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10,000 Harmonicas / 10,000 Occupiers's video poster

Equip yourself and others at the Occupy Wall Street November 5 march with 10,000 harmonicas Read more

New York, NY Public Art
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This project was successfully funded on November 3, 2011.

Equip yourself and others at the Occupy Wall Street November 5 march with 10,000 harmonicas

New York, NY Public Art
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Being Beings
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Being Beings

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About this project

November 5th will be a momentous day for the Occupy Movement and we
need to make sure that each individual participating is fully heard.

Our collective voice needs to become audible, it needs a presence.
The word conspire comes from the latin root, to breathe with, it is in the
collective breath that the power of a people is felt.  With this in mind, there
seems to be no better way to illustrate a unified people, then to give the
breath of each individual a voice.   With basic harmonicas, we can give this
movement sound.   

What we're suggesting is to equip the entire movement with harmonicas.
By breathing slowly through these harmonicas, the historic instrument of
the underclass in America, the audible qualities of both the individual and

the whole will become a call used for marches, demonstrations, and sit-ins.  As thousands of people step together and breathe together, the sound that we emit will be impossible to ignore or argue, because it lacks words that can be skewed or manipulated.

Hohner harmonica has agreed to donate all of their profits to the Occupy
Wall Street cause, making the cost of the harmonicas for us only the cost
of manufacturing and handling, 98 cents per harmonica plus shipping
(around $200).

The minimum pledge level is $1 dollar, which covers the cost of the Harmonica and shipping exactly. With each dollar given one Occupier will be equipped with their instrument at Occupy Wall Street on November 5, 2011.  

When you pay $1 and attend the march on November 5, we will deliver the harmonica to you in person.  Consequently, if you choose to pledge more, more people will receive harmonicas.  

The goal is to get 10,000 harmonicas in the hands of 10,000 occupiers.  The funding goal is set at $1,000.00 only to try and pass the funding mark successfully.   

Please help us make this happen. Whether that means being one of

the thousands that will be there or insuring with your pledge that each occupier will have a harmonica to amplify their breath and presence.

Basic Harmonica Instruction for the 11 / 05 / 11 march:

1. Keep your breathing on the "low" end of the harmonica. 

2. For rhythm, follow your inhale and exhale that is normal for you when you take deep breaths.  

This video will demonstrate basic instruction.  Remember that each person's sound will vary depending on their unique pattern of breath.

This video will give you an idea of the collective sound, but will in no way illustrate the magnitude of what will occur on 11 / 05 / 11. 


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    $1 = 1 harmonica delivered to you at Occupy Wall Street, on November 5, 2011. Or if you are not able to participate on that day, it will be put into the hands of a fellow occupier.

    $5 = 5 harmonicas
    $10 = 10 harmonicas

    The more you pledge, the more harmonicas in the hands of occupiers!

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