.
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Dealing with Discovery Communications

Posted by Ethan Morse (Creator)

    It has been almost a year since we filmed on the sacred grounds of Arlington National Cemetery. And it has been a long exhausting journey, but we have some amazing updates for you!!

    1. We have been working with Discovery Communications since November 2012 trying to come to an agreement to film a Docu-Drama TV show to air on the Discovery Channel.  After months of development, lower-level meetings and waiting, we finally got the call to meet with the Director of Development around the end of March. (This is the pinnacle meeting that millions of producers dream of getting!)

    2. The meeting went incredibly well and she LOVED the project, BUT felt that it would be more suited to a five-part mini-series on the Military Channel which Discovery Communications happens to own!!!

    3. So we went back to the development stage and resubmitted the project for a five-part mini-series on the Military Channel... and they replied with a comment that The Smithsonian had a show about Arlington already on-air.

    4. Per their request, we then compiled a list of all the productions that have been filmed in Arlington and spelled it out with a crayon as to how ours is totally different and worlds better. We have been waiting for a reply ever since.

    5. We have reached out to other channels to no avail.

    6. This was our way of making sure that we have been and are being good stewards of your donations. We want the project to reach the widest audience possible.

    7. Now that we have knocked on those doors, we are moving forward to edit, record voiceovers and score the feature length 90-minute documentary.

    The stress of working full-time and pushing things forward has been a struggle, but our "dedication to this sacred duty is total and whole-hearted. In the responsibility bestowed on [us] never will [we] falter!" That is how the Sentinels Creed starts. We have sent out the majority of those creeds and most of you have replied telling us they are beautiful. A couple were messed up by our wonderful U.S. Post Office. If that is the case with yours, please email me privately:
    The rest of the rewards should be arriving by Memorial day. Speaking of Memorial Day, after the Presidential Wreath Laying Ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, we will upload a very special 5-minute video presentation of

We remain as always your humble servants,

Ethan Morse & Neal Schrodetzki


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      Jeff Franzen on

      Good work and Keep it UP! Please let me know if you are back in DC as I live close by and would enjoy meeting you.